Photo taken in Tabanovce, FYROM, at Tdh/La Strada safe space by Peter Käser / Tdh.

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In this newsletter you will find a selection of recent news, learning opportunities and publications on the migration crisis in Europe.

We are also pleased to invite you to join our webinar on how to identify child victims of trafficking in the context of the current migration flow. The webinar is going to be delivered by Brian Donald, the Head of Office of the Director, Europol, and will take place on February 2nd at 15.00 CET.


Tdh / Peter Käser

15 Jan 2016

IOM announces that migrant arrivals in Europe by sea averaged over 1,700 per day during the first 14 days of 2016, according to IOM. The period also saw the year’s first fatalities in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy, a route that took the...

16 Jan 2016

The Independent reports that human smugglers made a record profit last year of between $3bn and $6bn (£2bn-£4bn) by exploiting the misery of refugees – which means governments must up their game or risk further growth of this ruthless industry, the...

15 Jan 2016

The Guardian reports that a cartoon in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has caused online shock by suggesting drowned toddler Alan Kurdi would have grown up to be a sexual abuser like those immigrants allegedly involved in the assaults in...

12 Jan 2016

The UNICEF Press Centre reports that in 22 countries affected by conflict, nearly 24 million children living in crisis zones are out of school.  The analysis highlights that nearly one in four of the 109.2 million children of primary and lower...

Online learning

Tdh / Peter Käser

04 May 2016

With increasingly more multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies due to new migration routes, migrant and refugee integration can be a challenge both for host communities as well as for migrant and refugees themselves. Lack of proper integration can...

03 Feb 2016

This course is aimed at development practitioners working in the field of children’s rights who are planning or considering undertaking an analysis of the situation of children’s rights. The course will enable participants to understand the concepts...

02 May 2016

The module seeks to promote competencies for the advocacy, conceptualisation, planning, implementation and evaluation of psychosocial programmes for war-affected populations and displaced persons.  


02 Feb 2016

Trafficking in human beings is a serious crime and an abuse of an individual’s fundamental rights and dignity. It involves the exploitation of vulnerable people, often minors, traded by criminals as commodities for the purpose of economic gain.  It...


15 Dec 2015

Hundreds of thousands of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are on the move within Europe, amidst the multiple needs of these populations, particular attention should be given to the protection of their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing....


Ovaj kratak priručnik nastoji da ponudi savete za zaštitu i podršku ocuvanju duševnog zdravlja i psihosocijalnoj dobrobiti izbeglica, tražioca azila i migranata u Evropi. Priručnik opisuje osnovne principe i odgovarajuće intervencije koje vode sve...

17 Dec 2015

This Study is the result of a research project to assess the impact of the Syrian war and refugee crisis on trafficking in persons in Syria and the surrounding region, making feasible recommendations to respond to its findings. The overall goal is...

01 Jan 2016

This assessment is informed by an understanding of the fact that women, girls, boys and men experience crises and resulting displacement in different ways, and as such have distinct needs, coping methods, priorities and face different protection...

01 Dec 2015

Men, women, mothers, fathers, children, sons and daughters have been forced to flee their homes in unprecedented numbers. Conflict, starvation and individualised persecution have resulted in more displacement than that forced upon peoples during the...

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