In the coming days we are organising two exciting webinars, one on 15th October and one on 23rd October, and wanted you to know about them. Hope you will join us!

Our Upcoming Webinars

15 Oct 2015

Europe is now faced with the biggest refugee influx since the Second World War. Many of the refugees and migrants are going to settle in Europe and raise their children in the new European environment. How do children of war survivors make sense of...

23 Oct 2015

This webinar invites pre-selected participants of the ChildHub's "Training of Trainers" or those, who consider applying in the future.  The webinar provides a short glimpse of what participants can expect during the 2x3-day blocks. If you are...

Thematic Pages Coming Soon!

In a couple of days you will find pages on the website, that are based on different themes, e.g. migration crisis, child trafficking, Roma integration, child abuse, or de-institutionalisation. These pages will collect the most important resources, including publications, training courses, videos, and forums. Please look out for these in the coming days!