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Hello <<First Name>>,

I'm feeling burnt out and need to reassess my priorities.  So, I'll be taking a blogging and newsletter break, back on 11th July.

Feeling overwhelmed is something that can hit people in a lot of ways, for a multitude of reasons, and which certainly affects your wellness.

So, a last Magical Monday wellness tip before I go. 

This one way seem counterintuitive.  My recommendation is to fight burnout by starting a different kind of fire - a new creative fire!

You can do this with a small ritual. 

Tools needed:

10 of Wands card - real or scanned
Piece of black paper
Ace of Wands card
A candle - preferably white

Start with a cleansing: releasing the sense of overwhelm.  Take a 10 of Wands card, or better yet a printed scan.  If you have a printed version, rip it up.  If you're using a real card, take a moment to look at it, then cover it with the black piece of paper.

Say, "What broke my back I release in my own fashion."

Next, light a candle and take up the Ace of Wands card, put it on your altar or dedicated space.

Say, "I light a flame to reignite my passion."

Gaze at the Ace of Wands for a little moment, then allow your eyes to close and let yourself relax deeply.  When you feel yourself in a meditative space, ask your inner wisdom what it would most enjoy creating. 

This doesn't need to be anything big, and it definitely should not be work related in any way.  You could bake a cake, or create a "junk mail" tarot card (like the one above), or do a soul collage, or draw a mandala, or sing a song, or make up a silly dance to the latest pop hit, or write a poem, or a jingle.  You could sew a tarot bag, or crochet a flower, or knit a sock, or sculpt a goddess figurine out of play-doh or build a mini Taj Mahal out of matches.

Once you have your answer, allow yourself to return to the everyday, and give thanks for this new idea. 

And commit to starting that creative thing in the next week (better yet, in the next 24 hours).  You don't have to finish it now (or ever).  The point is just to do something fun and different to remember what it is like to feel inspired and playful :)

Here's wishing you a spark of creativity to brighten your life!

Many blessings,
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