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Hello <<First Name>>,
Do you ever have trouble sleeping?  Perhaps you struggle to fall asleep, or wake up part way through the night and can't get back to sleep.  And what of nightmares?

Sleep is amazingly important. There have been fascinating studies showing the lengths animals will go to in order to sleep.  For instance, dolphins will sleep with half of their brain at a time, while the other half waggles a fin to keep them afloat.  And some birds sleep in milisecond increments, so they can keep flying!

If you've ever had trouble sleeping, or getting back to sleep, or suffered with nightmares, check out this blog post on the Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep.
As this newsletter is part of a Magic for Wellness approach, while that blog is more psychological and practical, I want to share a couple of other suggestions here. 
1) Bedtime rituals

Bedtime rituals aren't just for children.  It's been shown that a ritual is a good way to "programme" yourself for bed, getting yourself in the right frame of mind.  And if your ritual includes de-stressing elements, so much the better. 
For example, a good basis for any ritual is the idea of cleansing, grounding and resourcing.  
So, you might brush your teeth and do any other nighttime hygiene things (cleansing).  

Then, sit on a cushion and connect to the elements, grounding yourself in the physical world.  Or design a little stretching routine to ground you in your body.

Finally, take a few moments to think about what you are most grateful for from the day you've just had.  This is a simple way of sorting through the day, discarding what you don't need and bringing to mind all the highlights, things you can repeat or the memory of which makes you happier (resourcing). 

2) Create a tarot spell

A tarot spell creates a visual reinforcement for the changes you want to create.  You can use the cards as part of a ritual or meditation. To create a sleep spell, you could use my Tarot Bridge Spell, as shown in the image above.
First, pick a card to represent your issue with sleep.  The Nine of Swords is a good, all-purpose sleep issue card.  However, you might also choose the Ten of Wands for feeling overwhelmed, or Death if you wake with existential angst, or maybe even the Two of Swords if you're stuck on a decision. 
Equally, find a 'desirable outcome' card.  The Four of Swords would be my all-purpose resting up card.  Yet, you could also choose the Star for a renewed sense of hope, or the Chariot for getting clear on where you want to go, or the Nine of Pentacles for feeling confident in the life you make for yourself.  You get the picture!
Finally, you might let the cards suggest your best path forward, the energy needed to move from your current situation to that desirable outcome.  Or, if you feel you know what's needed, chose a card that represents that.  
You can set the cards out somewhere you'll see them before bed, or better yet activate the spell through a ritual or meditation. You could also use one of my tarot bridge spell meditations to invoke your spell...

Wishing you ever better sleep!

Many blessings,
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