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Hello <<First Name>>,

Over the weekend, I ran a workshop on changing negative patterns in your life.  I'm also running a longer version of this as an online workshop on Thursday, 23rd June, if you're interested in making some lasting changes. 

I call it Breaking Bad Habits For Good, because it helps you make lasting changes, and also uses the idea of replacing something unhelpful with something that does serve you.  Yeah, a bit weak as double entendres goes, but I'm not a copy writer ;)

One of the ideas I present in the workshop is that setting up keystone habits helps a lot.  These are unrelated to the behaviour you want to change.  Basically, you choose a "good habit" to add into your life that helps you be more reflective, rather than just responsive.  After all, often one of the problems with negative patterns is that you respond to triggers in ways that have become habitual, even when you know they're not doing you any good.

I talk about keystone habits in greater detail this week on the wellness blog.  However, many people in the tarot community already have one of these keystone habits.  After all, drawing a card for the day is one way to stop and take a moment to think about where you are in your life, and what will most benefit you today!

Perhaps even better is doing a tarot spell.  It's a wonderful practice to choose one or more cards to work with, to consciously draw their energy into your life.  For example, I am currently trying to channel the Page of Wands to deal more playfully with my toddler's terrible twos tantrums :D

One of the great things about a tarot spell is that you might find the image popping into your mind at some later point, normally just when you need it most!

So, which card's energy would best serve you this week?  And how could you be sure to look at it mindfully at least once a day?  It might help to set up a time/place to focus on it. 

Another tip is to link something you want to develop as a new habit to a pattern you already have.  For example, you could say: "When I have my first cup of coffee, I will sip it while thinking about my card."

I'd love to hear how it goes...

Many blessings,
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