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Hi there <<First Name>>,

Yesterday was Beltane, and so for this week I decided to offer up something a bit more complex than the regular Monday Magic tip.

One of the aspects of weight management that can be hardest to deal with is what’s called the set point weight.  This is one of the factors in people regaining weight.  The body gets used to being a particular weight, and when a person changes their weight the body worries that they are risking their survival.  So, there’s a natural tendency to try to regain that weight, which the body does through increasing appetite hormones, making you hungrier!

Studies have shown that the body will adapt to your new weight given time, but that can take about a year!  Rather than struggling against increased hunger for a year, how does a spell to reprogram your set point weight sound?  It works in the same way that yogis are able to regulate their breathing, heart rate and body temperature to survive extreme cold or even mimic death.  The unconscious processes of the body can be affected by the conscious, with clear intent.  That’s the magic of magic ;)

For this spell, gather up the following:

A stone (finding one while out walking would be ideal)
A white or yellow candle
A small bowl of water
A small dish of salt
(Optional, some rose quartz, for self-love)
A red altar cloth (optional - could also be black or white)
Something to write on the stone (I use metallic gel pens, sparkly!)
Some paper and a pen/cil for your affirmations/motivations

Then, take a few moments to decide and write down the following:

A healthy set point weight you would like to programme into your subconscious (I wouldn’t set this lower than you could healthily achieve in a year, which still gives you a pretty huge margin - around 50 kilos or 100 pounds).  You can write this directly onto the stone that you chose.

Three motivations for you to change your current weight.  Phrase this as an affirmation - make it positive, and as if it is already the case.  For instance, you might say, “I am strong, healthy and light.”  You might also think about situations where you would experience these things - like visiting the doctor and getting positive health results.

An affirmation about your intention, such as “I eat healthily, enjoy moving, and feel joyful in my body.”

Now, lay out your altar cloth and place the elemental objects in the directions you associate them - I use East for Air, South for Fire, West for Water, and North for Earth.  Mix a pinch of salt in with the water, light the candle and the incense.

Take the stone and pass it through the incense, the flame of the candle, and then sprinkle it with the salty water as you say the following:

"By East, by South, by West, by North, I set my direction, (Gaze at the stone, taking in its number)
By Air, by Fire, by Water, by Earth, I renew my motivation, (Gaze at the motivation affirmation, and think about how it would be to experience those things)
By smoke, by flame, by water, by salt, I purify my intention (Gaze at the intention affirmation and commit to it)
As I will, so mote it be (or As I will, so I become)"

If you choose, you can leave the stone on your sacred space for a lunation, or far less.  And if you want to repeat the spell at each moon phase, that would also be fine, and you don’t have to repeat it at all.  At the end of whatever time you’ve determined, take the stone with you as you go for a walk to a body of water.  Think once again about your new set weight, and if you so choose repeat the incantation, or just think about your motivations and your affirmation.  Then, throw the stone out into the water.  And know that your new set point weight has been accepted into your unconscious.

And if you'd like some support in your journey, <<First Name>>, just click reply or call me on 07561 231 281, and we can have a conversation about your motivations and intentions.

Many blessings,

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