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G-Fresh 2016 Australian Seafood Export Seminar

G-Fresh is a global secure online marketplace for fresh produce, providing logistics, customs clearance and quality inspection. On the morning of Wednesday, 24th February, at Sofitel Sydney's Wentworth Hotel, they will host an Australian Seafood Export Seminar - this includes networking, presentations and discussion on the seafood export industry in 2016.

The program has keynote speeches from industry information leaders such as DB Schenker and The Australian Wild Abalone Program. Topics like the Australian Wild Abalone Program, Quality Inspections, Market Access and Technical Export Advice will be covered over the half day event.

 For more information or if you would like  to attend the event -

Mainland China’s imports of Abalone, Rocklobster and other sea Crawfish by country

China Customs, January 2016

Data is available on mainland China’s imports of major types of Abalone, Rocklobster and other sea Crawfish in 2015 by country (Top 20 Import Sources).
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Abalone in Higher Demand before Chinese New Year with 1 Tonne Per Day Sold by Wholesalers in Hangzhou City China

Hangzhou News, 19 January 2016

In the past year, the Abalone production quantity in China’s Abalone top production provinces has grown. Since 2013, China’s Abalone total production quantity has increased by 38% annually, to 380 thousand tonnes. Currently the wholesale price of Abalone in Hangzhou City of China’s eastern Zhejiang Province is 130 RMB yuan/per kilogram in ten Abalones. According to ZHUAN Zhishou of Yashi Seafood Shop, the Abalone sale business has been getting better since last December, and his shop can sell 1 tonne of Abalone per day recently.
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National Seminar on Development of Chinese Abalone, 20 December 2015

China’s Sixth National Seminar on Development of Abalone was held in Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province on 19 December 2015. KE Caihuan, Deputy Director, College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University and concurrently Vice Chair of China Shellfish Association, said that after twenty years’ rapid development, China’s Abalone production quantity reached 110 thousand tonnes in 2013, accounting for 93% of total production in the world. Of that, China’s Fujian production quantity amounted to nearly 90 thousand tonnes, accounting for more than 70% of the total in the world.
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Fifth National Congress of the Fishery Mutual Support Insurance Association

Ministry of Agriculture China, 11 December 2015

The Fifth National Congress of the Fishery Mutual Support Insurance Association was held in Beijing on 9 December 2015. After the fourth national congress, the Fishery Mutual Support Insurance Association was able to establish the legal status of fishery mutual support insurance, and improve management and regulation system. After 21 years’ exploration and practice, fishery mutual support insurance has become an inseparable part of compensation mechanism for China’s fishery crisis.
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Import of 3500 Tonnes of Tuna into Ningbo City China for Chinese New Year

China News, 29 October 2015

Before Fuzhou Airport was approved by the Chinese government to be the port of direct fresh and live seafood import in 2014, the fresh and live seafood from foreign countries had been transferred to Fuzhou via Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Since 2014, seafood from South East Asian Nations has been delivered to consumers’ table in Fuzhou in 24 hours. Fuzhou Airport has become the third largest import port of Indonesian Crab in China. Some seafood transport companies plan that with the opening of new airlines connecting Thailand and the Philippines, Crabs, Conches and Rocklobsters will be imported from Thailand to China.
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Singapore - Prices of abalone set to increase up to 10% this Chinese New Year

AsiaOne, 4 January 2016

More restaurants in Singapore are selling abalone in place of raw fish amid current freshwater fish scares.
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Leading Chinese seafood supplier plans to make waves in Singapore

4 December 2015

SINGAPORE — Zhangzidao Group, a China-based seafood distributor with a marine farm three times the size of Singapore, has ambitious plans: It aims to have every household in Singapore consuming at least one can of its abalone prior to Chinese New Year in 2017.
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Science and Technology Projects of Marine Aquaculture in Lianyungang City Subsidized at 1.4 Million Yuan by the Chinese Government 

Lianyungang Daily, 24 November 2015

Recently, the Government Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province China allocated 1.4 million yuan to three seafood farm projects in Lianyungang City under the budget in 2015. The government department proactively promoted the exchange platform for industry and academic cooperation, pushing cooperation between higher education institutions and the companies of marine aquaculture & seafood processing.
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