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Award Ceremony and Dinner for Australian Wild Abalone Innovative Cuisine Design Competition

CCA, 12 November 2015

On 10 November 2015, 10 Chinese Chefs went head to head in a cooking competition at the Jinsong Vocation School in Beijing to become the winner of the Australian Wild Abalone Innovative Cuisine Design Competition 2015. The winning chefs were given their prizes and the title Australian Wild Abalone Ambassadors at the award ceremony and dinner held that evening at the Radegast Hotel Beijing Bohao. A total of more than 120 people were present. On behalf of the CCA, Vice President BIAN Jiang delivered his speech at the award ceremony, presenting the purpose and significance of this competition, and the process of organizing the competition. He also congratulated the winners of the competition. Jayne Gallagher, Program Director – Australian Wild Abalone, spoke highly of the series of activities organised by the CCA for the competition - saying that every part of the competition was fantastic and exceeded expectations, and that the competition served as a bridge between Australian premium seafood and Chinese catering markets and laid a good foundation for the cooperation between CCA and AWA.
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China & Korea cooperation to improve Food Safety

Xinhuanet, 12 November 2015

The Officials of China Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said that China and Korea signed three cooperative agreements on food safety, creating the new level of mutual benefit and win-win for cooperation in food safety. According to the AQSIQ, on the entry and exit of aquatic animals, it is important to ensure safety related to aquatic animal diseases, and food consumption, preventing the introduction of animal diseases across the borders, and protecting from contamination of heavy metals, toxins and pathogenic microorganism. Therefore, on several occasions China and Korea have conducted bilateral exchanges in inspection technology of aquatic animal diseases, to provide strong safety and safeguard for live and fresh aquatic products.
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K-Seafood Fair on Korean Seafood Opened in Shanghai

Sina, 14 November 2015

K-Seafood Fair on Import of Korean seafood into China has been opened in Shanghai from 13-15 November 2015. The main seafood forms are processing and canned seafood, harvested from oceans. The seafood species include Tuna, Abalone, Flounders, Prawns, Oysters, Sea Cucumbers, Crabs, Squids, and Sea Tangles.
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Seafood Expo, Canadian Booth and E-commerce Fishery Web Portals

CAPPMA, 5 November 2015

On 4 November 2015, China Fisheries and Seafood Expo was opened in Qingdao Export Centre. More than 1300 companies exhibited at the expo, bringing delicious seafood to the residents & visitors of Qingdao. The Chinese orders of Canadian Rocklobsters keep increasing. In 2014, China imported US$ 69 million worth of Rocklobsters (fresh and frozen) from Canada, up by 69% over 2013. At the expo venue, more than 100 Chinese domestic companies were observed setting up accounts on e-commerce fishery web portals, providing B2B trade for ocean harvest. As the e-commerce fishery web portal omits the middleman and commercial agents, The price of seafood from the web portals is expected to fall even further. According to SHEN Lin of the web portal, in the future, consumers may get seafood e-commerce on their mobile phone, and home delivery with the ability to trace the origin of seafood.
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Fresh and Live Seafood Directly Imported through Fuzhou Airport of China from South East Asian Nations

China News, 29 October 2015

Before Fuzhou Airport was approved by the Chinese government to be the port of direct fresh and live seafood import in 2014, the fresh and live seafood from foreign countries had been transferred to Fuzhou via Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Since 2014, seafood from South East Asian Nations has been delivered to consumers’ table in Fuzhou in 24 hours. Fuzhou Airport has become the third largest import port of Indonesian Crab in China. Some seafood transport companies plan that with the opening of new airlines connecting Thailand and the Philippines, Crabs, Conches and Rocklobsters will be imported from Thailand to China.
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Singapore-Farms Tap $63m Fund to Boost Yields

The Strait Times, 30 October 2015

Metropolitan Fishery Group, which is opening a fifth fish farm next year, used the fund to buy movable aerators - machines that increase oxygen in the water. Previously, its farmers used speedboats, to churn the waters.
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South Korea becomes First Asian Country to Successfully Farm Salmon

Korea Portal, 29 October 2015

Donghae STF Co., a local aquaculture firm, has reportedly been raising around 10,000 silver salmon at an enclosure 5 kilometers off the country’s eastern coast since late last year, with the fish reportedly being raised at the ideal water temperature of 15 degrees celsius.
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