RDRP GREYT News January 2016
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Greetings RDRP Newsletter
Happy New Year to everyone! Let's make this new year, 2016, another amazing and wonderful year for our beloved Greyhounds! 

Volunteer  & Support Opportunities!

If you love greyhounds and would like to help us help them we have many opportunities available for you.There is nothing more rewarding than the ability to help another living creature find a better life! Whether you are donating your time or a specialized skill, you can commit to whatever size project fits your schedule and interest. RDRP is an all-Volunteer 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of retired racing greyhounds.

Remember that our Board Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of every month from 11 - 1 pm and are open to the public if you want to learn more and get involved.

Perhaps you can help the hounds in one or more of these needed areas -
  1. Walk, groom & love our Greyhounds - see guidelines & schedules here
  2. Kennel cleaning
  3. Foster a Greyhound 
  4. Fundraising
  5. Grant writing
  6. Sewing or mending kennel coats
  7. Attend Meet & Greets
  8. Event planning
  9. Beautification - Memorial Garden
  10. Community Outreach and Public Relations
  11. Any Other Special Talent or Idea You May Have
  12. Donate supplies for the greyhounds - see our wishlist
  13. Donate money, sponsor a houndie, or planned giving
  14. We are happy to have your ideas and welcome any special talents you may have.  Let us know what you would like to do to help the greyhounds. 
It is only through our volunteers that we are able to continue the work that we do.  You may volunteer as much or as little time as you like.  All volunteers are very valued and appreciated.  Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas and everything that you do will help a greyhound in some way.  None of what we do is about us individually.  It is all about the dogs we can help. 

Please complete and submit the volunteer application on this website. 

Fostering~ a true gift

If you think you wouldn't be suitable as a foster family, think again! Remember, even if you try it once and decide that it's not for you, then that's one life that you've been directly responsible for saving. There is nothing more important to our work than families willing to provide a temporary home for a greyhound awaiting adoption.

The next time you look into the soulful eyes of a greyhound, think about the satisfaction you'd feel if you knew that YOU were the person who made it possible for that dog to move onto their new life in their furever home! Please take a moment and look at our FOSTERING page and see if this is a greyt fit for you.
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Escaped Tongue Syndrome (ETS):
also know as a "DERP" is an "affliction" that affects hounds at rest. While the hound is sleeping or daydreaming their tongue slips out of their mouth and hangs aimlessly. If you see a Greyhound exhibiting ETS, don't be alarmed... you just witnessed a very content and relaxed hound!
“Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.”
—Cesar Millan
Click on this video that every greyhound lover will enjoy...
 we can't get enough of DooDad!! :-)
The Idiosyncrasies of Our Retired Greyhound

Highlighting RDRP volunteers January, 2015

For this newsletter, we have a brief article on two of our volunteers. Were starting with one of our most senior volunteers and one of our newest volunteers.
- by Charlene Proeger
Nancy Sorg (pictured with Snapshot) has been volunteering with the RDRP for 21 years. The first dog she adopted (Jan 14, 1994) was Max, and he inspired her to volunteer. What Nancy likes most about volunteering is the love the dogs give you. They are overflowing with love. Nancy says that no other kind of dog gives you that much love. Thank you Nancy, for all your continuing involvement. (Nancy is a member of the RDRP board and also helps regularly with kennel cleaning on the Davis days off).
Megan Udell (pictured with Booth) has been a volunteer for a month. Her dog Norman, a greyt dog, whom she adopted February 2015, inspired her to volunteer. What Megan loves most about volunteering is to give something back; I just love the dogs. She says our RDRP dogs awaiting adoption are terrific dogs; they can use all the love you have to give. Megan is one of our technology gurus and is also volunteering to help take care of the dogs at the adoption Center. Thank you, Megan!

49 Happy Tails Greyhounds Adopted
in 2015!

Susan Raney - JA's Veldez
Jim and Elaine Leitten - CH Ruby Sparks
Millie and Jan Oberman - Slammin Serena
Jill Wickman - KB's Slipnslide
Susan and Jim Cavanaugh - Gable Taqueria
Wynette and Russell Higley - Flying Soriano
Wynette and Russell Higley - Afly Betty Davis
Bonnie and Don Mead - Hi Noon Sassy
Bobbi Mills - NB's Cinderella
Mary Karow - NB's Jasmine
David and Shari Parker - Bash Crasher
Barbara and Steve Baran - Pescado Rocker
Amy and Chris Lepper - Ch Bar Bandit
Ashley and Dominic Alto - Chaseunderchief
Carl and Mary Olderich - Epic Dream
Janelle Miller - Pat C Dig In
Tiffany Murray - Pat C Litterbug
Ron and Denise Fugere - Twin Pikes
Aynne Siders - Jawa Dirty Larry
Audrey and Brian Freeman - M's Dar Ellen
Justin Lindberg - Kay Matt Karl
Jayna Sharpley - LC Lyle
Chris Kibbey & Scott Reetz - Speedy Grant G
Melody and Vic Hull - JG Cornhusker

Melody and Vic Hull - Lagro Blackcarat
Ron and Kaci Byrne - Pearl Ring
Debbie and Marc Hetzer - Routine

Debbie and Marc Hetzer -Kells Georgia
Sarah Borucki - LT Emma
Jacqueline Smith - M's Lan Brook
Kathy Pontillo - RJ's Kerisue
Sandi Grindlinger - NB's Poppy
Elfi Starrett - D's Grand Teton
Marjory Goldstein - Lagro Socks
Kriste and Mike Swift - Leroy Freelander
Kim Long - CH Numb Chucks
Abby Chiovaro - Portia Jo
Jeannene York and Jerry McArdler - DUJO's Bullseye
Mindy Griswold - Lagro Dabrikasha
Al Joslin - CR Misty
Carol Wyatt-Evens - JA's Seward
Michelle Foster - Pat C Breakaway
Daniel Kensek - Cruella Bones
Megan Udell - JG Racin Raider
Susan Willoughby- XK Will to Win
Jill Depto - Razormissy
Lori Marshall & Mark Sanders - SE's Taco Van
Lori Marshall & Mark Sanders - Selena Gomez
Kate Lippincott - L's Trig
Shaq test catCat Testing - by Cyndi Toale
Cat tolerable is a better explanation than cat testing. All animals are prey driven, but some more than others and greyhounds are no exception - especially because of the way they are trained to race. If you have a small dog or a cat in your household be sure to be very cautious when bringing in a greyhound, even when taking them for a walk in the neighborhood. Remember, they are sight hounds. I suggest you keep a leash and muzzle on and introduce them slowly, until you feel comfortable that they are okay with each other. SUPERVISION & DISCIPLINE BY THE OWNER. A STERN NO WORKS!
How RDRP lets you know if a greyhound is cat tolerable:

1. We use the office at the adoption center with a 8 year old rescue cat named Shaq who lives with 13 other cats, 3 greyhounds, and a Papillon.
2. Lately he has been hiding when we are going to test.
"Some of the Greys have been a little rough, and one tried to bite my tail!"
3. Anyway, we bring in 1 dog at a time with a muzzle and a leash and see how they react. Shaq knows if he can trust them and butts heads & rubs up against them, or tries to go on top of the refrigerator or under the table. Some are more prey driven & can get very rough. We take the muzzle off & see what happens with GREYT supervision. We always give the prey driven dogs a second chance.

We just ask that you are careful when walking your greyhound, or in your own home with any small animals. We don't want any disappointments because we haven't done what adults need to do.

January Greyhound Events!

Special Fundraiser Event to Benefit RDRP - POSTPONED info coming soon! Motorworks Brewing, 1014 9th St W, 34205 Bradenton. Bring your furry friend for a romp in the beer garden with complimentary dog treats and to socialize with the other dogs! Well behaved leashed pets only please. Come show your support for a local animal shelter by joining in the raffles and giveaways! 

Meet & Greet - Every 1st (SRQ), 2nd (Venice) and 3rd (North Port) Saturday from 11 - 1pm. A GREYT way to meet greyhounds, volunteers and learn about RDRP!
See our calendar! 

OPEN HOUSE at RDRP - Every 2nd SUNDAY from 1 - 3pm! An amazing way to get up close and personal  with beautiful greyhounds, our nice volunteers and lovely facility!!! 
Kissing dog turns 9!
Flyboy, a.k.a. J.T Flyboy, a.k.a. “the lickey dog” celebrates his 9th birthday in January.  He has been with his humans, Terry & Charlene Proeger, for 5 fantastic years. Flyboy loves taking long hikes in cool weather at Myakka Park.  He specializing in giving kisses and delights the neighbors with his smooches. 
cookiesWe all LOVE our houndies right? Well there's nothing like fresh baked cookies to keep them feeling GREYT!

Peanut Butter & Pumpkin
Dog Treats

Here's the yummy RECIPE! Feel free to get creative, I use flax eggs (1TBL ground flax + 2TBL warm H2o  per egg) instead of chicken eggs (awesome source of omega) soy flour and omit the salt!

Check out these GREYT dog cookie cutters on Amazon and remember to put RDRP in as your SMILE account before ordering!
Remember dear greyhound lovers to send us your greyhound stories, tips, photos, birthdays, gotcha days, greyt resources, videos, and anything else that is greyhound lover shareable to Team Newsletter by the 5th of the month.  

Ways to support RDRP

Beneva Flowers

Check out all our beautiful greyhounds at Petfinder, make an appointment with one of our adoption experts or stop out the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 - 3 pm. Join us at our Meet & Greets at SRQ, Venice and North Port.
1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays from 11 - 1pm.
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