RDRP GREYT News March 2016
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Greetings RDRP Newsletter
Happy March and joyful spring! RDRP and our wonderful greyhound family want you to be included in and aware of what's going on at our Adoption Center and our gorgeous greyhounds! Please send us your  photos, videos, stories, testimonials, ideas and support. Thanks for being a part of the family!

There is always a lot going on out at the Adoption Center and we are grateful to everyone who helps out in anyway the can. Here is a list of the "Who does what" and an idea of some of the groups and teams. If you see an area that you might be interested in joining just let us know! 

Walk your dog and donate to

Now you can support RDRP simply by walking your own dog, at home, or where ever you walk with this fantastic new app.

It's simple... the more people we have signed up at out walking their dogs with this app every week, the more money Walk for a Dog donates to our organization. Every bit helps!Walk for a dog

Just go to the website on your phone and sign up with your email. Input your name and choose Racing Dog Rescue Project as your group to support add your dogs name and voila.

They will send you an email confirmation follow the link and when you're ready, turn on the app and start supporting to support!

Greyhound eventsUpcoming Events

Meet & Greet - Every 1st (SRQ), 2nd (Venice) and 3rd (North Port) Saturday from 11 - 1 pm. We are now at Petco on University (UTC - Target ) the 4th Sunday. A GREYT way to meet greyhounds, volunteers and learn about RDRP! 

OPEN HOUSE at RDRP - Every 2nd SUNDAY from 1 - 3 pm! An amazing way to get up close and personal with beautiful greyhounds, our nice volunteers and lovely facility!!! Save the date.
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Needle Nose:
A term of endearment of our beloved Grey's. It is in obvious reference to the wonderfully and somewhat comical appearance of one of their hallmark traits. That amazing snout that seems to stretch out toward you when they give you kisses. 

How else could they store that ginormous tounge that flops out from time to time in that adorable "Derp"
"Being with the greyhounds has given my life purpose. I can't imagine my life now without these beautiful pets in it. Not to mention the great people I have met. Come have some fun with us!!"
Volunteer Paula Maynard 
Happy Bunny Day! Click hound to play video!
Happy Bunny Day from Lilly

This month we continue our series on the AC volunteers.

Kathy and Keith Fecke receive our attention this month. Kathy and Keith hail recently from Alaska. They are experienced dog mushers, and helped take care of Iditarod and Yukon sled dogs. Having cared for so many dogs over the years, they immediately saw the need to pitch in to help the feeding and kennel cleaning at the RDRP adoption center, to help give our resident caretakers consistent time off. The best way to describe what they do is to share some quotes from other volunteers.

We asked Ken Smith, a regular volunteer at the AC, to comment on how the Fecke team benefits the dogs. Ken first mentions the A+ cleaning job they do. "They go above and beyond. You'll see them with the mop and bucket, deep cleaning the kennels." Ken also adds: They know "dog.” How to talk to the dogs and what the dogs need to be happy.

Cyndi Toale commented soon after Kathy and Keith started to volunteer how grateful she was to the  Fecke team for helping to fill out our feeding/kennel cleaning volunteer team. “It's been a big help to Lonnie and Malonnie. Kathy and Keith understand the importance of having time off from time to time.”

The entire kennel cleaning volunteer team appreciates how the Fecke team has not only filled in the gaps in the kennel cleaning schedule, but also have provide additional days off to Malonnie and Lonnie. Also they have generously filled in for other volunteers when unexpected circumstances arise.

When asked for a quote for this article on volunteering, Kathy and Keith said: “All of our sled dogs were second chance dogs (meaning they were retired racing dogs). Our team still loved to run on the trails, but we taught them that running around the yard is fun too. We understand the importance of teaching dogs how to transition to pet status. Dogs, like people, have to learn to gear down. That, and we really love the dogs. Greyhounds are the sweetest dogs going (along with sled dogs, of course)."

Article Charlene Proeger

Fostering Over 30 Retired Greyhounds

kemper houndThrough the last 4 1/2 years of fostering over 30 retired greyhounds, by far the most common question we are asked is "How do you let them go?" I always offer up the same answer, "When you meet the family, (or couple or person) who has been matched with your foster greyhound, and you see how excited they are to bring their new family member home, and how much love they have for them already, you realize it's not about you. It's about the dogs, and finding them their forever home. Then you go out to the Adoption Center and see how many dogs could benefit from being in a home, and you know that by adopting out your current foster, you are helping more than just that one dog. You're helping the next dog at the farm that you bring home to foster. And then they find a home and you can bring another foster in...And it just keeps going."
Don't get me wrong, it's still hard. It wouldn't be hard if we didn't care, and if we didn't care, we wouldn't foster. But if we had kept our first foster, we might not have continued fostering. And when I think back on the 30 plus dogs that have come through our home as fosters, it makes me so happy to see how many dogs we've helped find homes and how many families have a great dog because of that.
We did end up "failing" fostering, and we kept foster #13, our wonderful almost 7 year old boy Finn (Terrific Finish). And he is the PERFECT dog for us. He's the best ambassador for the greyhound breed, and shines at all the events we take him to. He's taught numerous greyhounds how great living in a home can be and has been on countless home visits. But even with him staying for good, we continued to foster because we truly love it.
I can't recommend fostering enough, and hope that more people give it a try.
Article by Shellby Kemper

The pups want to announce that we need more people who can sew our doggie coats.  Elaine Leitten, our head seamstress, is inundated with making the coats that RDRP sells, with donations going to RDRP. This fundraising project is very successful, which is the good news. But that means help is  needed with making and mending the coats for us pups at the adoption center.
We pups think it would be easiest if we have a team of a few folks to help out. That way the humans could easily keep up with making coats and also the repairs. Since we are not exactly always delicate with our coats. And none of us pups have learned to sew.
The design is simple and does not take long to sew. Elaine, our main seamstress will provide the pattern, along with fleece material and velcroe to get started.
Since our barn is not totally enclosed, we always have coats on when the temperature in the barn drops to 55 and below any time during the night.  So having a supply of warm coats in good condition is critical for our well-being and comfort.
If you can become part of the sewing team for the greyhounds, let Elaine @ know. Or call Elaine at 322-8150.
With anticipation,
The pups at the Adoption Center.

Article by Charlene Proeger
Greyhound Poppy

Greyhound Data

For those who do not already know, there is a fantastic website that has tons of information available for you about your adopted greyhound! Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world with pedigree information drawn from the last four centuries. Online there are 2,108,967 greyhound pedigrees!

You can enter your greyhounds racing name or ear tattoo information and find their entire family tree, where their line originated from, information on siblings and so much more... how GREYT is that? What other breed can you do that with?

The best part is that YOU can go in and add your greyhounds information and Read entire article here.

Flash news update from Geri Harrison!

If we find some short term foster homes, we can start to get our male greys neutered. For an uncomplicated neutering, just a few days recovery in a foster home would be sufficient. This would likely expedite adoptions, and also help mellow the pups.
If you might be able to help out with short term foster care, or other types of foster care, contact Geri Harrison. RDRP will help make your foster experience a meaningful one!
To contact Geri, call her cell (685-4509) or email her at

Recently Adopted!!! Mid-Feb to Mid-March 2016

Austin & Joe Fredborg adopted Easy

Sandra & Tom Cavanagh adopted Max

Edit Fiebig & Paul Toccalino adopted Gidget, with sister Allison

Enid & Ed Neumann adopted Harley (Shake Up)

Susan & Jim Clarke adopted Jewels

Nancy & Lee Dehner adopted Cisco, sisters are Chick & Sue

Michele Foster & family adopted Jasper (Razzle) with Maize, Lily & cat

Happy Gotcha Day Norman!

Norman's loving life!

"Norman's first official Gotcha Day is March 12th. He actually came to live with me on a foster with intent at the end of February, but he was officially adopted in March. He is almost 4 years old, his Birthday is June 24th." - Mom Megan Udell

greyhound birthdayYappy Birthday Dear Doughboy!

Wild Doughboy was born on March 27th and is turning 4 years old! His proud mother and father are Sandie and Jeff Cohen. Doughboy loves to go for his twice daily walks around the neighborhood and evening run in the backyard.This loving sweetheart  lives to lean!

Happy Yappy
Gotcha Day Poppy!

Miss Poppy Lulu's first Gotcha Day Is March 20th! She has settled in very nicely with her greyhound sister Lilly, two cats, and bird. She is a bundle of joy and is approaching age 3. 
RDRP was the happy recipient of a check in the amount of $2,500 thanks to the wonderful generosity of greyhound adopter Scott Kiernan. Scott, who adopted 2 handsome boys, Houdini and Hookem Tunch, works with Oskosh Corporation. His company had a competition which Scott won and donated his winnings to RDRP! All of us at RDRP appreciate what Scott & Oskosh Corporation have done to make this happen. Thank you from all the greyhounds you are helping. ..and from every one at RDRP. 

Q- Hey Uncle Indra, there are so many bags of dog food at the supermarket and the pet store how do I know which ones are good for my greyhound?

A- The number of kinds of dog food really are baffling,(Canned,Dry,Raw) and because diet is the best preventative medicine, it's a pickle! So, here are a few quick steps for picking out a good dog food.
  1. Look at Dog Food Advisor. This super-handy website sorts dog foods on a scale from "1 star" being the worst, to "5 stars" being the best. Look through their list of dog foods, do your research, and determine what brand or brands you're going to give to your hound. They also have a handy calculator that can tell you how much of any particular food to feed your pup.
  2. Look at the first 5 or 7 ingredients. You want those ingredients to be as wholesome as possible for your houndie's diet and lifestyle. If possible, make sure they are not controversial. Check for Dog Food Recalls to ensure safety of your brand. 
  3. Remember to occasionally supplement with a nice variety of fresh foods! A number of studies have found that small amounts of fresh foods & healthy table scraps in a dog's diet lead to some pretty good health benefits, and even a decreased risk of cancer in the case of cruciferous vegetables.
  4. Get to know and trust your local pet store owner that has a good working knowledge of dog food, treats and supplements. They can provide a valuable service for you and your dog. RDRP loves BONE APPETITe!
The lucky greyhounds at RDRP are now enjoying a huge upgrade in their food! After careful consideration and some excellent research and work from Kathy Pontillo, owner of BONE APPETITe,  the hounds are flourishing!
Have a question? Email me Uncle Indra 
Remember dear greyhound lovers to send us your greyhound stories, tips, photos, birthdays, gotcha days, greyt resources, videos, and anything else that is greyhound lover shareable to Team Newsletter by the 9th of the month.  Our RDRP GREYT Newsletter will go out mid-month. 
Check out all our beautiful greyhounds at Petfinder, make an appointment with one of our adoption experts or stop out the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 - 3 pm. Join us at our Meet & Greets at SRQ, Venice and North Port.1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays from 11 - 1pm. We are now at Petco UTC the 4th Sunday, 1 - 3pm. 

Ways to support RDRP

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