RDRP GREYT NOSEletter March 2017
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Greetings RDRP Newsletter
We just had another really GREYT Open House and met a lot of new people interested in finding out what all the fuss is about with this magnificent breed! Our amazing team of volunteers always have a good time sharing information, techniques and stories about greyhound care, our foster and adoption programs! Hopefully a few of our waiting greys have found their deserved furever homes!

Upcoming GREYT Events

Meet & Greets -  A GREYT way to meet greyhounds, volunteers and learn about RDRP!
Every 1st (SRQ), 2nd (Venice) and 3rd (North Port) Saturday from 11 - 1 pm.
TWO NEW Meet & Greets added - 3rd Sat. at Tractor Supply Bradenton, FL from 11 am to 1 pm.
4th Pet Supermarket at 4238 53rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL (Lockwood Commons) from 11 am to 1 pm. Please see our event calendar for details!

OPEN HOUSE at RDRP - Every 2nd SUNDAY from 1 - 3 pm! An amazing way to get up close and personal with beautiful greyhounds, our nice volunteers and lovely facility! Come on out and see what we are all about. Please review our Adoption Process if you are considering adoption. Please leave your own four legged family members home during our Open Houses, thanks!
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Brady update 3/13
Brady report from Geri - Brady is fighting hard! Took Brady in this am for another cast change. He's doing well...everything was clean and he is sporting a new cast. He will be rechecked on Thurs morning and we'll know a lot more then. The staples in his head and leg will come out too. He is eating much better thanks to Kathy Pontillo's generous donation of a variety of food to entice him to eat. He loved those lamb medallions! He is back on Fromm dry food with a little extra to make it taste better! He is so good in the van...settles right down and is not anxious at all. All in all, he is improving nicely...thanks to all his "angels!" 

Sweet Brady is trying hard to heal... he needs all the love & support you can give. 

His medical needs are expensive. Read his story & please donate here if you can-

Many thanks to all our friends with huge hearts of love for Brady & all his greyhound friends!

Meet & Greets are FUN!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Recently Adopted! Con-GREYT-ulations!!! 

Jay Adopted!

I am so happy to post this adoption. JS J HAWK "Jay" found his forever home today. Jay has been lovingly fostered by Sue and Jim Clark for quite a while. Jay met Mike Neri and his son and Mike knew Jay was the perfect grey for his family...only problem was that Mike's home In Venice has steps. We know greys and steps don't always work well.

The Clarks decided that Jay could learn to do steps and spent weeks at Mike's house teaching Jay to do the steps. We're not sure how many hot dogs later, Jay was ready to move into Mike's home. So today the handsome 5 year old brindle boy was adopted.

Without foster homes like the Clarks, Jay would still be waiting. A huge THANK YOU Jim and Sue. Congratulations to Mike and his family from all your RDRP friends. Way to go Jay!!!

Al Adopted!

al greyhoundWhat a greyt week we’ve had at RDRP! Another adoption today. Kiowa Fear All (Al) to all of us who know and love him found his forever home today. Al, a soft as a bunny 2 year old red brindle boy, will be living with David and Whitney Glaser and their daughter Sara…along with their two cats.

Congratulations to the Glaser family from all your RDRP friends. You have a wonderful addition to your home with Al.

Betty Adopted!!

(Cadi) the very playful 3 year old brindle girl found her forever home today with Thane Richmond-Moore and Jonathan Moore of Sarasota. All of us who saw her excitement and instant bond with Thane at our last open house knew it was meant to be. Congratulations to Betty (her new name)  Jonathan and Thane from all your RDRP friends.

Can’t wait til HSSC camp this summer to see what Thane and Betty have in store for the campers.

red adoptedRed Has A Furever Home!

Joy adopts Red! Red Ambition, the pretty 4 year old fawn girl who is not red at all, found her forever home today with Joy Mintz and Joy’s older brindle girl Zoe. Red will have a wonderful home with Joy and Zoe..going to work with them once she recuperates from her surgery. We know she’ll be a joy to Joy.

Congratulations to the Mintz girls from your RDRP family.

 03/12 Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Norman!
norman greyhoundNorman's 2nd Gotcha Day is on March 12th! I can't believe it's been 2 years already!
I love him so much! He is such a sweet, goofy boy and he's grown more and more confident every day!

This is one of the few pics I've managed to take of him napping. He usually wakes up and gives me a suspicious look whenever I point my phone at him.
Megan Udell
 03/20 Yappy Got'cha Day Poppy
We can't believe this is Poppy's 2nd Got'cha Day! It seems like just yesterday that we drove out to RDRP to donate a few things after out beloved Indra Houndie crossed the bridge. Of course we were NOT ready to adopt again... and then there was Poppy! She is quite the crazy girl, vivacious, spunky & super enthusiastic! She is more amazing everyday and we are madly in love with her!
Lori Marshall & Mark Sanders

Happy 1st Gotch'a Day Junebug!

March 23rd, 2017

March 23 is Junebug's 1st Gotcha Day. Her racing name was BG's Snap Shot. Some called her "Snappy" at the adoption center. My husbands says we should've named her Snappy because she's very oral and tries to eat everything and when she gets really happy and excited she playfully and lovingly bites at things. So my husband often calls her Snappy. Even though we named her Junebug, I always call her June, and my husband often calls her Bug. She's a very sweet girl and we love her and so does her greyhound sister Reese and her kitty brother Felix.
Dana Laggan

Happy Yappy Birthday RDRP Greyhounds!

These hopeful houndies are having their March birthdays at the Adoption Center. 

Tiny - 3/14/2013
Bingo - 3/16/2015

Kofax - 3/04/14
Colt - 3/02/12
Alby - 3/23/2014
Larry - 3/23/2014

Please ADOPT us soon!

An interview with Joe Veto - volunteer dog trainer for RDRP.

What is your background in canine training?
In the military I spent 3 of my years in the Air Force as a K-9 handler/trainer/supervisor and graduated from the prestigious Wiesbaden Sentry Dog Training Center. I have 40 years experience on the police force in Ohio. My last 6 years before retiring was devoted to developing the City of Solon Police Dept K-9 Unit that exists to this day. While on the Solon police force I trained in obedience for all types of dogs. For the K-9 program I became certified in the State and U.S. as a trainer and handler with additional training in drug detection and interdiction, search and rescue, and for criminal apprehension. I have an 11 year old Greyhound that my wife and I rescued when she was 3 yrs. old and we worked with her to become a confident and loving member of our family.
How did you become involved with RDRP?
I went to the pet store Bone Appetite to purchase a new collar for our Greyhound. There I met the owner, Kathy Portillo, who has her own two Greyhounds with her in the store. She had a brochure on the RDPD which interested me. Through discussion with her I discovered she also volunteers. She described the program to me and I mentioned my training background. Kathy described the organization said they needed good people to help out at the Adoption Center. I was looking for a way to volunteer in the community since I lost my K-9 partner, Rex, just a few short months ago at the age of 14 yrs. After meeting some of the personnel and having a tour of the facilities it seemed like a perfect match for me and the organization. By the time I got home, so excited about this new opportunity, my wife had already decided that if this worked out for me she wanted in too! We both share a passion for Greyhounds and think it is so neat to be volunteering together.
How do you and your wife, Monica, work with the hounds?
When we are at the Center we work as a team walking, playing, and grooming each dog. I try to run through some training exercises such as teaching commands, walking on a leash, not jumping, etc. and it helps to have someone like her give me a hand. I receive emails and phone calls from foster parents as well as new owners asking for suggestions. Many times I meet in private with owners and their greyhounds at the Center for one-on-one training needs.
Would you share a tip or two specific to Greyhounds?
Greyhounds are sensitive dogs by nature and respond to kindness and soft touches. It is very important to start with immediate correction and reinforcement with commands and praise. Your Greyhound needs to see you as the leader of the pack. When you foster or adopt a greyhound they come to you as a clean slate. Their age will be somewhere between 2-5 yrs. and have only known life at a race track or in a crate. Yet somehow it is amazing how well they respond and connect with people. But you have to be very patient with them as they learn to discover children, small pets, cars, noises and a home environment with slippery floors, glass windows, stairs and the like. So take it slow, repeat, praise and they will follow you as their leader.

Monica Veto also volunteered to write heart-felt and wonderful personality descriptions for all of the greys to help other volunteers, foster families and prospective adoptive parents get better insight into the uniqueness of each individual greyhound. She spends much time with each one finds out who they are! These are used at the Adoption Center, RDRP website and promotions.

RDRP is fortunate and GREYTFUL for Joe & Monica and all our volunteers! 

Greyhounds & Special Bonds

As you know, Cami is super timid around people. She squally retreats to her crate when people come over. Skylar (5 years old) was a little upset when she first got here that Cami wouldn't let her approach her. We told her how Cami is shy and to give her time. It only took 5 minutes. 

She was brushing Finn and Cami came up behind her and sniffed her. Skylar let her and then slowly turned around and started brushing Cami.

Then Cami laid down on the bed and Skylar was petting her and snuggling and Cami was in heaven! Finn, on the other hand, was a little jealous that his main girl, Skylar, was paying attention to another dog!
~ Shellby Kemper

If RDRP had one wish right now it would be for FOSTER families! Fostering greys allows them a better chance at finding furever homes quicker! The life of a greyhound waiting for his or her forever home is often long, lonely & uncertain. People come and go… and the beautiful grey waits. RDRP is trying to get our kidz nueter/spay procedures done and we can not do that unless we have foster families following the procedure.

RDRP will help make your foster experience a meaningful one! Learn more about FOSTERING here...

Contact Geri, call her cell (685-4509) or email her at
Eleonora Duse was an Italian actress with greyhounds
Eleonora Duse (1858 - 1924) was an Italian actress with greyhounds!
You KNOW you want to be her!!
***PLEASE remember dear greyhound lovers to send us your greyhound stories, tips, photos, birthdays, gotcha days, greyt resources, videos, and anything else that is greyhound lover shareable to Team Newsletter by the 12th of the month.  
They are here!!

New martingale collars , great colors and well made $29.99.

A $10.00 donation goes to RDRP from each sale!!

RDRP Buy A Brick

Memorial & Honorary Buy A Brick Program

GREYT GIFT IDEA! Each brick can have up to three lines with 18 letters per line (including spaces). All lines will be centered on the completed brick. Words will all be capital letters. A donation for one brick is $50.00. At an additional donation of $10.00 per brick you can also have a running Greyhound engraved on the brick.  Download & Print Form

Adore our beautiful greyhounds at Petfinder, make an appt. with one of our adoption experts or stop out the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 - 3 pm.
Join us at our Meet & Greets at PetSmart SRQ, PETCO Venice and Pet Supermarket North Port the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays from 11 - 1 pm & also 3rd Saturday Bradenton Tractor Supply 11 - 1 pm.
4th Saturdays at Pet Supermarket 11 - 1 pm.

Ways to support RDRP

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