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Greetings RDRP Newsletter
This is our Valentine edition! We are excited to make this newsletter a monthly offering so everyone can be a part of RDRP and our wonderful greyhound family. We want your photos, videos, stories, testimonials, ideas and support. Thanks for being a part of the family! Helping make the lives of these extraordinary creatures as GREYT as possible is what they deserve and what RDRP is about. We need people like you to make this happen. 

Chris Kemper and RogerGREYT NEWS! The greyhounds are pleased to announce that their beloved Chris Kemper will continue to be President of the RDRP. Wags and doggie kisses!  We appreciate Chris.
The humans are also greytful for the additional new volunteers who have recently stepped up to share the work. and all our long-term gems as well! Many paws make light (or at least lighter) work. So three cheers for Chris and the volunteers (new and not so new) who graciously took on new roles in the RDRP.  We get stronger every year! 

Volunteer  & Support Opportunities!

If you love greyhounds and would like to help us help them we have many opportunities available for you.There is nothing more rewarding than the ability to help another living creature find a better life! Whether you are donating your time or a specialized skill, you can commit to whatever size project fits your schedule and interest. RDRP is an all-Volunteer 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of retired racing greyhounds.

Remember that our Board Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of every month from 11 - 1 pm and are open to the public if you want to learn more and get involved.
It is only through our volunteers that we are able to continue the work that we do.  All volunteers are very valued and appreciated.  Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas and everything that you do will help a greyhound in some way.  None of what we do is about us individually.  It is all about the dogs we can help. 

Please complete and submit the volunteer application on this website. 
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Lying on the back with all four legs flailing in the air  at odd angles in all directions. Most Greyhounds are excellent roachers! 
Greyhounds enjoy resting, often sleeping or dozing 16 hours a day or more.
“First we steal your heart... then we steal your bed & sofa. We are Greyhounds!” - Random Hound
Click on this video & enjoy running around in circles with Bing Crosby!
Greyhound Running Round In Circles

This article begins a periodic series on paying tribute to some of our foster families.

In appreciation of our foster families.

A few weeks ago, at our January open house, the volunteers were confronted with a serious dilemma involving one of our pups at the Adoption Center. The pooch had “extreme happy tail”. The combination of an extremely long tail, coupled with her unbridled enthusiasm whenever humans were around, did not bode well for her tail. We tried everything: wrapping her tail, the vet wrapping her tail, trying to keep her calm. All to no avail. We were beside ourselves with dismay. Then, through the ranks of the assembled volunteers, the good news started to spread. Geri announced that the Clarks would take the pup to their home to foster her. It was with such relief and heartfelt gratitude that we all bid adieu to the pooch and her new foster parents as they left together.

Hooray for our foster families, hooray for the pups!

Here's the interview -

Foster greyhoundsJim and Susan Clark are providing a home for their 4th foster dog. They are so enthusiastic about the value of fostering that they drove to the AC from Venice on this Sunday for their interview. First they want everyone to know how easy it is to foster greyhounds, “since the greys are horizontal 20 hours/day”.

Of course there is the need to get adjusted to living in a house, “the dog needs to spend 3 to 4 weeks in foster care, to get the basic "house" stuff down. Things like windows, stairs, and their reflection in the pool.”

“They are so grateful for anything you give (a walk, rub behind the ears, a snack)”. And the dogs are so much fun. “They show such pleasure on greeting you in the mornings.”

The Clarks feel they benefit as much as, or even more than, the dogs. "They give back more than we give.” It's healthy for the foster parents as well, since the dogs get their foster family up in the morning to go for a walk. The dogs are a high point of the day, Jim comments enthusiastically. “Fostering has added to our lives. and we truly enjoy fostering.”

The Clarks stress the need for more people to open their homes to fostering our pups. 

Article & interview by Charlene Proeger
Adopt greyhounds FloridaIf you think you wouldn't be suitable as a foster family, think again! Remember, even if you try it once and decide that it's not for you, then that's one life that you've been directly responsible for saving. There is nothing more important to our work than families willing to provide a temporary home for a greyhound awaiting adoption.

The next time you look into the soulful eyes of a greyhound, think about the satisfaction you'd feel if you knew that YOU were the person who made it possible for that dog to move onto their new life in their furever home! Please take a moment and look at our FOSTERING page and see if this is a greyt fit for you.

Flash news update from Geri Harrison!

If we find some short term foster homes, we can start to get our male greys neutered. For an uncomplicated neutering, just a few days recovery in a foster home would be sufficient. This would likely expedite adoptions, and also help mellow the pups.
If you might be able to help out with short term foster care, or other types of foster care, contact Geri Harrison. RDRP will provide everything they need (crate, food, bed).
To contact Geri, call her cell (685-4509) or email her at

Recently Adopted!!! Jan - Feb 2016


greyhound adoptions
Annabelle Noble adopted Emmy aka Midwest Judy

Casey Russell Graham & Tony Graham adopted Kenzi aka Just Kidding

Terrance Kandle adopted Flying Linebacker

Dean & Maryann Dahlen adopted Palo Duro Truck (Truckie)

Kerry Lay & sister, Lola adopted Bowie aka BL Black Mail Blackie

Kaitlynn Radner & Jeff Radner adopted Monty aka Eric

Julie Dean adopted Remy

Jerry & Vickie Johnson adopted Bailey aka Bud

RDRP EventsFeb-rooo-ary Events

Special Fundraiser Event to Benefit RDRP Get your BREW-HOUND on! FeBREWary 21st from 2-5 pm @ Darwins Brewing Company 803 17th Avenue West
Bradenton, FL.

Meet & Greet - Every 1st (SRQ), 2nd (Venice) and 3rd (North Port) Saturday from 11 - 1pm. A GREYT way to meet greyhounds, volunteers and learn about RDRP!
See our calendar! 

OPEN HOUSE at RDRP - Every 2nd SUNDAY from 1 - 3pm! An amazing way to get up close and personal  with beautiful greyhounds, our nice volunteers and lovely facility!!! 
JD out at the rescue needs your help!
He seems to have gotten his snoodle stuck.
Click video & prepare to LAUGH!
Couch Caretaker Greyhound

Greyhound birthdaygreyhound birthdayHappy Birthday Diesel

Diesel was born February 5th 2012! 

"Diesel is the most wonderful boy ever!! He is so sweet and loving and I can't believe I was lucky enough to have him choose me!!

He loves to do the Meet & Greet in Venice every month and I truly feel like he looks forward to it !! He is a wonderful ambassador for RDRP and I am so happy he is mine!!" - mom Nikki

Q- I know my houndie can't have chocolate, but what are some other common foods that are also toxic?
"Unfortunately, some well-intentioned gifts of love can be toxic to your pets,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, and assistant director at
Pet Poison HelplineHere are some that we should all be aware of! 
Alcohol - Avocado - Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine - Grapes and Raisins  - Milk and Dairy - Mushrooms - Nuts - Onions, Garlic, Chives - Salt and Salty Snack Foods - Xylitol - Yeast Dough
Have a question? Email me Uncle Indra 
Greyhound Fleece Coats
Gorgeous Fleece Coats

For anyone needing fleece coats for their greyhounds (or other wonderful things), Kathy Pontillo, greyhound mom, owner of Bone Appetite Pet Store will have them available in her store which is centrally located at 5275 University Pkwy, Sarasota 34201. The store is in the Kohl's/Fresh Market Plaza. The coats are $20 all of which goes to RDRP. Also, coats are always available at all Open Houses the second Sunday of each month.

The greyhounds want to extend their gratitude to the volunteers who came out to the adoption center on January 30th. We especially appreciate that you removed the grass growing in the playground area. Now we can focus on the person who is playing with us, instead of pretending to eat the grass ( which we know we're not allowed to do). Now it is much easier to pay attention to our person, so we can practice coming when our name is called, playing fetch, and going up and down the stairs. Plus it's easier to find the balls when we play fetch.  Thank you so much.
Remember dear greyhound lovers to send us your greyhound stories, tips, photos, birthdays, gotcha days, greyt resources, videos, and anything else that is greyhound lover shareable to Team Newsletter by the 5th of the month.  
Check out all our beautiful greyhounds at Petfinder, make an appointment with one of our adoption experts or stop out the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 - 3 pm. Join us at our Meet & Greets at SRQ, Venice and North Port.
1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays from 11 - 1pm.

Ways to support RDRP

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