RDRP GREYT Nose-Letter  May 2016
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Greetings RDRP Newsletter
National Adopt-A-Greyhound Month was a good one at RDRP and we currently have a FULL house with more to come!  Help us continue to educate and spread the word about the beloved greyhound. Do YOU know someone who might want to adopt? Remember  to spread the joys of this greyt breed with everyone you know! 

Greyhound Adoption Help
We are always in need of support to provide outstanding care for our hounds and their Adoption Center. Have any questions about what is needed, just send us an email to Here is a list of the "Who does what" and an idea of some of the groups and teams. If you see an area that you might be interested in joining just let us know! 

Upcoming GREYT Events

Meet & Greet - Every 1st (SRQ), 2nd (Venice) and 3rd (North Port) Saturday from 11 - 1 pm.
Please see our event calendar for details! A GREYT way to meet greyhounds, volunteers and learn about RDRP! 

OPEN HOUSE at RDRP - Every 2nd SUNDAY from 1 - 3 pm! An amazing way to get up close and personal with beautiful greyhounds, our nice volunteers and lovely facility! Come on out and see what we are all about. Please review our Adoption Process if you are considering adoption one of our greyhounds. Please leave your own four legged family members home during our Open Houses, thanks!
YAPPY HOUR @ Motorworks Brewery - May 15th, 1 - 4 pm.
Join us for a fun afternoon at Motorworks Brewing, a dog friendly beer garden with lots of shade!! There will be great raffle prizes, 50/50 raffle, vendors and even an agility course for your greyhound to try out!! Please join us and bring your greyhound!! This is a well-behaved kid friendly event.
1014 9th St W Bradenton, FL.
For questions contact Pam Driggs 941-387-4499
Coming Soon! Mon, June 13, 2016 7:00pm - 9:00pm. RDRP Painting with a Twist Party!  Uncork your inner artist! Come enjoy an evening out with friends and meet new people. Bring your favorite wine, beer, soda, snacks, etc. Open to everyone! 50% of your registration will go to Racing Dog Retirement Project. Please come out and support this great organization saving Greyhounds! See details and register here.
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Okay, so there was this advertising campaign some time ago that touted a certain chip that was so good they said; "Bet you can eat just one!" This is what happens when people adopt their first greyhound.

Time passes and after a very short time you discover that they (being the most awesome dog on the planet) are quite addictive. So you have one... then you think, "Well I can handle one more, my baby needs a friend" Then you reluctantly foster... and before you know it, you have five, six, ten...
Cuteness overload! Click the hounds to play video!
I have a feeling many will relate to some of these! :-)
20 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY GREYHOUND | Estée Lalonde has a new look and a new Website

We've been working hard and have made a few changes at website!

It's smoother, cleaner and much more inviting. We've included an interactive Calendar, an easily accessible, continually updated list of Adoptable Hounds!

If you're already a houndie, or if you've recently adopted a hound check out the Adopted Greyhounds page! If you would like to honor your hound who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please submit your information and pics here.

Last but not least , something new for RDRP, we now have a BLOG!
We'll be writing articles and keeping you posted on everything happening with RDRP and Greyhounds in general. We'll have important articles about Hound Health, Tips, & Tricks, Training, Products, Food, and everything you'd ever want to know about our favorite 40mph couch potatoes!

Do YOU have space for a short term foster?

Thank you to all our foster families! Let's all try to help with this! If we find some short term foster homes, we can start to get our male greys neutered. For an uncomplicated neutering, just a few days recovery in a foster home would be sufficient. This would likely expedite adoptions, and also help mellow the pups.
If you might be able to help out with short term foster care, or other types of foster care, contact Geri Harrison. RDRP will help make your foster experience a meaningful one!
To contact Geri, call her cell (685-4509) or email her at

Greyhounds (and their humans) are special & GREYT!

CBR family reunion. Diddy ~ Mike Trout ~ and Lilly aka Selena Gomez

DiddyBecause of the Greyhound Database it is possible for people to track down and find siblings of their own hounds. This is what happened with volunteer Lori Marshall and her adopted girl Lilly. It all started with a Facebook message from a greyhound lover in North Carolina. Here are some highlights from the messages sent.

Jan. 30th 2016 -
"By chance I was looking at the greyhound data base and saw that you had adopted CBR Selena Gomez. My Diddy is her sister. I am looking to adopt a sibling."

March 4th 2016 - "I wanted to let you know that I contacted the owner and he promised that when ever the next male sibling was retired I could have him. About fifteen minutes after that call his trainer called me. The owner had just called him and they wanted to give me CBR Mike Trout at the end of the season. He is currently at the Sarasota track! The trainer also mentioned he has their mother Anna Ott as a pet now." 
April 28th 2016 - Guess who this pretty boy is? CBR Mike Trout, Diddy and Lilly's brother. They finally retired him last week, transported him to me last Thursday. Vet visit this week and home with us tomorrow.

We got to spend some time with him. He is very happy and out going. He wanted us to love on him quite a bit and Diddy went directly to him as soon as we got there. Come to find out he raced with her in one of her initial maiden races. Funny side note was the kennel manager at the track wanted to make sure that we were told they called him "Tater". We will just call him Mikey. Have a good day!!! -Debra

How GREYT is that! 


RDRP Buy A Brick

Memorial & Honorary Buy A Brick Program

Each brick can have up to three lines with 18 letters per line (including spaces). All lines will be centered on the completed brick. Words will all be capital letters. A donation for one brick is $50.00. At an additional donation of $10.00 per brick you can also have a running Greyhound engraved on the brick.  Download & Print Form

All you need is hounds...
And an RV

Our live in caretakers are in need of a well deserved respite. They have been tirelessly taking care of our hounds every day, week in and week out. They need a break. So lets give them one.

We currently have volunteers on hand  willing to take care of the hounds while they are gone. This is a 24/7 labor of love. The only problem is, we need an RV to park at the AC for 3 weeks this summer for a few of our Greyhound devotees to live in and make sure all is GREYT with the hounds. 

Do any of our RDRP'ers have or know of anyone willing to rent or lend us an RV? Our volunteers will need to sleep there overnight while at the AC... because as you know the Hounds come first. So if you know of anyone who could help out with reasonable rent or as a donation, we and the Hounds would be GREYTly appreciative. 

Email us here if  you can help!

Recently Adopted!

Con-GREYT-ulations to Tex, Stacey & Keith Swanson!Tex and parents

Handsome 3 year old Tex Ritter started his new life in his forever home with Stacey and Keith Swanson and their 4 daughters. Tex will be learning about life with the Swansons from their dog Josie. Congratulations to you all from your friends at RDRP. Happy trails Tex! 

Looks like Tex has made himself at home with the Swansons. How greyt is that!

Raji BirthdayHappy Yappy Birthday Raji!

Happy 7th birthday to our beautiful Raji (Oh Ya Cover Girl) on May 30!  Raj has decided that retired life is perfect for her.  When she isn't running zoomies around the house, or cockroaching on the couch, she loves her long walks and play time.  She loves her car rides, and her weekly trips to see her grandparents and their two dogs. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby girl. Happy Birthday Raj and enjoy your cake!

Watch Duke talk about his life as a greyhound! He is very motivated
to get himself & friends adopted! Click on Duke to view  his video. 
This is Duke, a Retired Greyhound needing a home.
Congratulations and a huge thank you to Jesse Rollins, BSA Troop 23. Jesse secured his plaque to the fence joined by RDRP volunteers Cyndi and Debby. Promotion, funding and building 2 large pens for our greyhounds was his Eagle Scout Project! Now we have more secure space to help the hounds learn skills. We are greytful to Jesse!

Q- Hey Uncle Indra I have adopted a very shy houndie. I can tell she wants to be braver and learn family life. I love her to pieces but I can't seem to get her out of her shell. Please help.

Honestly, every Houndie I have ever known has taken awhile to blossom to become that GREYThound they really are, even myself. It is a wonderful transformation to witness and be a part of! 

One must remember how truly different life is for us greys and how much (as in everything) we know nothing about!  She has just had her entire world turned upside down!  It's ALMOST like getting a puppy that is eager and able to figure it all out! 

I am sure she is trying hard to figure out all the newness... sounds, smells, sights, as well as who her mommie & dad are. Many will prefer some quiet time, calmness, softly spoken words, small treats and encouragement to be that amazing GREYT -hound she will become!  

Remember to -
  1. Prepare your home so it is as stress free and cozy as possible (think important VIP house guest arriving).
  2. Show your new grey all around the house and the outside too.
  3. Spend tons of time with your new greyhound. My family even slept near me for a whole week!
  4. Be prepared to do whatever it takes - hand feed, soft music, quiet voices and tons of praise and LOVE!
  5. Treat a shy one just as you would a shy human child and all will be well.
  6. Laugh, love and KNOW that your new best friend WILL blossom!
Have a question? Email me Uncle Indra 

Photo Courtesy ~ Paula Maynard & Mambo
Remember dear greyhound lovers to send us your greyhound stories, tips, photos, birthdays, gotcha days, greyt resources, videos, and anything else that is greyhound lover shareable to Team Newsletter by the 9th of the month.  Our RDRP GREYT Newsletter will go out mid-month.

After a demo by Kathy Pontillo with Spider and then Daisy, Open House volunteers agreed to learn and  follow the new procedures to assist in creating a calmer more trusting grey.

Wait, look, come.

We noticed later in the day how the whole atmosphere at the adoption center was calmer. Just slowing down and taking our time with each dog and building trust and direction, even though we had quite a few guests.

Later, while cleaning the kennels we had the dogs wait and come out calmly continuing to implement the new procedures. Even our more enthusiastic pups who out of the back of their kennel and sometimes would jump on us, came out calmly.

The training is paying off fast. This is the first time I've seen Spider 
looked at by a potential adoptive family.

Keep up the good work, team Greyhound.

"These two are literally joined at the hip. These two are the most
interactive with each other than all the pairs I've had. They just LOVEEEE
each other and follow each other everywhere. So cute:-) " 
Greyhound mom Dana Laggan
Use Amazon Smile ( when shopping online!  Simply select RDRP as your chosen nonprofit organization each time you shop and RDRP will receive 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases at no extra cost!
Did you know you can help support our greyhounds in need at no cost doing something you likely do every single day or at least weekly? Earn donations for RDRP with every mile you walk, bike or run with your dog(s), by yourself or with friends when you use the Walk for a Dog app on your iPhone or Android device. Use it at least once a week to be considered "active" and your activity will do double duty: help you and help greyhounds in need! Just go to the website on your phone and sign up with your email. Input your name and choose Racing Dog Rescue Project as your group
Please help us spread the word about this easy, no cost way to help greys every single day. To learn more
Adore our beautiful greyhounds at Petfinder, make an appt. with one of our adoption experts or stop out the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 - 3 pm. Join us at our Meet & Greets at SRQ, Venice and North Port.1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturdays from 11 - 1pm. 

Ways to support RDRP

Beneva Flowers

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