Update and training schedule from the SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training program, NERT.

September 2014
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      NERT Update

Free training to prepare, respond and recover with the San Francisco Fire Department's Neighborhood Emergency Response Team

Play a role in your neighborhood

NERT is a free training program for individuals, neighborhood groups and community-based organizations in San Francisco.  Through this program, individuals will learn the basics of personal preparedness and prevention.  The training also includes hands-on disaster skills that will help individuals respond to a personal emergency as well as act as members of a neighborhood response team.

San Francisco is made up of many neighborhoods. We are training to be one ready community when it counts. The Emergency Response is important but building the Team as a Neighborhood comes first.

 Upcoming Training*

Civic Center
San Francisco Federal Bldg.
90 7th Street

September 23, 8:30a-4:30p: Class 1 & 2
September 30, 8:30a-4:30p: Class 3 & 4 
October 7, 8:30a-4:30p: Class 5 & 6
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Castro-Duboce Triangle
Davies, N. Tower Auditorium
Duboce Ave. @ Scott St

October 9, 6:30p-10:00p: Class 1
October 16, 6:30p-10:00p: Class 2
October 23, 6:30p-9:30p: Class 3
October 30, 6:30p-10:00p: Class 4
November 6, 6:30p-9:30p: Class 5
November 13, 6:30p-10:00p: Class 6
New Student Enroll - pdf Class Flyer
Recertification Enroll

Personal Readiness for a resilient Community
One time workshop for you and your neighbors!
What's in it for you?
You will learn the basics to take care of yourself and others. SFFD NERT and SAFE want you to have skills to be prepared for emergencies big or small, and get to know your neighbors on your block to maximize resiliency after a disaster.
  • Risk Awareness
  • Disaster supplies
  • Personal/Family Disaster Planning
  • NERT Overview
  • Disaster Pre-Planning - building community one block at a time


Thursday October 23, 2014 
Noe Valley
St.Philip Church & School 
775 Diamond St @ 24th St
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*The schedule is updated on the NERT website training page whenever a new class is added.

What's been happening at NERT?

Last month, your NERT trained neighbors were at twelve sites throughout the city supporting SFPD's National Night Out (NNO) events in the Districts and teaching the community how to be prepared.
NERT Anietie with Chief Suhr at Bayview Station NNO

NERTs from Battalion 2 & 4 at Northern Station NNO

September is Preparedness Month

Look for NERT volunteers out and about at the Sunset Community Festival, the Marina Family Fest and many other events throughout the City. Just another reminder to get involved. Check out NERT or see what FEMA suggests.

Message from Mayor Lee

Dear San Francisco Bay Area residents,
Many in the San Francisco Bay Area were awoken early Sunday morning by the largest earthquake in the region since the Loma Prieta earthquake nearly 25 years ago. While thankfully, San Francisco suffered no damage, this is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we need to be prepared before the next earthquake or emergency. Being prepared today will make our City's recovery all the more efficient and effective, allowing us all to get back to business as usual, faster.
Let's use this as an opportunity to educate ourselves, our friends and family, and our employees and coworkers about earthquake preparedness and why it is critical to making sure that San Francisco is a resilient City. Please visit to learn how to get prepared for the next earthquake and how to connect with your community.
I also encourage everyone who lives or works in San Francisco to take the San Francisco Fire Department's free Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) training, and register for the City's e-mail and text-based notification system
It is often said that real emergencies look more like people coming together rather than cities falling apart. That is why it is important to take steps now so we are all ready for the next emergency.
Let's not wait until the next disaster; let's be prepared today.
Thank you.
Mayor Edwin M. Lee



Coming soon, NERT gear on Zazzle


NERT volunteers at a command post drill



 San Francisco SAFE, Inc. has been providing safety education and organizing neighborhood watch in our City for over 30 years. This year we are enhancing our cooperation with a commitment by NERT to provide emergency planning to neighborhood watch groups. Already part of neighborhood watch? Email us to schedule a meeting for your group. Want to know how to organize your block? Contact SAFE at

man looks at earthquake damage in his living room


Start small. Just do one thing to get yourself prepared.
Every day,

DAY 1: put an old pair of comfortable shoes under your bed

DAY 2: Get a cardboard box to start your supply gathering

Day 3: House hunt, in your own house. Got a flashlight? Some bottled water? Extra roll of toilet paper? Maybe a radio? Think "what do I need if I get to stay in my home after an earthquake?" Put it in your box.

Day 4: Review this kit list

Day 5: Buy one thing that you don't have to make yourself more prepared after an earthquake.

Day 6: start your personal plan

Easy, right!!?


This week the Mayor convened a meeting of the SF disaster Council to review San Francisco plans in the aftermath of the Napa quake. Chief Hayes-White (above) reminded everyone of the importance of getting NERT trained. DEM Director Anne Kronenberg delivered a strong reminder to San Franciscans: "Don't call 9-1-1 after an earthquake unless you have a life-threatening emergency." Use 3-1-1 for any other concerns.

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