Issue #15
July 12, 2015
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Important Updates
Famous Quotes:

"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an opinion" Maya Angelou
Happenings of the USPS
New Issue: Summer Harvest stamps

Booklet Format: four $0.49 forever stamps (four designs), double sided booklet of 20 stamps
First Day of Issue: July 11, 2015, Sacramento, CA 95813
Print Quantity: 400,000,000 stamps - self-adhesive
USPS Item No: 690000

Some Thoughts on Successful QSLing - Part 2
In the last issue I discussed various hints and suggestions for successful QSLing.  These are a few more tips.

When choosing the envelopes to use for overseas qsling, it is wise the use either the European size nesting air mail envelops or 24# white wove equivalents .  While security tinting is nice, it is not mandatory, at least for the return.

Using these types of mailing systems make it very easy for the DX station or DX manager to process your request.  We offer the air mail printed envelopes at the present time and have had very good results with them.   The return envelope is inserted inside the cover, flap down.  The cover offers ample room for multiple stamp overseas postage units.  We at hope to have the white wove nesting envelopes, in packs of 25 envelopes, for the fall DX season.  We will offer them similarly priced to our existing link of nesting envelopes (no security tinting is planned).

Plain white normal cover and return envelopes also offer a convenient mailing system for DX qsling.  We offer number 7 envelopes (3 7/8 x 6 3/4 in), which will house an ordinary 6 3/4 envelope, return, without folding the return.  I use these envelopes almost exclusively for my qsling service.  They are adequate for most normal size single, double, or triple size qsl returns.

Number 10 business size envelopes, both regular and self-seal, are convenient as a cover envelope for overseas mailing.  In combination with a 6 3/4 size return, they offer both additional room for USA discount postage and sufficient room on the inside for the unfolded return and if you are lucky to have one or two unfolded IRCS, Bill Plum offers discount postage for oversize mailing in lots of as many as five stamps (plenty of room on the number 10 for these).

For the fall DX season, we hope to offer both #10 and # 6 3/4 size self-seal envelopes, shrink wrapped in packs of 25, priced similar to our existing line of envelopes.  Self-seal envelopes are great in that they do not need to be licked.  One disadvantage, at least with the older editions, was that they tended to lose some adhesive property with time.  The packaging scheme we use may help alleviate this problem.

Any comments and suggestions for these offerings would be most welcome.

A few final comments to conclude this discussion.  Several of the European QSL managers object to using stamps as return postage.  They have mailing permits which allow them to mail at discount postage rates on their end.  Of not are M0URX, G3SWH, M0OXO, and I2USB.  Please check with these managers before sending your qsls their way.  You may be able to clear the transaction without postage units (possibly a PayPal payment) for postage will be all that is needed.  

Finally, dollar bills are not recommended for qsling purposes.  If you want to make a donation to the DXpedition do it with a check or bank draft!  Use IRCS, mint foreign postage, or if possible, PayPal, to get those qsls from overseas!

The days of sticking a stamp on the reverse side of a qsl, like in the old days, seem to have disappeared forever!  That's the way it is in 2015.
Summer Postage and Envelope Specials
We are offering the following specials for the summer season:

Discount postage:
International rate ($1.20).  Three stamp units at $1.00 per unit, sold only in multiples of 10 units (composed of two $.049 forever self-adhesive stamps and one lick and stick $0.22 stamp).  That's 83% face value!

Stateside postage ($0.49). One stamp unit, $0.40 per unit, sold only in multiples of 20 units (current USPS forever self-adhesive postage of my choice).  That's 82% face value!

Both of these offers will be shipped through first class mail ($2.00 shipping and handling per order).

Envelope Clearance:

#7 cover envelopes and #24 white wove, security tinted.  $3.50 per shrink-wrapped pack of 25 envelopes.  Normally priced at $5.00 per pack!

Shipping and handling: $10.00 priority mail per order.

IRCS- limited number of Japanese IRCS (new type).  $1.75 per IRC while supplies last!

Cash, check, or PayPal accepted as payment of any of the above items.
Mailing to Iran
In an effort to alleviate some of the cost of exchanging mail with Iran, I have ordered several units of Iranian postage at 226,000 Rial postage, the current postage rate from Iran to the USA.  The units will be sold for $12.00 per unit.  This is the best I can do for you, the customer.  The Iranian stations want registered mail to Iran from the states plus a $10.00 bill for the return card.  

I hope to cut the cost of these mailings by mailing multiple cards to Iran with the required postage.  If you have any desire to exchange mail with Iran, please contact me before doing so.  I am offering category 1 service for Iranian mailings and need some support from you, the ham community!
Mailings to the Slovak Republic
As in previous issues of this newsletter, we are reprinting the USPS guidelines for international mailings from the USA to the Slovak Republic.

Table 1: Mail Log from 27 June 2015 - 11 July 2015
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