Issue #6
March 1, 2015
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Important Updates
During the interim since our last issue of this newsletter, several happenings are worth mentioning.  With respect to the rumored postal rate changes, nothing has changed.  The same rates regarding first class letter mail are in effect and the second ounce is still $0.21.

The USPS has issued a pair of stamps:
Vintage rose - first class forever (1 ounce)
Vintage tulip - $0.70 definitive ( 2 ounces)

Both stamps were issued on 14 February 2015 at Riverside, CA (97501).  These stamps should be available for purchase at most postal office outlets at present.  Each issue is marketed in panes of 20 stamps.  If you are interested in purchasing these stamps and they are not available at the local post office, they can be purchased through the USPS store (see the current issue of USA Philatelic, issued quarterly).  The first issue for 2015 was received here recently.  The comment that all issues listed in USA Philatelic can be ordered online or via phone (1-800-782-6724).

This brings us to our challenge made in the last issue of the newsletter.  We had been using a combination of the final issue of the War of 1812 series "The Battle of New Orleans" plus a copy of Scott 1260 Amateur Radio.

There were no replies.  There can be many explanations for this usage.  One usage, the one I had in mind, was the historical significance of each issue.  The Battle of New Orleans stamp was issued on 8 January 2015.  It commemorated the final event in the War of 1812.  This stamp is a self-adhesive and was issued in Chalmette, LA (70047).  This was the final battle in the war.

The 5 cent amateur radio stamp was issued on 5 December 1964 in Anchorage, Alaska.  The stamp commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the American radio relay league (Newington, CT).  This organization is concerned specifically with the hobby of amateur radio.  They issue a monthly publication called QST which is devoted entirely to amateur radio.

Usually commemoratives are issued at the site of the issue.  One would think, "why Anchorage, Alaska on December 15, 1964?"  In march of 1964 the largest earthquake ever recorded in USA history struck.  It was high on the Richter scale and lives were lost.  As reported in the Pender & Sequoia Stamp Club website, many radio operators were summoned to the region to provide radio communication in the aftermath of the earthquake.  The stamp was dedicated to those amateurs who provided the service.  At the time of this issue, there were 250,000 licensed amateur radios in the USA.

Two historical events whose denomination paid for their mailing rate for first class letter mail.  The Battle of New Orleans (forever $0.49) and the amateur radio stamp ($0.05).  The free pane of stamps was selected by me (global forever - silver bells).  It was sent to one of my clients who I thought merited it.

To conclude our discussion for this issue, the series of the War of 1812 was completed.  The stories of association with each issue tells the history of the issue in a concise and easily read fashion.  The entire issue is currently available from the USPS in their package (the War of 1812 Edition Collector SN if you are interested #389127 from the postal store).

Our current mail log is complete through this current issue.  Note that each current mail we list is growing rapidly.  Please refer to it when using our products and services (  We hope to expand a little from listing the exact route followed via a manager (database) or managers.  The only point which we do not record are the clients who benefit from our services. 

We hope you are pleased with finding this database useful.  Tell us about your experiences.

Table 1: All Activity from 20 January 2015 to 30 January 2015
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