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I came to Hope House with broken dreams, a lost sense of self, and a baby on the way. Although I grew up in church and knew right from wrong, the 6 years of rebellion leading up to my short time in “the life” brought me to a place of complete disregard for myself and those who cared about me. I entered this lifestyle trying to earn enough money to go back to college and finish the 10 classes I had left to graduate. When I met my pimp, he told me he was a music producer and invited me to make music. Little did I know that I would soon be posted on Backpage to sell my body only in order to give him every dime that I made. During that time, my value became the amount of money I could make and the amount of pleasure I could give to my clients. I was told what to wear, how to do my makeup, when to start work and when to finish, along with everything that I would do that day. Fast forward a few months, 2 trips to jail, having everything of value taken from me, and incurring several hours everyday of verbal abuse, I left my pimp with my life and without a fight, which is a miracle in itself. Upon finding out I was pregnant and going back and forth about whether or not to get an abortion, I was introduced to the idea of Hope House by a lady from a Rescue Organization and decided to keep my baby. Although I am the first pregnant girl to come to Hope House, they have accepted me and I knew that this was the only way for my baby to have a good chance at life. Prior to Hope House, I had been using drugs and alcohol and even cigarettes to deal with what I had gone through. During our drive to Hope House, my Mom and I looked over at an 18-wheeler that had “God is good all the time” written on it. I believe God was confirming that I was going to the place that I was supposed to be at. The relief and peace I felt upon arriving at Hope House surpassed what I had experienced, and the beauty that surrounded me was almost like being in a dream….It was so perfect, and I felt so lucky to be there. As great as it was, I didn’t really believe that it being so faith based could help me with all of my issues, and I tried to find another program that was not faith based about a week into my stay. I thought I really needed a psychiatrist, psychologist, and therapist working with me around the clock. A month after arriving, I started experiencing a mental illness that had tried to take my life 2 years before again. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, and left the hospital in the darkest place I have ever been in, afraid for my life and that of my family’s life. The staff and residents gladly accepted me back and covered me day after day with prayer and the love of God. I received a prophetic word about a month and a half ago that said within 1 month, God was going to do a supernatural change in my life that could only be attributed to Him. Within that month, God did nothing less than a miracle. He brought me from darkness to light, and exchanged the lies in my head for his wonderful and amazing truth. Where I was believing that Jesus dying on the cross was for everyone but myself and that I was too far gone, He helped me to see that I could never be too far gone and he came to die for people just like me. When I thought He had given up on me, I look back now and realize that in my darkest moments, He was right there next to me. I met Jesus for the first time in my life, and I am so in love! He is so much more amazing than the Jesus I thought he was growing up. He has given me joy and peace and a love that overflows from the deepest parts of me, and I am no longer ashamed of what I have been through but rather, I am thankful that I have a God and Savior who loves me so much. Instead of being called worthless and dirty and nothing according to the world, I am a daughter of the Most High, I am an heir to His throne, and I am his beloved. I have never been happier in my life, and I now know that the reason I am here on this earth is to share this hope with other people. There is a reason they named it Hope House. It gives girls a future and a hope and a chance to fall in love with the Creator of the Universe. I am so thankful to them for not giving up on me and for allowing me to find the true meaning of life. I know without a doubt that if God could rescue me from the deepest depths, He can do it for anyone.  I now get to be a mom and am expecting a beautiful baby girl in February. Thank you Hope House and thank you God for your love for me and everyone!
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