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Dear Hope Giver,


One of the most popular British poets, Tennyson (Author of The Lady of Shalott) gleefully exclaims, “Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.” As I sip on a cup of coffee this morning, the newer world I imagine is a world where brokenness is mended. June is International Men’s Month and there are many who would like to focus on physical health, which is important, but may I be so bold to suggest that men need to remember who they really are to be truly healthy? It’s the only way to curb the demand for trafficked men, women, and children in the United States and abroad.


The newer world I envision is not far away as some of you may think; it is very real because it already exists. I, along with millions of freedom fighters across the globe, are trusting God to empower us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. What does the Kingdom of Heaven look in the context of fighting injustice? It’s challenging the corrupt systems created to exploit people. One way we at Trafficking Hope are reshaping cultural norms is through educating men and boys about what it really means to be a gentleman. One of the most creative avenues we found is through our new online Gentlemen’s Club where men can be educated and take the pledge to be the true men that God has called them to be. Our goal is to redeem what is means to be gentlemen.


It is very important to raise young men to be good husbands and fathers, and it will take all of us working together to bring healing to the men who are broken. Without healthy men being engaged we will never end trafficking.  This month I encourage you to envision the newer world, to make the necessary changes to bring about this world in your daily life, and to encourage men to pursue true masculinity, not by exploiting those who are weaker or vulnerable, but by serving others and leading them towards the good. With your help, we can put an end to sexual exploitation in our world. Be a part of the solution! Go to and take the Gentlemen’s Club pledge today!



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