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In an email sent to band members, Stanford has announced the “temporary cessation of all band activities effective immediately through Spring Quarter, 2017.” 

You can read the letter, signed by VPSA Greg Boardman, here.

Originally, Title IX and the Office of Community Standards had planned to ban Band for the next two years. Instead, they’re allowed to resume next year, but only if they appoint a Boardman-led ‘committee’ that:
  • Forcibly replaces the current structure with a “professional musical director” who influences “cultural changes” 
  • Runs selection of the Tree and Dollies, plus has control of the rehearsal facility (but, of course, Band still has to do all the work)
  • Is held accountable to the admin forever to make the changes they want

Their reasons for the ban were:
  • Drunkenness at Tree Rollout – where a few Band members showed up tipsy. OCS didn’t say how Band was meant to control this.
  • Band members meeting for drinks in Treehouse before practice. Again, no way for Band to stop individuals doing what they like.
  • Travel to Tahoe, which Band sources told us they didn’t know much about, but it wasn’t a ‘traveling performance’ anyway.

LSJUMB is allowed to appeal the verdict – but not the findings behind it.

Band members tell us they weren’t communicated with before this decision, and that Stanford has ignored the progress they’ve been making for a year now.


DECEMBER 9, 2016
So far, we’ve seen remarkably little external resistance to Stanford’s attempts to suffocate our university’s proudest – and most distinctive – student group. The choice for band is now clear: do they comply, or do they resist?

Compliance means death, where the creeping totalitarianism of power-drunk university administrators continues unabated. (Attn: Greek Life, Ski Team, Debate, Model UN, Mock Trial, etc. etc. etc.)

Resistance means students risking their standing with the university to stand up for freedoms of speech, expression and assembly

We think the choice is pretty clear.

Oh, and fuck these assholes.
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