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Fifteenth Edition: Monday, January 26th, 2015

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68 Stanford students were arrested (and 11 jailed) for blocking a bridge while protesting police brutality, Ferguson, and the situation in Palestine. All were released by the end of the night, and the DA has said that he will not push felony charges. FoHo notes that campus reaction was decidedly mixed, but it most certainly provoked a conversation. It'll be fascinating to watch how the protest movement continues to unfold on campus. Links: Original (and unusually excellent) Daily piece, today's Daily followup (discussing the possibility of a Fundamental Standard case) , Silicon Shutdown's statement [static], a "letter of support" [gdocs], the original email calling for people to sign up to protest [imgur]. 

A Daily Op-Ed details the experience of Justin Brown, a senior coming to terms with an alleged sexual assault by a female student, and how the local YWCA was sort of shitty at dealing with it (they issued a lackluster response [daily]). Somewhat controversially, Brown also argues against the "strong presumption in favor of expulsion" advocated by the ASSU. FoHo can't really summarize the piece in the space we have, but it's an excellent read.

The Review published a piece on the continuing shitshow that is CAPS. FoHo continues to be appalled at CAPS' wait times. We continue to experience 2-week-long wait times for appointments due to Stanford's refusal to pull their thumb out their ass and hire additional qualified staff -- indeed, last week CAPS was so understaffed they didn't even have a trained receptionist picking up the phones, but instead forwarded calls to Vaden's general line.

Briefly: Stanford continues to assign co-terms housing that's really really far away [review], US TV journo Richard Engel is the Class of 2015's commencement speaker [daily], Meyer's demolition is scheduled to start Feb 4th and will take 40 days and 40 nights [daily], The Editor in Chief of the Stanford Political Journal made the case that SAE's loss of housing is illegal under a reasonably obscure Californian law protecting freedom of speech on campuses, another columnist disagreed, and a legacy argued for the end of preferential admissions treatment

Oh, and apparently FoHo has "expertly melded the cloying faux-affability of BuzzFeed with the journalistic nuance of BuzzFeed," which we guess we'll take. [daily]


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Last Saturday night (9 days ago), Stanford Police arrested a male Stanford student for attempted rape. The student was a varsity athlete and was recruited to come to Stanford. 

Here's what we know.

The suspect was arrested between 1 and 2 am on the 600 block of Lomita Court (that's KA) and was taken to San Jose Main Jail. The student was booked under two felony counts -- one of attempted rape and another of digital penetration [wiki, nsfw]. According to the police report, there were at least five witnesses. Per Sergeant Stenderup with the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections, bail was set at a princely $150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand dollars), which was promptly posted.

Sean Webby, a spokesman for the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, confirmed they were investigating. 

Unsurprisingly, Stanford declined to comment, citing FERPA's student privacy provisions (har har har.) 

However, Stanford Department of Public Safety pointed out that an AlertSU notification would have only been sent if there was a clear and immediate danger to the campus community. Since the suspect was immediately arrested, the implication was that no such "clear and immediate" danger was present, hence no AlertSU.

Reached on his cell phone, Earl Koberlein, Senior Associate Athletics Director (aka the guy in charge of Stanford Athletics), indicated awareness of the issue and declined to comment, asking us to send an email. Since we're really good at sending emails, that's exactly what we did. We have yet to receive a reply from him or half-a-dozen other Stanford Athletics administrators, Stanford's Title IX office, or the NCAA. 

It is unclear whether the student remains enrolled at Stanford or continues to attend classes here. FoHo is told that, shortly after the arrest, the student's room was cleared out, with Residential Staff informing his fellow residents that he was "going to take some time away from Stanford." It is also unclear whether the student will continue to represent Stanford Athletics while under investigation by the District Attorney's Office, or whether Stanford's Title IX office plans to conduct its own investigation.

The Fountain Hopper expects details to come out over the next few days and weeks and will keep you, our dear readers, in the loop. The DA's office is usually quick to charge or dismiss such cases, and we expect to hear from them in the next week or two. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops. 

We feel obliged to remind our readers that the DA has not formally pressed charges and the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, per federal law.

The Fountain Hopper is aware of the name of the accused (per state law, it's actually a matter of public record and available in police blotters), but has made the editorial decision to withhold it from publication at this time. The suspect was not affiliated with Greek life. 


If our bathroom flyers are anything to go by, divestment is once again a thing on Stanford campus. There's a cacophony of confusion surrounding the issues, so we'd like to take a quick moment to explain some stuff.

Divestment (noun): the action or process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments.

Or, in other words, campaigns on campus trying to get the Stanford Management Company to purge its $18.7b-ish endowment of investments in specific classes of companies for certain moral or ethical reasons.

Still with us?


There's two types of divestment being advocated for -- Fossil Fuels, lead by Fossil Free Stanford, and companies involved in the Israel/Palestine conflict, spearheaded by Stanford Out of Occupied Palestine, or SOOP. FoHo will attempt to tackle both with its typical style, verve and charm.

Fossil Free Stanford is a bunch of hippies earth lovers that want Stanford to divest from fossil fuel companies (think Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron). Stanford partially conceded last May, when it made a very loud promise to divest from 'publicly traded coal-mining companies.'

Which they did, but only after choosing to sink their money into oil, gas and fracking companies, because they're oh so so much better for the environment and 100% totally and absolutely in the spirit of fossil free divestment, yup. (see FoHo 11, link, for details).

This leads us to January 11th, when The Guardian published an open letter to Hennessey signed by 300 (!!) Stanford professors [guardian] (including a smattering of Nobel Prize winners, a Fields Medal recipient, and your Math 51 professor) urging Stanford to divest from oil and gas. The Guardian wrote it all up better than we can, and here's the link.
Questions, comments, concerns, information?


Stanford Out of Occupied Palestine wants Stanford to divest from companies they deem to have violated human rights in  Israel and the Palestinian territories. They're going to the Undergraduate Senate in the next few weeks to get them to vote on a bill recommending divestment. Last time they went to the Senate was in 2013, when the Senate narrowly rejected a resolution recommending divestment.

SOOP's campaign has been highly controversial and has received unparalleled campus attention, or at least it would seem to be that way. It's spawned the pro-Israel, anti-divestment "Coalition for Peace" group, which one member described as "basically Dumbledore's Army, but for anti-divestment people." There have been OpEds for (one, two) and against (one, two), which, when put together, present a reasonably nuanced view of both sides of the issue. 

We really have no idea if people actually care about divestment and whether we should be writing more about it, so we set up this super simple button thing. 

If you want us to cover divestment, push me
If you really couldn't care less, this is the button for you
(We'll let you know what you let us know in FoHo 16.)


Upperclassmen, spare a thought for your poor frosh. Not only do they have to suffer Stern dining and learn WAYS of knowing about things, but ResEd seems bent on making their freshman experience as homogenous as possible.

[MLK] Sunday was sort of a sucky day for Twain, the would-be hosts of Twainwreck 2.0. ResEd (which FoHo knows to be monitoring Yik Yak) found out about the party, called the Twain RF, and informed her that the cops would be called on any 'unauthorized' party. 

The party did indeed end up happening, and was subsequently shut down by the Twain RF. 

(FoHo Fun Fact -- did you know RF's get "guaranteed free rent, free dining, full utility coverage, daycare and access to the Palo Alto public school system", making RF housing "absolutely the cheapest [housing option]... in the most expensive part of the world?" [Daily] )
Shortly thereafter, Twain residents were told that from now on, they would have to follow a certain set of rules, forwarded to us by a Twain tipster (emphasis ours):
  1. A Twain gathering cannot include more than 10 outside guests.
  2. If you plan to host an event with anywhere from 5-10 outside guests, you must register that event with your RA.
  3. Registering an event entails:
    • Host name(s)
    • Host room
    • Day of the event
    • Non-Twain attendees (names, dorm)
  4. No more than one “gathering” with 10 outside guests can be held on any given night. (i.e. if someone else has 10 guests over, you have to wait until the next free night to host your gathering of 10 guests).
  5. Please follow our open door policy at all times so that staff and I can check in periodically to make sure that your gathering is a safe one.
  6. Drugs/illegal substances are never allowed in the dorm UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 
  7. Any violation of these guidelines will result in involvement from the Stanford Police.

Crazy stuff, and totally against the word and spirit of Stanford's purportedly liberal institutional policies regarding alcohol and substances. Perhaps the Twain RA might feel more at home not in a dorm of 90 college kids.
  • FroSoCo is throwing a party [daily], and they want you to know you're invited. RSVP here [facebook]
  • Talisman are having their 25th Anniversary Concert in Bing Concert Hall on February 8th, 2015.
  • To get your stuff featured in this section, send us no more than 140 characters with the word [stuff] in the subject line so we can sort it from all of the college counsellors that think we owe them something goddamit


Some Housing Stuff You Might Care About

If SAE loses their appeal, FoHo is 90% sure that ChiO will indeed be receiving a house, perhaps as they are the oldest unhoused sorority. In 2016/17 (or earlier?), ChiO would take over ZAP, which would itself be relocated to the SAE house. With the move, Stanford will tip the fraternity/sorority balance from its current 7:3 to 6:4.

Also, The Fountain Hopper has learned that Griffin Suites have been allocated to be Stanford Outdoors' theme house next year. Womp.



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