30 July 2021 (Edition - Issue 27)



“Minden” was the second battle honour awarded to the 25th (Edinburgh Regiment), as the Kings Own Scottish Borderers were then called, and the battle is celebrated on the 1st August every year.

During the Seven Years war against France a combined force of British and German allies was operating in the valley of the River Wasser near the town of Minden. The six British battalions were the 12th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 37th and 51st Regiments of Foot, now the Royal Anglian Regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, The Kings Own Scottish Borderers, the Royal Hampshire Regiment and the Light Infantry. The supporting artillery batteries were the predecessors of 32nd (MINDEN) Battery, 16 Light Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery, 20 Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Owing to a misunderstanding in the passage of orders, the six British Infantry Regiments advanced alone against the main body of the French cavalry in the centre. Seeing this confusion Prince Ferdinand, the German Commander of the allied forces, ordered the Hanovarian Guards on the left flank to advance whilst the British Cavalry of the right wing were to move behind the infantry to support them. The cavalry commander, Lord George Sackville, disobeyed orders and declined to take part in the charge, as a result, the cavalry took no active part in the battle.

Seeing the advance of so small a force, the French sent their cavalry, 10000 strong, to the charge. The six British battalions halted and by close range, well aimed volleys, broke up the French attack. The enemy cavalry reformed and attacked on six separate occasions. Only on one occasion did the enemy cavalry succeed in penetrating the front rank, and they were almost annihilated by the second rank. Finally all 63 squadrons were sent flying in disorder.

The British Infantry continued to advance and coming under the cross fire of sixty guns and musketry fire from enemy infantry, suffered heavily. The French threw in two Brigades in an effort to stem the tide but they were quickly broken. Finally in desperation a large body of their Saxon allies were sent to counter attack, but they fared no better than their French predecessors and he whole enemy line broke in panic. Had the British Cavalry then attacked, the slaughter would have been immense. As it was, the enemy lost 7000 men to the allies 2800, over 1500 of which were lost by the British Battalions.  25th Foot: 7 officers and 138 men killed and wounded.

Visiting the scene of the battle afterwards, Prince Ferdinand remarked,” It was here that the British Infantry won immortal glory”.

In memory of our ancestors who earned his battle honour and who picked roses from the gardens of Minden on their way to battle, we of the Minden Regiments wear roses in our head dress on this proud day.

Always a Borderer

Employment, Training & Transition Support

How To Translate Your Military Skills & Experience into Civvy Language


You will have acquired a diverse and well-developed set of hard and soft skills from your service in the Armed Forces. From discipline and leadership to adaptability, excellent communication skills and the ability to get things done, you’ll possess many qualities that will be highly transferable to Civvy Street.

However, although you might have lots to offer, it can be difficult for employers to grasp the value of your military experiences and skills, and understand how they will apply to their business. So, it’s crucial that you take the time to ‘translate’ your skills, qualifications, military job titles and any military-specific terms into “civvy speak” so that employers can understand a bit more about you,what you have achieved and how you will add value. 



Closing date:   25 August 2021 - 09:00
Role:   Transition Support Guide, Scotland and North of England

RNRMC, with our many partners, strives to provide assistance to serving and former sailors and marines and their families, with the aim of ensuring they feel valued and supported, throughout their lives. We support the serving community through improvements to working environments, efficiency, morale, welfare, sport and adventurous training, and veterans and families through a wide range of services and partnerships. We collaborate across the military sector and wider, ensuring our funds deliver the outcomes our beneficiaries need. 

RNRMC is looking to recruit a Transition Support Guide, principally based in Helensburgh, Scotland to join its Transition Support team covering Scotland and the North of England.  

The role holder will be the principal member of the Transition Support team in the North reporting to the Transition Support Case Manager who is based in Portsmouth. The role will focus on guiding those who may be considered vulnerable as they leave the Service, as well as their families, to achieve a successful transition from service life into the wider civilian world, regardless of their needs or reason for leaving.  

Veterans offer UK businesses skills and behaviours for the future

  • Renewed call for business leaders to consider veterans in their hiring strategies
  • New ‘Veterans Work’ podcast series launched to raise awareness
  • The Armed Forces have responded outstandingly during the pandemic highlighting the skills, behaviours and values that are an asset to the culture of any organisation.

As the UK emerges post-pandemic, businesses are focusing on their future of work plans and how they adapt and reskill workforces to mitigate future disruption.

There are an estimated 2.6 million military veterans in the UK – and around 900,000 of them are of working age. The latest in the Veterans Work thought leadership series is calling for businesses to seriously consider these veterans as part of their hiring strategy and today launched a series of podcasts, hosted by Kate Silverton, featuring industry experts, veterans and business leaders. Veterans Work is a collaboration between Deloitte, Forces in Mind Trust and The Officers’ Association, and with significant input from Government via the Ministry of Defence and the Office for Veterans’ Affairs.

The first episode explores the narrative surrounding veterans and employment transition following military careers. Kate Silverton, journalist and broadcaster, said: “Ex-military personnel offer an unparalleled talent that business leaders would be foolish not to harness. Our podcast guests illustrate how perfectly veterans’ values and behaviours complement so many roles from digital and tech to professional services. I was humbled as our veteran guests candidly brought to life their own stories as well as challenging perceptions and stereotypes.”

The podcast series consists of five episodes and brings to life veterans’ behaviours, values and purpose through the guest speakers*. Topics are the veteran employment narrative, values and purpose, resilient people, skills for the future and the campaign’s calls to action.

Podcast introductions are also given by The Minister for Defence People and Veterans, Leo Docherty MP, some famous faces, veterans and allies: Joanna Lumley, Rory Underwood, Ray Winstone, Lt Gen James Swift-Chief of Defence People, with an endorsement from WW2 veteran former Paratrooper Jimmy Knox.

Lord Lancaster, Member of the House of Lords, Former Defence Minister, and serving Army Reservist was a guest on the first episode. He commented: “We talk about resilience, but what does it really mean? Veterans are drawn from the community and are of the community. These are individuals who have been trained to deal with extreme adversity and challenges, have the capacity to be highly adaptable and agile, keep a team motivated as well as being loyal and very hard working. Twin this with camaraderie and a positive outlook, no matter how much adversity they are up against – and this is a win-win for employers of all sizes and across all sectors of UK plc.”

The podcasts series also offers valuable advice to individuals looking to transition from their military careers, recognising that leaving the forces is the start of another journey. Listeners will hear how to fulfil their potential in the right role, advice on telling their stories to potential employers, and ultimately feel empowered to back themselves through the transition. The guests talk about the importance of mentoring, surrounding yourself with a support team, accessing help via the many organisations set up to assist transition and seeking out employers signed up to The Armed Forces Covenant. David Richmond, the UK Government’s independent Veterans Advisor and a veteran himself, recommended: “Instead of just ‘selling yourself’, ensure you tell your own story in order to bring your skills, experience and value alive.”

Ray Lock CBE, veteran and former head of Forces in Mind Trust, added:

“There are approximately 14,500 armed forces service leavers each year in the UK. We urge all employers to invest a little time in listening to Veterans Work: The Podcast series. Hearing from veterans, will go a long way to helping employers understand what veterans can offer and how hiring a veteran can make an impact on the future resilience and culture of their organisation.”

Lee Holloway, Chief Executive Officer of the Officers’ Association concluded:

“The Pandemic is shining a light on military personnel as they work to support the nation amid this crisis. UK business wants adaptable team players able to find solutions that can focus and excel on the tasks at hand to deliver tangible results. Skills can be trained, but mindset and behaviours cannot – considering veterans for roles will almost certainly bring success, now and in the future.”

Jimmy Knox, a WW2 Monte Cassino veteran who introduces the podcast series in an endorsement message explains his experiences leaving the Army and finding a job in 1945:

“When I came back from the war, there was work, but it wasn’t the work I wanted. Generally we found it difficult, because all the jobs you wanted to do were occupied and employers weren’t interested in taking people from the Forces if you didn’t have the right experience. So you retrained and did whatever you had to. It was a difficult period but after a couple of months you settled in and then just went forward’’.

Chris Recchia, Partner Deloitte and Veteran commented,

“Listening to Jimmy’s experiences of seeking employment when he left the Army over 70 years ago it is astonishing to realise that little has changed. Veterans still face the issue of employers not realising their full potential, their transferrable skills or how easily they can be retrained. Progress is being made, but there is more to do if we are to make the UK the best place to be a Veteran.”

In 2021 as the UK recovers from the pandemic, the message to employers is clear: veterans can be part of the solution to your business’s challenges.

The podcasts are both audio and video recordings and are available to stream and download free on all Veterans Work channels including YouTube, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Funding & Financial Support

Grants from The Veterans' Foundation

The Veterans’ Foundation continues to provide grants to cover pandemic-induced need and other ‘normal’ grants.  The former may be considered out-of-committee and decided upon within a week. The maximum grant in both circumstances is £30K, however, we have also introduced a few salary grants, which can provide up to £40K spread over two years for salaries, only salaries, to help small and medium-wealth organisations.  The application process for all grants is online here: If you have any queries, please contact

Deadlines for submission through 2021 are as follows: 
  • 27 August

  • 12 November

Welcome to the Money Map

Citizens Advice Scotland's Money Map will help you find sources of online support to: 

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As part of an ongoing project, our volunteers at Housing Options Scotland are researching information about each of the different local authority areas in Scotland. This information is to support you as you move property, perhaps into a new area for the first time. Links to the different guides are found below and to the left. We hope they prove useful to you during your move.


Information and Resources

Veterans Assist Scotland

The Veterans Assist Scotland Website has a wide range of information and advice available including the details for the various Armed Forces and Veterans Champions.

Veterans Assist Scotland (

Veterans Assist Scotland - looks to signpost and connect the Veterans' Community including their families, with the organisations and services best placed to help with information, advice and support that they may need from across Scotland.



Veterans Scotland Information Booklet

The latest copy of the information booklet is available via the link below:

News and Other Updates

New online tool helps visualise latest data on how Covid-19 is affecting Armed Forces Charities

DSC and Cobseo have launched an interactive database funded by FiMT, showing the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the Armed Forces Charity Sector.

Building on their award-winning Armed Forces charities research, the Directory of Social Change (DSC), funded by Forces in Mind Trust, has today launched a new online tool, The Cobseo Covid-19 Impact Database, a unique and interactive source of data on how Armed Forces charities are affected by Covid-19.

This rich and unique data source contains key data on Armed Forces charities, collected bi-annually by DSC directly from Cobseo, the Confederation of Service Charity Members. It covers key metrics such as changes in beneficiary needs, service delivery, income and expenditure, and risks facing charities both now and in the future. The database launches one year after DSC started to survey Cobseo Members and provides a clear picture of how charities have operated and the challenges they have faced throughout the past twelve months.

Last year, DSC’s evidence from Cobseo Members helped secure £6 million in government support to Armed Forces charities to help them manage the impact of the pandemic. This interactive evidence base, combined with DSC’s written reports on successive surveys, will help direct strategic decision making.

Insightful, interactive visuals can be created in just a few clicks, placing the latest evidence on the impact of Covid-19 on Cobseo’s Members at the fingertips. The most recent survey shows that Cobseo Members continued to experience large increases in demand for key services, including mental health support (68% of respondents) and loneliness support (64% of respondents).

The database further shows how Cobseo Members are facing increased demand for support with decreasing resources, with 60% of respondents reporting a decrease in income.

DSC’s written report, also published today, provides extra, in-depth analysis of the latest survey and dissects emerging trends over time, in addition to fresh qualitative insights from Cobseo Members, which highlight charities’ experiences on the ground.

The report calls for close monitoring of the current situation, particularly for mental health and wellbeing, to develop a detailed understanding of funding and service delivery challenges, to continue to inform and influence policy.

Commenting on the launch today, DSC Research Development Manager and lead author, Stuart Cole said:

“The Cobseo Impact Database is a unique resource for monitoring the impact of the pandemic. With just a few clicks, users can answer key questions about how Cobseo Members are reporting being affected. The Impact Database combined with DSC’s three written reports on the topic to date are key tools for enabling evidence-based strategic thinking and action for Cobseo and its Members.”

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive of Forces in Mind Trust, said:

“We know that the impact of the pandemic is being felt by many charities providing vital support for the Armed Forces Community. Thanks to Cobseo and DSC, with this new interactive database, we can now clearly demonstrate the challenges the sector is facing, and help charities and policymakers see how and where support is most needed. Forces in Mind Trust is delighted to have funded this important tool, and would encourage those across the sector to use the data we have gathered to support their own work.”

General Sir John McColl KCB CBE DSO, Chair of Cobseo said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all and we know that our Members have faced some incredibly difficult circumstances, with increases in demand across the full spectrum of support contrasted with deep cuts in funding. Whilst the findings in the latest Cobseo COVID-19 impact survey paint a somewhat bleak picture of the demands continuing to face our membership, gathering first-hand quantitative and qualitative data has provided Cobseo with the evidence necessary to inform current dialogue, future planning, and the development of services to Members.

“The efforts of the sector to continue supporting those who have often made the greatest sacrifices through their service to the country have been remarkable, and we should all be very proud of how the Sector has come through the worst of all years. Our Members have been innovative, robust, and determined throughout the past twelve months to continue supporting the Armed Forces Community and we will continue to monitor the impact being felt by the sector through future survey work.”



Notes to editors:
Access the dashboard for free here.

For more information about the project, please contact

Shadow Equalities Minister to meet creative force of young people developing new board game

Mid-Scotland & Fife MSP and Shadow Equalities’ Minister, Alexander Stewart, will today (26 July 2021) visit young people who have travelled to Edinburgh to begin the creative process of co-producing a new board game and comic book to transform civilian perceptions of life in an Armed Forces family. 

Having published a motion in support of the young people earlier this year, the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Mid Scotland and Fife has been invited to meet the working group to learn more about their unique experiences of life in a serving personnel and veteran family as well as their creative concepts and futures plans for the board game element of the project.

The Forces Life Project has received funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust to enable the Royal Caledonian Education Trust to work directly with young people to co-design a board game and comic book resource to help civilian classmates, teachers and those making important decisions about the future better understand their unique experiences of life in a serving personnel, reservist or veteran family.

Consultations led by the charity have shown young people from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families feel that they are a seldom-heard, invisible group within society. It’s not that they are ignored, it’s simply because their unique needs are not on the radar of civilian peers, teachers and those making important decisions about their future at a  local, regional and national level.

Young people hope to become a powerful force for change through the project, who plan to take the board game and comic resources to schools and community settings across Scotland to open a wider conversation about their unique experiences and develop a greater appreciation how these experiences can impact on education and learning as well as mental health and wellbeing.

There are many positive experiences to being in an Armed Forces family who, compared to civilian peers, can grasp greater opportunities to travel, absorb a range of cultures and meet a greater diversity of people. These experiences equip Armed Forces young people with a unique sense of determination, resilience and confidence to realise their potential and thrive.

However, deployment and uncertainty concerning loved ones, living with a family member with life-changing physical or psychological wounds, regular relocations and disrupted friendships can present many unique challenges to Armed Forces young people, which can significantly impact mental health and wellbeing, education and learning as well as so much more.

The lived experience of young people from serving personnel, reservist and veteran families serve as the charity’s most valuable asset, who strive to be an asset-based organisation with a co-production approach underpinning all of its work to nurture confidence, develop new skills and provide support to raise awareness and overcome unique challenges to pursuing positive futures.

Grace, a member of the Forces Life Project working group, said:

“The Forces Life Project will help civilian friends, teachers and politicians better understand what it is like to grow up in a serving personnel or veteran family and how our experiences can impact on many things we wish to accomplish in our lives. I hope the board game and comic book we create will make a significant difference in increasing understanding and appreciation of the things we experience as forces children.”

The young people have travelled to Edinburgh Napier University to begin the creative process with fourth year Graphic Design student, Heather Fletcher. The charity has partnered with the university, whose widening participation projects have developed a strong reputation for supporting young people, from serving personnel and veteran families overcome unique challenges to pursue higher education pathways.

Commenting, Mid-Scotland & Fife MSP and Shadow Equalities’ Minister, Alexander Stewart said:

“I am absolutely delighted to have been able to attend this excellent workshop session at Edinburgh Napier University, to see at first hand this highly innovative and unique project, as well being able to meet the young people at its heart. The board game and comic book resources are first and foremost, truly excellent ways for the young people to explore, discuss and convey many of these positive, challenging and certainly unique experiences with their civilian peers, classmates and teachers. This is especially why I wanted to acknowledge this venture in a Parliamentary Motion back in May, as it immediately brought attention of this fantastic work to my MSP colleagues in order to encourage their support, as well as alerting the wider Parliament and the general public. I warmly commend all the young people involved for their truly fantastic initiative, as well as the Royal Caledonian Education Trust for making it all happen.”

Laura Falconer, Chief Executive Officer for the Royal Caledonian Education Trust, said:

“We are committed to taking an asset-based working approach to ensure the lived experience and voice of children and young people in serving personnel, reservist and veteran families shapes all aspect of our work at the Royal Caledonian Education Trust. The Forces Life Project is a wonderful opportunity for our young people to explore their unique lived experience and creativity to transform attitudinal change in civilian peers as well as those who support them or make important decisions about their future. We offer our sincere gratitude to Alexander Stewart MSP for his very kind support of the Forces Life Project whose encouragement to our young people will make a significant impact in enhancing confidence to co-produce a fantastic resource to transform attitudes across Scotland.”


Combat Stress to move from Hollybush House to Edinburgh 


Veterans’ mental health charity Combat Stress is to move out of its treatment centre Hollybush House in Ayr to new premises in Edinburgh to enable the charity to continue to treat as many veterans as possible. The exact location will be announced once negotiations are concluded, with the move taking place in the coming months.  


The site in Edinburgh will provide veterans with a more accessible location through its proximity to city centre public transport links, as well as providing a modern, fit for purpose venue for the charity to deliver its treatment. Services will include outpatient and residential treatment, art therapy, occupational therapy and peer support. Combat Stress will also open a smaller base in Glasgow and operate more than 20 community-based clinics across Scotland. 


While Hollybush House has served the charity well for more than 30 years, the building is no longer suitable for Combat Stress to deliver its modern services. The limited access to public transport means that the location is not easily accessible for some veterans and has affected Combat Stress’ ability to recruit enough specialist staff needed to provide the clinical treatment. In addition, extensive repairs need to be undertaken which require ongoing significant financial outlay. 


During the pandemic, the charity’s clinicians and Peer Support Service have been providing veterans across Scotland with treatment and support online. This will continue as a permanent part of the charity’s services. In addition, Combat Stress will resume in-person community-based treatment in Scotland in July, with in-person peer support to follow at a later date. After the move to Edinburgh, and when safe and based on individual needs, the charity will provide in-person treatment – including residential – at the new premises. 


Those veterans currently being supported by Combat Stress will not have their treatment impacted by the move of premises, and new referrals will continue to be welcomed into the charity’s services. 


Jeff Harrison, Interim Chief Executive Officer at Combat Stress, said: “We will be very sad to leave Hollybush House after 35 years. We’ve always had incredible support from the people of Ayr, as evidenced by the huge turnouts each year at our annual fete.  


“It is Combat Stress’ aim to help as many veterans as possible with military trauma and we can best achieve this by relocating to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Not only will it be easier for veterans to access our services because of the better transport links, but by modernising our services veterans will benefit from our specialist, cutting-edge support. 


“We are talking to our staff in Scotland about how this move will affect them and will do all we can to support them ahead of the move.”  


The Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum (FANDF) biennial conference will be held on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) (Covid-19 restrictions permitting).
FANDF is a tri-service group for families who have a child or adult dependent with an additional need and/or disability, providing a network for Service families. The conference is an opportunity for families to meet and gather useful information from relevant organisations. The conference is also an opportunity for Forces families to directly raise the issues and concerns they have to policy makers and professionals relating to disability and additional needs.
The conference will include an update on the recommendations within the FANDF ‘Families Fighting On’ report, as well as updates and briefings from the MOD, NHS England & NHS
Improvement and Education.
A variety of stallholders and professionals will be present at the lunch and networking session, allowing families the opportunity to gather useful information from relevant organisations and to speak with key stakeholders. During the day, there will also be an opportunity for families to ask questions at the Q&A sessions.
The FANDF is run by a committee of elected members whose vision is to ensure that all ‘Forces families with additional needs and disabilities receive the support they need.’
One of their most notable pieces of work to date is the publication of the ‘Families Fighting On’ report. This is the largest known survey on Forces families with additional needs and/or disabilities in the UK and provided a platform for families to give examples of their own lived experiences and the issues they face on a daily basis.
FANDF’s mission is:
  • To give a voice to Forces families with additional needs and disabilities.
  • To change attitudes towards families with additional needs and disabilities within the Armed Forces.
  • To ensure policy and decision makers understand the needs of Forces families, who have additional needs and disabilities.
Fran Robinson, Additional Needs, Disability and Support Group Services Manager said: “The conference is a really important event for Forces families with additional needs and disabilities. It gives them the time to connect with other families in a similar position to them and ask any questions they have.
FANDF, through the recommendations in their Families Fighting On report, continues to lead the way on the additional needs and disability related issues Forces families have raised. We will continue this work and endeavour to collect more current evidence on the issues and concerns families continue to have.
If you are considered signing up to come along, please do and share the message to anyone you feel may benefit from this conference.”
Find out further information about FANDF and how to attend the conference here by contacting:
FANDF is a service facilitated by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, who have been providing lifelong support to our Forces and their families since


A copy of the July/August Prayer News is also available via the link here

Support from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust – Mid-Term Impact

As part of the Positive Pathways Programme, On Course Foundation were awarded two grants of £35,000 to support veterans in the West of Scotland and North East of England.
Watch and read more about our work in these areas:
Watch –
Read -

The West of Scotland is a region previously untouched by On Course Foundation and this funding has not only allowed us to deliver and plan events in the area, but has also enabled Scottish based staff to build relationships with other veterans organisations in the area, including; Walking With the Wounded, BLESMA, Erskine Homes and Veterans Hub Lanarkshire. 

We have also been able to partner with Community Veterans Support (based in Govan, Glasgow) and some of their beneficiaries attended our event at Gailes Golf, Irvine in June:

''Community Veterans Support were contacted by the Positive Pathways Programme about a golf initiative for veterans. I contacted Will Barker from the On Course Foundation using the email address on the PDF flyer that had been emailed to me. From start to finish they could not have been more positive and helpful. We quickly agreed a date when I might bring some of our veterans to the Gailes Hotel for golf tuition.

None of the veterans from our organisation who attended had actually played before. Eddie Thomson, the golf professional, provided  first class golf tuition from the outset and his calm professionalism and open, friendly approach put any fears at rest. We began hitting balls almost immediately in the driving range and afterwards progressed to driving, chipping, pitching  and finally putting - all on the short course. 

Every single veteran agreed that it had been a completely outstanding day and we were all treated with nothing but respect and friendship. One of our veterans commented later in a Facebook post describing the event: ''Would advise anyone to attend this event, informative and an all-round outstanding day out, and of course, superb one-to-one tuition with Eddie.''

I wholeheartedly recommend this initiative to any veteran who wishes to have a great day on the golf course and learn what a terrific and inclusive game golf can be. Sincere thanks to On Course Foundation''

Dave Devenney, Director of Community Veterans Support

Although previously active in the North East of England, this funding has meant that we have been able to double the number of events that we deliver here. So far we have delivered activities in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Northallerton, and have upcoming events in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Leeds and Morpeth.

As well as delivering these events for current beneficiaries, it's been great to meet so many first-time attendees, including Laura, Jenny and Maria-Theresa who are featured in the above video. 

We are making a push to encourage more female veterans to attend our programme and take up golf on a long-term basis, assisting with their rehabilitation. All three have since attended and signed up to further On Course Foundation events and it's great to see the progress that is being made both on and off the course. 

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (The Trust) supports the Armed Forces Covenant by delivering funding programmes that create real change to Armed Forces communities across the UK.

Visit to find out about the fantastic work that they do. 

On Course Foundation awarded grant from the Veterans Foundation

On Course Foundation is delighted to have received a two year grant of £24,000 from the Veterans Foundation to support the salary costs of the Head of Events and Employment. As well as planning, implementing and delivering a programme of confidence building events, part of the their role is dedicated to employment related activity - working within a structured 'transition pathway' to provide opportunities for meaningful employment in the golf industry.


Managing Director Alistair McKay Forbes was understandably delighted with the news:

’'After a challenging 12 months of fundraising, we are so grateful for the continued support from the Veterans Foundation. This grant will assist in our aim of arranging work experience placements, insight days, industry based qualifications and sourcing meaningful employment positions.


Since our inception in 2010 we have seen that characteristics gained in a military career can easily be transferred to a career in the golf industry, placing over 230 beneficiaries in work experience placements and 88 in paid employment, including 31 in full-time careers.


Despite the obvious issues over the last 12 months, employment success has continued and we have been able to place seven beneficiaries in paid employment. With a sense of normality returning and the fantastic support from the Veterans Foundation, we look forward to continuing this work over the next couple of years.’’

If you are a golf club or organisation who is interested in offering our beneficiaries work experience placements, voluntary work or paid employment, please contact 

About the Veterans Foundation

The Veterans' Foundation has been set up to help fund charities and other charitable organisations that are helping serving and former members of the Armed Forces, and their dependants, who are in need.


The Veterans' Foundation raises its money through the Veterans’ Lottery and donations. Since inception in July 2016, it has given over £7.1 million out in grants to charitable organisations and projects, many of them small to medium-sized and very worthwhile charities, which are helping members of the Armed Forces community who are in need.  The charities and other organisations we have helped include those tackling the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment, children’s loss of parents while serving and remembrance.  We encourage you to spread the word.


We are grateful for the public’s support of the Veterans’ Foundation and its Veterans’ Lottery, and we encourage you to spread the word.

You can read more about the Veterans Foundation by visiting, where you can sign up to play the Veterans' Lottery. 

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Ahoy ! 
We hope this find you in good health and spirits! 
In this month’s newsletter, find out how your support has made an impact on many lives within our big Naval family.

On behalf of everyone at the RNRMC, especially the service men and women you support, thank you – together, we can make a difference. 
"Once Navy, always Navy." 

Last month we introduced you to our new project, Sparko TV, in partnership with the Royal Naval Association.

Completely free for eligible RN/RM veterans, this project utilises TV to overcome the barriers of getting online and to connect with family and friends by joining a virtual community.

Watch how Sparko TV has kept WWII Royal Navy Veterans John and Les connected through the COVID-19 pandemic:
Watch Video
Supporting Naval personnel and their families overseas

Navy personnel at the Australian, Canadian and United Kingdom Reprogramming Laboratory have had a difficult year following the COVID-19 pandemic. With funding from the RNRMC, families based in Florida had the opportunity to organise a Families Day for a day of relaxation and fun.

The last twelve months have been really tough, especially not being able to go home to see friends and family. Today means so much to us to be able to get together.”
- Michelle, Chief Durgood’s wife 

Watch a short video from the event here 
Pascal from Stars and Spokes with RNRMC CEO, Adrian Bell and Hilary Hesbrook
Stars and Spokes meet RNRMC  
We had the pleasure of meeting Commander Pascal Patterson – one of two Royal Navy officers cycling 2000 km to raise funds and awareness for military mental health. Unforeseen circumstances have left him undertaking the challenge solo and unsupported, making this cycling expedition an even bigger feat. 

Find out how he is coping and how you can support him: 
Read More
Get ready, set, upcycle!

We recently announced that we are working together with the Royal Navy on an upcycling project, turning disused and decommissioned items into new useable items.

The first items supplied have been 25-man life rafts and fire hoses.

The RNRMC are now looking for partners to help with the manufacturing of the new items.
Anyone with interest in the project and potential partnerships can contact for more details. 
Leave a gift with the RNRMC
Support comes in many different shapes and sizes. We now provide a free will writing service to all our beneficiaries. No obligations or attachments, just a helping hand.
Find out about our free will writing services here. 
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Support Line

Please call 023 9387 1568 to speak to a member of the RNRMC Support Line team for friendly, high-quality advice and assistance on a wide range of matters, including signposting you to the right organisation for the support you seek.

This service is operated from 0830 – 1630 Monday to Friday.
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Veterans Scotland · New Haig House · Logie Green Road · Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 4HR · United Kingdom

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