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Here at Missionary TECH Team we are praying for, looking for, and diligently seeking to “capture” the imagination, desire, and vision of a number of persons who are dead to self --BUT alive unto Christ. These individuals have a strong desire to make life count for time and eternity!

In New Testament times, the then-known world was turned “upside down” by 12 of Jesus followers who were called by the Lord and totally committed to Him. Just think, you and I are recipients of salvation because of the faithfulness of those disciples - fishermen, tax collector, tanner, etc. - who chose to respond to the call and follow Jesus. You and I must obediently model those early disciples so that others may too come “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”.

Right now, gifted and mature persons are urgently needed to serve in virtually every area of Missionary TECH Team’s ministry of serving churches and missions located right here in the United States and around the world. We are being used of God to enhance their ministries by providing them with much-needed technical, engineering, and consultant helps.

A clarion call is currently going out to those who are dead to self and alive unto Christ. That  call is being used by the Lord to bring glory to Him and salvation to countless numbers ... and at the same time fulfill an urgent need at Missionary TECH Team.

The fact is ... while you may not be “called” to preach, EVERY believer is “called” to be faithful, to be a witness and to use his or her God-given skills and abilities for His glory! Remember, to the believer there should not be a difference between the so-called “secular and the sacred”. Our total focus should be to reflect Christ in every aspect of our life regardless of vocation or situation in life.

Our current Team here at TECH is fervently praying for the Lord to call and send dedicated and alive Christians to serve in management positions, accountant/ business manager, public relations and recruiting, clerical skills, architecture, engineering, CAD drafting, artists, writers, software developers, web design, and auto mechanics.

Today’s world conditions underscore the urgent need for every believer to be about the Father’s business. God has graciously gifted every believer to respond to the Great Commission of taking the gospel to the end of the earth.

Far too often when the call or invitation is given for full-time mission service, it is perceived to be only or predominately to the “young person.” That simply is not the case! In reality, there is great need for persons of all ages to be involved. Youth exudes enthusiasm and optimism. Middle age provides the consistent productivity needed while wisdom from years of experience and dealing with the hard issues is provided by the older generation. TECH has been privileged to have missionaries serving from all age groups and with a wide variety of financial support models.

In years gone by, the greatest hindrance to young people going into missions was parents discouraging their children to leave the USA. Today, the greatest hindrance is the huge academic debt encountered by a majority of graduates. The ripple effect is that when these enter into a regular employment situation, they become comfortable with most likely a higher degree of income and the comforts and pleasures it affords. Typically, the longer one gets away from that initial commitment for ministry the more difficult it is to actually engage in full-time missionary service.

A very encouraging factor for mission leadership today is that more Christians are sensing that there is more to life than collecting a paycheck. I am reminded of a little saying that I frequently use when talking with people about the challenge of reaching people for Christ.

“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past;
Only what’s done for Christ will last”

Your avenue of service could be as a full-time missionary, a part-time ministry or as a volunteer. Perhaps it could even be while at your secular job or profession. Pray and ask God what He would have you do and the Lord will direct you.

It seems that now more and more believers are beginning to give serious consideration to how they can use their years of training and experience to reach others for Christ. For these individuals, regardless of age, perhaps the greatest hurdle is the idea of having to live by faith support.

However, the exciting fact is that the God who calls you is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides! It is exciting, challenging and richly rewarding to experience His call and His provision for living in obedience to the Great Commission.

 Amy Carmichael~ (1867-1951) Missionary to India 55 years. Founded a mission and an orphanage and wrote many books.
 Steve Saint~ (1951~) works with the Huaorani people of Ecuador and travels around the world, preaching the gospel, often ac­companied by Mincaye, the man who killed his father, missionary Nate Saint.
 Lotti Moon~ (1840-1912) Teaching, discipleship and writing in China for 39+ years. She pioneered changes in the role of women missionaries, missions societies, furloughs and fund-raising.
 Adoniram Judson ~ (1788-1850) First mis­sionary to Burma for a significant time (39+ years). Bible Translator, church planter.
William Carey ~ (1761- 1834) The father of mod­ern missions. Founded Baptist Missionary Society. Bible translator. Served in India.

God may be calling you to missionary service!

Your calling could be to serve on a full-time basis, possibly part-time involvement, or as a TECH Volunteer. If you would like to further explore how God might use you in missionary service, please give Randy Harris or Birne Wiley a call at 903-757-4530. They will discuss the various service opportunities with you and how you can be used of the Lord through your serving with Missionary TECH Team.

 In Loving memory of
Donald R. Smith
TECH Architect 2008-2014

Unexpectedly promoted to glory on October 8, 2014. Don was extensively involved in numerous projects and will be sorely missed.
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