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Where do I begin? I was brought into this world with very stalwart Christian parents. I remember meeting each morning in the living room with my parents and sister, reading a daily devotional along with passages from the Bible, after which we would kneel and all of us would lift up a prayer to the Lord.  This occurred from a very early age straight though until I left my parents’ house to be married.  

My early years are dotted with numerous Sunday School teachers, older men and women as well as missionaries that provided instruction which has had a profound influence on my life. I accepted the Lord at the age of eleven and continued to grow in the Lord

We lived near my grandparents where I spent much time. My grandfather was an artist and always encouraged me to draw. I did quite a bit, just to appease him.I kept telling him I wanted to be an archeologist, but since I was a poor speller I settled on architect.

Ken and Katie presenting his project reports to the TECH staff during a chapel program.

Ken working from his TECH headquarters office where he is able to interact with all those serving in the Facilities Planning department.

Interaction with building committees and ministry leaders is necessary to enable building plans and projects to move forward expeditiously.

Ken and Katie accomplish project travel by using their motor home. (Picture of their unit at TECH during an unusual snowstorm last fall.)

During my high school years I started to falter in my commitment to the Lord, until I was introduced to a wonderful Christian girl while serving as a life guard at a Christian camp.  I was greatly surprised when this girl (Katie) pushed me into the pool as I was instructing the campers about pool safety. We started to date within a few weeks and I ended up carrying her books back and forth to school my last year in high school.  

After graduation, I attended a two-year technical college, majoring in architectural studies. I intended to continue my education, but after a great deal of discussions with my steady girl friend, we decided I would work with an architect and get my “schooling” there.  Well you can guess my steady girl friend became my engaged sweetheart and we were married October 19, 1962.  

My career was centered around working with an 85 year old architect, who instilled in me a great work ethic and every skill needed as an architect.  Sure enough after twelve years of apprenticeship, I took my New York State architectural exams, comprised of seven tests, over four days, totaling forty hours.  I passed with flying colors, which was unheard of for a non-college graduate.  

Our life as a married couple became exciting with the birth of our sons, four and a half years apart.  

In 1976 we went to a Christian summer family camp, where John Debrine was the guest speaker.  At one of the evening rallies I realized I needed to recommit my life to Christ without any strings.  

As our two sons developed into fine Christian men, I started to wonder how I could better serve my Lord.  In 1995 I was scanning the internet and came across Missionary TECH Team.  I wrote to them immediately and by return e-mail they asked if I could help them with a project in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and completed the project within a month.  After that, I would periodically get an e-mail with information for other projects.  
A number of years went by and in 2001, Katie and I were taking a vacation trip to the southwest and decided to stop and see exactly what kind of “operation” Missionary TECH Team was: a storefront, home office, garage or just a PO Box.  Were we surprised when we pulled up in front of a large building, in an industrial park.  We toured the facilities and parked for the night in their RV Park. That was when I decided I would someday work for TECH full-time.
Within a year Katie & I made the final decision to give up all my commercial employment and private practice to dedicate my time to the Lord through TECH Team.  

There was one problem, I did not have any retirement or social security since I was only 60.  We had spent our lives on the other side of the mission field and had no idea how we would support ourselves.  But we had the faith as in Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  

We are continually awed at how the Lord has provided for our every need for the last 12 years of serving at Missionary TECH Team, a true partnership.  

While spending about 6 months in our motor home, on the road visiting TECH “clients” or working in the TECH office, we have been introduced to many churches, camps and missions in many states and around the world.  Katie has also found a niche at TECH working with the Graphic Services department, developing vinyl signs, literature and other assorted projects.

These are the kinds of things I work on. Several years ago I was privileged to go to Izmir, Turkey, to design a church.  The city was called Smyrna in Biblical times – one of the seven cities from Revelation.  What an experience it was to worship with this church in the same city the LORD said “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” Rev. 2:10. Some projects go very quickly/smoothly; others take years to complete.  The most recent lengthy project to see completion was an addition/alteration to the Newborn Wesleyan Church in Newark, NJ.  After seven years of planning, designing, construction and NEGOTIATIONS with the city, we were finally able to attend the church’s dedication this spring.

We do not know what the future holds for us, but as long as the Lord has work for us, we will continue to serve through Missionary TECH Team and invite you to consider such service also!

One of the many ministries Ken has served is Sermon on the Mount, an agency founded by Lew Sterrett. Lew presents Biblical truths while ‘taming’ and riding an unbroken horse in approximately two hours. Ken designed a new arena for them.

Ken gives a formal master plan presentation for a new classroom and sanctuary addition to the Living for the Brand Cowboy Church in Athens, TX.

Katie, gifted in graphic design, assists Graphic Services by working on vinyl banners when at the Mission headquarters.

Bob Schill, the late Don Smith and Ken Selden, our highly qualified architectural team, meet to review and plan ministry projects.

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