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I am a Chicagoan – born and raised on the city’s Southside. Before graduation, a high school vocational counselor said to me, “You have the aptitude of either being a lawyer or an architect.” I really didn’t know what either did. The only ambition I could see was becoming a cartoonist so I said to the counselor – “I choose Architect.”
My early life was a mixed experience. Fighting and street auto racing were popular pastimes in our neighborhood. I had no life goals or purposes and had a real disturbing sense of “unknown” about the future. Our extended family circle was close and most of our activities centered on family gatherings. We had no religious training or beliefs in our house. However, Sunday after Sunday, my mother sent my brother and me to a Sunday School in the neighborhood. The Bible Teacher, a house painter by trade, was particularly sincere and his faithfulness impressed me.
Working at TECH with Landscape
Designer, Bill Daniels
Through the teaching by this teacher, my eyes were opened to God and Jesus Christ, and to what the Bible was saying about faith in Him and being born again. During a time of intense struggle with all I’d learned of Jesus Christ, I drove to a forest preserve on the city’s Southside and that night, alone and very aware of my actions, I told Christ I would believe in Him and trust Him with my life. For a long evening I wept with the sense of my sinfulness and while talking with God, I placed my life in Him and prayed to receive Him in my heart and life.
Explaining preliminary master
planning drawings at Mbingo
Hospital , Bamenda,
Cameroon Africa
God entered my life and since that time, I’ve found the personal peace and sure direction for my life in God. I began to eagerly study the Bible and sought every opportunity to learn more of what it says – through personal study and correspondence courses. My attitudes and living habits began to change in order to please Him. All through these years, I have seen God providing for and directing me.
A few years later, while an Architecture student at the University of Illinois, I attended an InterVarsity Missions Conference and learned that there were places even for an architect to serve Christ as a missionary. I completed my Masters of Architecture Program and continued praying for God to use me to further His kingdom.  I began practicing architecture and soon became registered.
I married Jan in 1963 and we have enjoyed more than fifty years of marriage. We have three children and 13 grandchildren.
Bob's wife Jan helping him at his office
at TECH Team
While attending a Missions Conference at our church, I again sensed God’s nudge toward missions. I talked with the speaker and he directed me to a group called Missionary TECH Team, a technical ministry that was just beginning. I contacted Birne Wiley, the president, and a few months later, in 1971, Birne contacted me.  We met together at our home in Illinois, talked, and prayed together. That meeting led to a life altering service to God through Missionary TECH Team, which has now lasted more than four decades.
Inspecting HVAC units
at the new Missionary
Aviation Fellowship headquarters
in Nampa, Idaho
The aim of TECH Team is to be a Christian service mission that comes alongside other like-minded ministries to provide Technical, Engineering and Consultant Help (TECH). This is because Christian organizations and missionaries often lack the specialized training, current experience or God-given abilities to meet some of the technical needs of their work. Frequently, these technical needs are for planning or architectural services.

During the early years with TECH Team, I was a part-time volunteer architect while carrying on a full-time secular architecture practice. I was also a member of the Board of Trustees and served as their Chairman for many years.
Inspecting the new campus
of Mission India Theological
Seminary in
Nagpur, India
When I turned 60, I sensed a call from God to resign from my practice and make myself available to serve God full time. An older architect had told me in my early years that the most productive and creative years of an architect’s practice are from 55 -80! I can tell you that these last 15 years of full time volunteer service to God have been among the best years of my life with Him and in the practice of architecture for others! I have helped plan and design schools, universities, Bible schools, dorms, churches, camps and many other buildings in the United States, Africa, Asia, Spain and Mexico.
Visiting with construction crew for the
new student boarding facilities at
Kamasi International Community
School, Ghana, Africa
I tell you truly, it has been a good life. I feel rewarded by the volume of work completed, and the satisfaction of accomplishment, all to the glory of God! I never regretted saying to the High School counselor – “I choose architect”.
I recommend to any who are approaching retirement that you ask God for His direction for your remaining years – may they be significant years that count for eternity!
All of us believing Christians are under a scriptural mandate from Christ Himself. It is the Great Commission occurring five times in the New Testament. It is this –“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19 (NASB).
I’m so grateful to God for giving me salvation and His direction through all the decades of my life. The outcome of my life is that Christ has led me to the path of serving Him as a volunteer Architect for His kingdom’s growth worldwide.
“Only one life, ‘twill soon be passed
Only what’s done for Christ will last”

IN LIGHT OF THE QUEST to know Christ and help make Him known, Missionary TECH Team has become increasingly aware that the lack of funds is curtailing the service and ministries of many of the ministry organizations and churches they serve.  Therefore, the Ministry Development Services division of the Team has been led of God to offer a new service of Fund Development Symposiums.

THE FIRST TWO Symposiums are Fund Raising for Ministry Organizations on September 29 and 30, 2015 and Conducting a Church Capital Fund Campaign on October 1 and 2, 2015.  Both Symposiums will be a combination of fund development training,  seminars, workshops, and guided collaborative discussions.  Both Symposiums will be held at the Missionary TECH Team Headquarters in Longview, Texas. There will be no charge for attendance.

THOSE ATTENDING the Symposiums will learn God-honoring fund development principles and new ways that can be used to raise more money for their ministries. The Symposium’s presenters are seasoned leaders who collectively have over 100 years of successful experience in fund development for Christian ministries and churches. 

IF YOU KNOW OF ANY MINISTRIES or churches that would benefit from this new Missionary TECH Team service, please send your recommendation to  Please include your name, the name of the ministry or church, its address and telephone number, and the contact name and telephone number.  

It is respectfully requested that you pray for Missionary TECH Team.

  • Ask the Lord to grant them wisdom, guidance, and the all provisions needed to prepare for and conduct the Symposiums.  

In addition, please pray for those who will be attending the Symposiums.  

  • Ask God to help them use what they learn in ways that will bring Him honor and glory.
  • Ask God to use the additional resources to be and do all that the Lord wants them to be and do.
  • Ask God to help their ministry/church have more money for ministry as well as all the additional support needed.

Thanks for praying!

Computer Services
Alex Meadows
LeTourneau U (Longview TX)
Senior - Computer Science

I love developing apps and doing the powerful back-end stuff for websites. Computer scientists use technology to solve problems, and they write software to make computers and websites do new cool things or be more efficient. I love this work. I looked at many different summer internships before I enter my senior year. For one reason or another God closed all the doors. I was disappointed at first, but my dad is the head of the Computer Services department at Missionary TECH Team, and he suggested that I do my internship here. Now I am excited to use my skills in software development to create smart-phone apps and gain real world experience while also helping missionaries spread the gospel.

Computer Services
Drew Heaton
LeTourneau U (Longview TX) 
Senior - Computer Science

At the beginning of this semester, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this summer. I wasn’t incredibly interested in doing an internship at the time, and my post-semester plans hadn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Then during our mission emphasis week at school, Mr. Meadows came to one of my computer science classes and talked about MTT and what its purpose was. I liked the idea of creating software that would help churches and missionaries better achieve their goals and spread God’s word. It seemed like a really unique way to get involved and be a part of something meaningful while gaining knowledge and experience in my field. So, I set up a meeting to find out more and turned in my application a few weeks later. I have been in Computer Services three weeks as of writing this, and I definitely feel like I made the right decision. I’m excited to learn more and see why God has brought me here. 

Facilities Planning 
Amanda Arnold
U of Texas at Tyler, (Tyler, TX)
Sophomore - Mechanical Engineer

I began at UT Tyler with the intention of not getting an internship. Plenty of people I knew who majored in engineering had gone through school with good grades, no internships, and received job offers the day they graduated. 

I realized that I had always envisioned working in under developed countries serving God’s kingdom with the knowledge I acquired in college. The thought of working all day to put money into the pockets of conglomerates discouraged me. I considered changing my major to social work, but before I took that notion any farther, I typed “missionary work as a mechanical engineer” into a search engine. Missionary TECH was the third result that popped up. I noticed that the office was in Longview, (where I live) so I inquired about an internship. I feel as though I had a God-given passion and a great peace of mind to serve with TECH.

Facilities Planning 
Kevin Finney
Baylor U (Waco, TX)
Super Senior - Mechanical Engineer

My brother had interned with MTT in 2010, and I liked what this group did for others and offered to those seeking experience. 

I was having difficulties with finding internship opportunities every summer, but this past year my parents and I decided we should check out MTT. Thankfully, TECH Team was in need of an engineering intern, and I was more than willing to join and help. I have never done missionary work before, but I was always curious about doing it at some point in my life. With MTT, I am able to gain some professional experience while also serving God with my talents.

Facilities Planning 
Ashley Eubank 
Liberty U (Lynchburg, VA)
Junior - Industrial and Systems Engineering

In the summer of 2015 through a missions trip to Zacapa, Guatemala, the Lord showed me His passion for the world. I grew to understand that my perspective of the gospel had been confined to my English speaking American culture. Jesus Christ is relevant in every language and to every people. 

I completed my first year at LU as a college athlete on the track team unsure of how God was going to use engineering and missions together. Through a series of injuries that closed the door of athletics, God heightened my interest in Missionary TECH Team. One day I arrived late to a career event with MTT’s COO, Randy Harris. We were able to have a one-on-one conversation about MTT.  I can see that the Lord’s hand has been working in this area of my life for about two years, and He is the one who has made my MTT journey possible. 

Facilities Planning
Uche Ezenwa
Arkansas Tech U (Russellville, AR)
MS – Mechanical Engineering

I am from Nigeria, West Africa.  While at ATU for my college degree, God directed me to my church family, First Baptist Church and Verge Collegiate Ministry. There I grew in my spiritual faith and met with lovely Christian families and friends. 

           As my graduation approached, I prayed and believed God for an internship or full time job. God answered me on the very Sunday that our church held a graduate recognition service. Rebecca Daniel, daughter of a MTT missionary, told me about a missionary intern opportunity at MTT and asked me to check it out and apply. I was overwhelmed with joy at the news and knew immediately that God was leading me to serve HIM with my skills. So, I applied to serve as an intern at MTT, and today I am part of this big family of God.  At MTT, I am learning a lot both technically and spiritually.

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