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Technology can be a wonderful thing when it works the way we think it should. Many times we don’t understand it, we just know when it’s not working. We are encouraged that we have the know how to assist many Christian ministries with their technology dilemmas and demands to help further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The last several years TECH has worked on developing custom computer software. More recently mobile smart phone apps have blossomed as organizations see how effective they can be in their ministries. Many have limited personnel, so the ability to access information quickly through customized apps has been a tremendous help and has maximized the missionary’s time.

Our Missionary Support Team App is now available on the app store! This has been specifically developed with the missionary in mind to help track donors and their pledges. It gives the ability to carry your donor contact information with you at all times and access it by the tap of your finger. If you need a phone number or simply directions, the information is immediately available. You can track your financial or prayer support commitments by setting up specific groups. The app can be a tremendous help to new missionaries as they begin their support raising adventure. We are delighted to make this available. You can find it by visiting the Google Play or iPhone store.

When the phone rings in Computer Services, it’s usually because someone has a problem or a specific need. Our hearts desire is to serve God well in our generation. So when the phone rings, our goal is to focus on the end result of folks coming to know the Savior as we help untangle the problems. We often talk about keeping our eye on the fact that we have unique gifts and talents and that God has allowed us to get in on His work. We know the service we provide is having eternal impact on thousands of lives around the world.

Computer Services works with an organization called The Mail Box Club. They recently reported about their opportunity to do work in Egypt in 2015.
Here is part of that letter;

 “In just six months, these teachers (1,700) enrolled 36,750 children in the Explorers Club. By December, 2015, 32,890 children completed the 12-lesson course, a graduation rate of over 89%! That’s the good news. Now here’s the God news: Of those children enrolled in Explores Club, 12,680 came into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus”.

How do we express how overjoyed we are that TECH can have that kind of impact for our Savior!

Darryl C. Shafer from The Mail Box Club writes;

“The Mailbox Club has been forever blessed through our practical working relationship with MTT (Missionary TECH Team) and their Computer Services Department.  Twelve years ago it all began with the CMS (Contributions Management System) that has developed for a basic donor receipting program to a full featured contact management system.
    Based on our good experiences with CMS, we have commissioned MTT to build custom database packages for our Discipleship Center Student Tracking System; then a survey style web based information gathering program to collect annual statistical reports from all around the world; and also interactive online Bible lesson website for all our children’s Bible study courses.
    Each of these programs have greatly enhanced our ministry outreach capability and/or the efficiency of our efforts.  The Student Tracking System in particular has enabled us to manage and minister to a greater and growing student body with a minimum of ministry management and volunteer personnel.  All of these software packages have proven operationally reliable and error free in daily operation.  We praise the Lord and thank the fine programmers of MTT’s Computer Services Department.”

The Mail Box Club is just one of the many stories we could share from the variety of Churches and Christian Ministries we have the opportunity to serve. The Lord continues to bless our efforts, and we see a steady stream of project requests come our way. This summer we anticipate interns joining us again in Computer Services, and much work will be accomplished in custom software and mobile app development. As workers come and technology changes, we have specific needs for equipment. If you would like more information on our equipment needs, please feel free to contact us. If The Lord would lead you to invest in “eternal rewards” through Computer Services, we would be delighted. You can simply mail us a gift or contribute online at  

    Please pray that God would give us wisdom and grace as we serve a wide variety of ministries with very unique needs. We count it a privilege to serve our Great God in these days of opportunity. Thank you for your interest in Missionary TECH Team.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”. Matthew 5:16 (ESV) 

ithin the world of Christian ministry, it seems there is always dynamic tension between technological advances (equipment) and the impact it has on ministry (people)! The question is, “Does ministry drive technological advances for effective ministry, OR does technology drive decision making for ministry efficiency and effectiveness?”
    We have wrestled with that conundrum ever since TECH’s founding in August 1968. We almost lost a highly qualified missionary couple because we purchased an IBM Selectric typewriter. ‘After all a manual did the same job at far lower cost’. The idea of spending several hundred dollars on new equipment was considered over the top.             
    In 1977 TECH was one of the first ministries of any size to purchase an in-house computer. This was followed by a desk-top publishing computer for Graphic Services. CAD (Computer Aided Design software) was acquired a few years later when the price dropped below $100,000! Each of these steps required, in our minds at least, tremendous leaps of faith. But God honored those steps, enabling thousands of ministries and people to be served because we chose to walk in obedience to His guidance!
    In this issue of TECH Intercessor, we share with you some of the exciting things God is enabling us to accomplish through equipment and gifted people. Today we are blessed with quality equipment, furnishings and dedicated missionary staff.
    The challenge now is to have the right people in place to effectively use the tools God has given us. We urgently need the hands to use the tools so we can help others know Christ and make Him known! Thanks for your partnership in helping make this ministry possible through your prayers and finances.
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