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One of the great “by-products” provided by a service ministry such as Missionary TECH Team is the impact it has on those providing services. This is true whether the person is a full time TECH Missionary, Volunteer, TECH Reserve, Mission Intern or those who serve at the headquarters or on other projects for short periods of time.

The last issue of TECH Intercessor gave you insights into how TECH helps meet the housing needs of those who serve in each of the above categories. This summer’s TECH Intern program was again
another summer of multiple personal and spiritual benefits. It was a time of many blessings to those
students who served with us. And, you can be blessed as you read of the many and various impacts on the lives of three of Summer Interns who the Lord brought to minister with the Missionary TECH Team.

Likewise, because of the intensity and dedication of the Interns, the mentoring they received, and the godly purposes for assisting, you can be assured of the high-quality work received by those missions who were served. Coupled with those all-important factors, you can join with the TECH Missionaries in rejoicing and thanking the Lord for the many joys and blessings our staff received and enjoyed by having the Interns serving with us!

The following was written by three of this year’s Missionary TECH Team Summer Interns. Each expressed their personal overview of their Summer of Serving and what it meant to them. We trust it will be a blessing and encouragement for you when you read of their insights, evaluation, and the multiple benefits that resulted as a result of their choosing to serve as a Missionary TECH Team Mission Intern.
Interior Design
Abilene Christian University
I have been in college for the past 3 years majoring in architecture. In fact, I
attended Judson University in Elgin, Illinois last year. Unfortunately, I am not pursuing that major anymore, for interior design has now become a passion. I will start school on a new campus located in Abilene, Texas, called Abilene Christian University.

My interest of serving at TECH Team was caused by a divine mistake. Let me explain. A seminar entitled “Christ in Architecture” was held at Judson University’s chapel last spring. It began from 9AM-5PM. To me, that was the travel distance from the state of Pennsylvania to North Carolina by car – too long. Of course, I was only present from 9-12pm. At 4:47pm, I was heading to the cafeteria with some friends when suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit demanding me to “go in the chapel.” Within the same time, my friends were pressing to follow them to the cafeteria. After 5 minutes of internal conversation, I obeyed the Holy Spirit. I then went ahead and opened the chapel’s doors. At my great surprise, a lot of insane hand drawings were shown through a projector by Mr. Bob Schill.
During his presentation, he mentioned numerous countries where TECH Team has served and Cameroon happened to be one of them.

God used things that matter to me to attract me: sketches and Cameroon are very important in my life. I know great sketches when I see them – Mr. Schill’s drawings were great! In addition, I was raised in Cameroon. At the end of his presentation, Papa Schill asked me if I would be interested to serve at TECH Team and I did not hesitate- “It will be my pleasure, sir!” I replied. Obedience to the Holy Spirit has lead me to serve Christ at TECH with my gifts. Six weeks have gone so fast, unbelievable!

My faith grew at another level because of: the daily chapel, discussion of the Holy Scriptures, encouragement in my walk with Christ. Working on projects that were actually going to be built kept me motivated. God surrounded me by the like-minded and fearless Christians at TECH. Merci beaucoup et soyez continuellement bénis!
(Thank you so much and be continuously blessed!)
Electrical Engineering
LeTourneau University
My time at Missionary TECH Team has been a great experience as I move forward in my professional career, and continue to learn to dedicate my work and my life to Christ. The past couple of months have been really enjoyable here at TECH. I came to computer services for the summer to write android apps. I am a senior at LeTourneau University were I am studying electrical engineering. I found TECH through a LeTourneau Missions Emphasis Week event where students can talk with
various missions organizations.

During the summer I wrote three apps including the Contact Management System (CMS) app. Programming is slightly outside my area of study and writing apps was completely new to me. It was very nice to be given control of a project and then see people actually use the product.

I also did some work for Mechanical Services – the automobile program that provides vehicles to missionaries coming home for furlough or stateside ministry assignments. TECH is in need of a full-time mechanic but I was able and glad to provide some assistance in this area of ministry.
My favorite event of the summer was the Buckner Sporting Clays Challenge where the TECH team “saved some clays” and won a trophy (for having the most fun).

TECH created the signs for the event and they looked good. The hospitality at TECH is amazing and I enjoyed many delicious meals at various staff houses. Even though school is starting, I will still help TECH through Mechanical Services on a part-time basis and I will represent TECH at LeTourneau
University events.
Computer Science
Texas A & M University
Summer, over the past few years, has meant very little to me. By that, I refer to long days doing nothing, and wake up times well past noon. I had never done anything with my summers, and furthermore this physical and mental laziness often transposed itself onto my spiritual life. One may think that with so little to do, quiet times in the Word and daily prayers would be easy to accomplish, but that is definitely not the case.

So with that history, along with what I felt was a calling to use my technical gifts in God’s work, I began to be very interested in serving with Missionary TECH Team. And it was all I could have expected it to be. Instead of wasting days doing nothing, I got to enhance my technical skills, while providing custom software applications to service missions. Instead of feeling spiritually isolated, I was able to watch, learn from, and interact with men and women who have dedicated their lives to Christ, and continue to do so daily. Instead of letting my mind wander on a million worthless things, I was able to work in an environment that directs my mind towards God, and encourages me to grow individually through daily Chapel times.
Please pray for these three young people. Ask God to lead each one to His place of service and to sensitize each one to His leading as they invest their lives in His service as He so leads and guides.
“… for a wide door for effective service has opened to me, and
there are many adversaries.” 1Corinthians 16:9 (NASB)
“I’m so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do
this work. He went out on a limb, you know, in trusting me
with this ministry.” 1Timimothy 1:12 (The Message)

Current Personnel Needs

CAD Operators
(electrical, civil,
Auto Mechanic
Grounds Keeper
Graphic Design
Web Designers
Public Relations
Because you prayed…
• Extra help was provided in the Computer Services area in the development and refinement of several apps.
• Continued progress is being made in establishing relationships in academic institutions for recruiting of students and through the alumni associations.
• The safe arrival of baby Emogene to Patrick and Hannah Schnell.
• Glen Scott, retired, is now providing valuable assistance in several areas of ministry.
• Current prayer and financial ministry partners are encouraging their friends to join this vitally important group.
2. Joel Kreider – Interns returning to their academic pursuit is always bitter-sweet. My prayer is that we send them back into their lives away from TECH with a renewed and hopeful spirit, able to bring light and hope to their colleagues, and have a spiritual purpose to their work.

3. Matt & Molly Ackerman (Sam) – Please pray with us for Mission Carthage as construction work begins on their new Men’s Home. Pray for the men whose lives will be spiritually changed in this new facility.

4. Birne & Lynella Wiley – A six-week trip visiting ministry partners was a great encouragement! At the same time it made us aware of the need for additional partners to join us, personally and organizationally, in TECH’s vital outreach. The Lord seems to be indicating representation may become an increasing role for us.

5. Sister Ministries – World-wide conditions are presenting horrendous challenges to many of the ministries TECH is privileged to serve – health, political turmoil, financial upheaval are just a few of such challenges. Regular fervent prayer is urgently requested. It seems we are living in the last days AND we so want that time to count for eternity!

6. Dan & Renee Harding (Maria, Jonathan, Ruth, Bethany, Grace, Sarah, Philip, & Nathanael) – Pray for us as we travel to many Awana conferences this fall. We will be putting up a display about TECH both for services and for involvement in Missionary TECH Team. Pray for safety and good communications with people as we share about TECH.

7. Teri Comroe (Brenna) – We praise God that Dad came to a saving relationship in Christ and found peace in his final days: Ephesians 2:8-10 in the New Living Translation has been especially meaningful and encouraging to our family. We have seen God do wondrous things in hearts through this painful process. Praising God that He brings beauty out of ashes, joy out of pain, and life out of death as my Dad has been reborn through death into eternal life.

8. Computer Services – Over the summer Cameron and JD, two college interns, worked on four different smart phone apps for both android and iOS. Pray that as we wrap up testing on these apps and work at making them available, they will quickly be able to aid missions and missionaries in tracking needed information and communicating with contacts.

9. Bill & Joyce Daniels (Paul) – Intern, Steph Muwangi, spent time in July working on a satellite photo plan and site plan for International Community School in Kumasi, Ghana. Please pray that this work will save time in the future as we continue work on the project when I return from Ghana. Give thanks to the Lord for the contribution of our interns to the ministries we serve and the blessing they are to us
as we serve the Lord with them.

10. Tim & Kay Meadows (Alex) – We have had six recent inquiries for information and demo’s for our Contribution Management System. We have also had more requests for writing custom software for ministries. Please pray for one more person for Computer Services who could help with testing, installation and support of software.

11. Graphic Services – Pray for additional full-time staff. When one person leaves on an extended trip, scheduling projects becomes a challenge. We are asking the Lord to send a Graphic Designer and a Writer.

12. Glen & Annegret Scott – A new face at Tech Team. I (Glen) am a retiree helping in Administration, Computer Services and Mechanical Services. Pray that God would make me a willing and capable servant in all these areas.

13. James & Ruth Wood – We are consistently reminded that our purpose for being here is the
Gospel and to see souls saved. How exciting to pray for people to be saved and to be involved in projects that enable many to share the Good News! Pray with us that the excitement and joy continues to grow!

14. Facilities Planning – We have been thrilled to hear about construction progress now being made on two FP design projects. The He Sapa New Life Wesleyan Church in Rapid City, SD and the New Born Wesleyan Church in Newark, NJ have both recently started construction and are underway. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide the necessary resources and personnel to allow them to finish on schedule and then begin to use these new facilities to reach more people in these areas with the Good News.

15. Bob & Jan Schill – Please pray that the time spent this summer will help the Interns in their future lives as servants/believers. Pray that they gained rich experiences that will further them in their profession or business. Above all, pray that they were encouraged in their walk with God and grew in the understanding of His command to save others administering God’s grace in its various forms.

16. David & Nancy Leventry (Tim) – We recently finished some outdoor signage and banners for Buckner Children and Family Services branch. They provide adoption services for needful children and a retirement center for the elderly. May the Lord give them wisdom to deal with these special needs.

17. Patrick & Hannah Schnell (Emogene) – When I was a summer intern at TECH nine years ago, I worked on a project for Calvary Baptist Church in Ghana. We have continued our close relationship with our brothers and sisters there who are now using the building that TECH designed for them. Please pray for the ministry of the church to continue flourishing and that we may continue to provide them with excellent design for their facilities.

18. Israel – We are admonished to faithfully pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This tiny country faces insurmountable obstacles yet experiences God’s hand of protection in almost unbelievable ways. Let us intensify our prayers on behalf of those believers, that they will be faithful in sharing the love of Christ.

19. Ken & Katie Selden – Seven years ago our son was a roommate to a Haitian pastor at a conference. Eventually, that NJ pastor/ congregation became a MTT client/partner. Recently, construction began on the renovation of their existing facility…AND…our son has accepted the ‘call’ to serve as a long-term missionary to Haiti. How wondrously the Lord intertwines our lives to accomplish His will. Revelation 7:15 “Therefore they are before the throne of God, and serve him day
and night in his temple.”

20. Mechanical Services – All of our car fleet is being used by various missionaries. Additional vehicles are needed either by donation or through purchase. We are asking the Lord to send
us a full-time mechanic so we can see this area grow. We often receive requests that we are not able to fulfill.

21. Doug Shively – I’m thankful for each of the Interns we have had this year. It’s always a very big blessing to see how the staff blessed them and also how they blessed us. Let’s pray for our current interns as they move on to new and different things.

22. Opportunities to Serve – We have been fervently and faithfully praying that God would send six key people to serve with us full time: Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Graphic Artist, Writer, Computer Programmer, Auto Mechanic. Thanks for joining us in prayer for this need.

23. Camps – One of the most enjoyable times of the year for us at TECH is to get reports from the many camps we have served through the years relating to spiritual victories in the lives of the campers. In addition, the lives of the counselors, many who are still in their academic preparations, are greatly impacted for future service and ministry.

24. Randy & Connie Harris – As we share stories of how God uses our service areas to reach thousands for Christ, we are greatly encouraged. We recently focused on three projects. Through these three projects, more than 100,000 people received Christ in 2013. TECH served on 522 ministry projects in 2013. To God is the glory!

25. TECH Boards – Transitions affect virtually all people in one way or another. While the administrative leadership transition is moving along very well, we ask that you join us in praying concerning Board member transitions. New men come on and ones who have faithfully served for years rotate off. Join us in asking the Lord to help us identify those who can pick up the mantle and faithfully carry forward.

26. Gene & Maxine Williams – It is a blessing to see the results of our ministry of assisting ministries
implement suggestions related to developing adequate finances for the facilities TECH designs. Of even greater encouragement is to see the spiritual impact the God centered, Faith Based and Prayer Driven approach has on God’s people.

27. Recruiting and Representation – The Lord is opening doors for strategic relationships through alumni associations at several educational institutions. This seems to be conducive for both
volunteer service and full time ministry recruiting. Prayer is requested for safe travels, the right contacts and the ability to properly follow-up with those expressing an interest in service.

28. Les & Gina Brown – We have recently been developing a Long Range Facility Master Plan for Southern Bible Institute in Dallas, TX. The school administration is pursuing accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Pray that the Lord would guide them through this process, that they will soon be granted accreditation and be able to expand their ministry in the Dallas area.

29. Ebola Disease Impact – A number of ministries TECH has been privileged to serve through the years are being severely impacted due to this disease. Obviously, it affects the health but it is also very disruptive for travel, gatherings, etc., in ministry outreach by the missionaries and national believers.

30. Persecuted Christians – There is an almost unprecedented assault on Christians in most countries of the world. Even in our own USA there is increasing negativism against the Bible and believers. Pray that we will be fervent in upholding and encouraging one another for righteousness.

31. Housing for Interns – The last issue of TECH Intercessor gave opportunity for ministry partners to give a special gift to help cover the cost of housing. We praise God for the twelve individuals who gave $937.50 toward this need.
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