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We are excited to celebrate and unfold 50 years of His story through Missionary TECH Team.
Our newsletters for this year will
celebrate each decade of ....

issionary TECH Team continued to gain momentum as they transitioned into the 2010s. We began producing more mobile apps in Software Services. Graphic Services saw steady growth as we began to design, update, and maintain websites for like-minded ministries and mission organizations. As the world around us and technology advanced, our team remained steadfast and implemented creative, affordable solutions to keep up with the ever-changing demands. We began exploring different ways to communicate who we are and what we do, and we  watched God affirm our steps as we sought to make an impact for eternity!
When Birne had a heart attack in 1996, TECH’s Board of Trustees began prayerfully seeking his successor. Hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe are being impacted for eternity because of the work God is doing through Missionary TECH Team. TECH would not exist today had Birne Wiley not chosen to be a faithful steward of the vision God gave him as a child! Rather than listening to the noise of the crowd, he chose to listen to that still small voice.

The eternal impact he made through Missionary TECH Team is immeasurable. It’s impossible to put into words how God laid the foundation of this ministry through the passion, perseverance, and obedience of Birne Wiley.

We knew finding his successor wouldn’t be easy; and although we were unsure what the future held, we felt confident God still had a plan and purpose for our ministry! We didn’t know how or when this change would take place, but we trusted God’s timing and provision.

Randy and Connie Harris learned about Missionary TECH Team through National Home Missions Fellowship now known as Association of North American Missions (ANAM) in 1975. They were serving at a camp in northern Michigan and met Birne and his father, Mr. Wiley. Little did they know God was already preparing the way for their future service to TECH.
Randy had major knee reconstruction in 1977 and wasn’t able to walk normally for 6 months. During that time the doctors indicated that he needed to find less physical work or “something else to do in the church”. He and Connie had remembered the ministry of TECH, and the Lord led them to see if he had any skills that TECH needed. TECH was looking for an architectural draftsman. Randy had minimal experience, but TECH was willing to give on-the-job training. It was an opportunity to continue to serve the Lord full-time.

The position would be less physically demanding, and it would allow Randy to stay involved in ministry. So Randy and Connie joined Missionary TECH Team in 1980, and he began serving as a draftsman.

Randy’s responsibilities grew, and he started traveling with Mr. Wiley to both represent and speak on behalf of Missionary TECH Team. Little did we or Randy know God was purposefully and graciously equipping our future president. He was preparing Randy for what was to come. In 1984 the Lord opened up an opportunity for the Harris’ to be involved in Christian camping once again, and they moved back to northern Michigan. When they were in Michigan, they stayed connected with TECH.

In 1999 Randy had the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Board of TECH and then as a Trustee. Randy became Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 2006 and, together, they began earnestly seeking Birne’s successor. They looked ahead with anticipation, but found themselves wondering at times if they would ever find a new president. Despite the odds stacking up against them, the Board remained steadfast in their pursuit. They trusted and believed that God was at work behind the scenes, and that He already had Birne’s successor picked out.

The Board continued to pray and trust the Lord. The Lord began to answer their prayers and work through a variety of circumstances in the Harris’ lives to confirm His plans for their future ministry with Missionary TECH Team.  

On Nov. 1, 2015 (20 years later!), Randy Harris became Birne Wiley’s successor as President of Missionary TECH Team … a divinely organized, God- ordained transition!

What appeared to be a “No” from God throughout those years of searching for a new president was merely a … “Not just yet.”

Randy is focused on the mission of TECH—making an impact for eternity. He was (and is!) exactly what TECH needed.  Although this goes without saying, God has used TECH to make an ENORMOUS eternal impact! By coming alongside other like-minded ministries and organizations and providing both professional and affordable solutions, we are advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth TOGETHER!

We will be spending ETERNITY with individuals who have been impacted by the work God is doing through this ministry. This is what we’re championing! It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the individuals who will join us one day in meeting Jesus face to face.
Above: Board Members (Back Row L-R): Devin Cheek, Dan Cunningham, Ken Chin, Glenn Harris, Richard Hardin, Arnold Von Hagen, Bob Schill & Pete Ellision (Front Row L-R): Bill Stothower, Bill Crow, Kirk Reynolds, Randy Harris, Birne Wiley & Ray Tenpenny 
“Many ministry and mission organizations utilize 80% of their time on resources and only 20% of their time on actual ministry or evangelization efforts. It is our mission to change this trend to where 80% or more of the time used by ministries and missions around the world is for direct evangelization and ministry of the Gospel!”    
—  Birne Wiley, Founder
As we continue seeking to make an eternal impact and with much
prayer and consideration, we believe God is sending Missionary
TECH Team in a direction that will allow us to make an even greater impact on eternity!
Above: Randy Harris presents Birne and Lynella Wiley with a Gift at the TECH Transitions Ceremony.
Below: Photos from the TECH Transitions Open House
We hope you have enjoyed the past issues of Then & Now with trips down memory lane and the many success stories from our first 50 years. As Missionary TECH Team transitions into the next 50 years of ministry, things no doubt will look a little different. We believe our best is yet to come!  

The next Then & Now Issue will not be released until April when we plan to make a HUGE announcement about a change that will take place at Missionary TECH Team in June. You won’t want to miss it!

“We haven’t arrived, but everything we’re doing seems to confirm that we’re on the path God would have us be on as we think about serving in the future!”

Praying for a blessed new year ahead for all TECH staff, supporters, and prayer partners.  — Randy Harris, TECH President
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