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are delighted to share these numbers but also desire for you to see more about what they represent. We can glance at the numbers and simply move on to the next sentence, paragraph or end of the page. The reality is they reflect hours, days, or months of work as well as dozens of questions, phone calls, travel, and prayer.
When TECH receives an inquiry about a project, we know there has been a significant process prior to this contact. Perhaps their Board has met to think, pray, and ponder an idea and what it might look like. They may have done research and communicated to their church or constituency that they sense God is leading them in a certain direction. Questions surface like how are we going to get this done, how much will it cost, or where can we find help?

When TECH receives a project request, we know God will give us wisdom as we faithfully seek Him to direct our steps. We pray and also begin with questions as we strive to discern the goals and direction of our client’s project. We usually don’t hear them say “we want to do this in a way that is efficient and gives glory to God”. Like us, they assume this will happen. They trust us to serve them well, to produce a high quality product to help them carry out what God has called them to do, and to also stretch their financial resources. The project request may be a new facility or renovation of their current facility; it could be a prayer card, display or web page design; sometimes it’s specialized computer software or a new mobile app; or maybe their missionary needs to lease a reliable vehicle while in the states on home assignment. One of the first questions is “how much”? We also offer fund coaching services that will guide them to pursue additional funding in a way that honors God.

At TECH we often say, “our focus needs to be on the fact that lives are being transformed by the facilities we design, the images we use to help communicate, the computer code we write, the vehicles we lease, or the fund coaching we do”. Our passion is to serve each other well which allows us to serve the organizations that contact us, and enables them to serve the people that God has called them to minister to. We firmly believe if we can accomplish this process, God will be glorified and men will be pleased.

This is easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do as obstacles lurk around the corner of each conversation or decision made. That is why we pray often and ask you to pray with us that throughout the process our eyes would be fixed on The Savior. We recognize that our struggle is not against “flesh and blood”, but we are in a spiritual battle with an adversary that would like to disrupt and destroy our work and the Lord’s plans. God continues to pour out His blessing on us with an increased project load. The need for TECH’s services is evidenced daily by the many requests we receive.

If you followed our TECH Intercessor communications closely in 2015, you noticed that we focused our attention on the staff who have had major impact in TECH’s history throughout the years as volunteer laborers. We have strategically communicated our need for additional staff. That request is very real. We continue to recruit heavily on college campuses. TECH was represented at the Urbana 2015 conference where thousands came to seek opportunities to serve in missions. We are not able to provide adequate services in a timely manner for some of the requests we receive.  Simply put, we urgently desire additional staff in all areas of our ministry. If you have technical skills and feel called to use your gift for eternal purposes, we would be delighted to talk with you. Or perhaps you know of someone to share this need with. God’s hand is moving in a mighty way across the globe in these last days. The harvest is still plentiful and the laborers are still few.

The next time you quickly read over year end reports, remember the many long hours of seeking God’s direction that goes into just one number. If you want to personally experience the fantastic and rewarding adventure of serving God through your technical skills, please contact us.  

andy shared how the Lord significantly used TECH in 2015 on a wide variety of projects in numerous geographic places. Each of our five areas of ministry provided immensely needed professional assistance resulting in greatly enhanced ministry by those we served.
    We are deeply honored, but humbled, that our loving Father continues to use TECH to affect His work worldwide! Please know that your prayer and financial participation is vital to that accomplishment.
    I am delighted to say that we see no reason for the quantity, quality or extent of our project involvement worldwide to lessen in 2016. That is possible in a very significant measure because of your involvement through prayer, finances and sharing of this ministry with your friends.
    I urge you to continue joining us in prayer asking our loving Father for wisdom, discernment, mental, physical and spiritual strength to address each of the opportunities presented this year.
    Together lets make 2016 the best yet, both personally and corporately, in our walk and service
for Christ.
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