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We are excited to celebrate and unfold 50 years of His story through Missionary TECH Team.
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s we entered the 2000’s, our team at Missionary TECH was reminded, once again, that we serve a creative God whose resources are unlimited! Our missionary staff saw an increase in numbers as well as projects. We watched God expand our services in ways beyond our comprehension! He presented us with a handful of unique opportunities to come alongside churches and mission organizations and serve them in ways that allowed us to make an even bigger impact for eternity!  We were encouraged to press on and continue doing what God had called us to do, both as individuals and as a mission organization.
Ministry Development Services launched in June 2002. It was created for the sole purpose of providing like-minded organizations and churches with the tools necessary to articulate the vision God had given them to potential supporters, set monetary goals, and raise capital funds.
It’s not uncommon to ask, “Now what?” after being called to plant a church or start a mission organization. Raising the funds necessary to pursue a vision given by God often feels like a daunting task especially for the inexperienced.

The Management DVD we offer clients is filled with practical and proven financial principles that are God-centered, faith-based, and prayer-driven. This has helped numerous organizations establish Capital Campaign strategies  to enhance their ministry and advance God’s Kingdom here on earth!

We are thankful to play a small part in the bigger story God is writing for His glory, by providing this resource to churches and ministries in need of financial assistance!
Raising funds is a life-changing experience and matchless opportunity to trust in God’s timing, wait for His provision,and rest in His faithfulness. Not only does it deepen our trust in the vision God has given us, but it provides others with the opportunity to invest in our ministry and come together as the Body of Christ for eternal purposes.
In addition to Ministry Development, TECH also saw Computer Services gain momentum in the 2000’s as we began providing external services on a consistent basis!

Prior to 2002, the primary responsibility of those serving in Computer Services was to order, install, and maintain computers and networks at TECH. They also helped meet the IT needs of a few local churches where staff members attended. After being asked to write software for a ministry looking to keep track of their personnel, we began to see a growing need for management software. Although the program was never extensively used by other missions, this project set the stage for how TECH would later begin serving ministries on a regular basis.

As time went by, we were approached by two brothers who were willing to give TECH the Contribution Management Software (CMS) if we agreed to support 8-10 ministries utilizing it. Having rewritten the software in 2004 and then again 2007, our software team realized the second rewrite would drastically change the way organizations across the globe communicate with their donors and prayer partners, keep track of online Bible lessons, update camp registrations, and raise ministry funds.

“It’s a joy to work with TECH. [They] are, I think, what [they] intend to be…and that’s a service to ministry…a service beyond anything in the world has to offer. There’s a spiritual quality to [our] relationship. We’re [all] here to serve God—we’re doing work for the Lord. Sure, getting Bible lessons is our thing. [TECH’s] thing is making sure we can do it as quickly and as easily as possible with the few non-tech people we’ve got.”
— Darryl Shaffer

The Mailbox Club is just one (of many!) mission organizations who have benefited from our services. Their mission is to win the children and young people of the world to Christ and help nurture them into spiritual maturity through Bible courses and into local churches. In short, they provide Bible correspondence lessons via mail.

Darryl Shaffer, The Mailbox Club’s Technical Coordinator, heard about TECH through the Association of North American Missions (ANAM) where he met TECH’s Founder, Birne Wiley. In 2008, the software package they were using at the time was transferred to TECH. Our software team rewrote the database software to meet the specific needs they had, and Mailbox Club has been using our services ever since.

Because of TECH’s software, The Mailbox Club can conveniently write receipts, maintain their mailing list, receive new student requests, print barcoded labels mailing labels, receive and grade lesson plans, print certificates, request for a group to translate a course into a new language, and gather statistics from partners using their lessons around the world.

The Mailbox Club has discipled more than 3,800,000 children (in 80 countries!) in the name of Jesus Christ, and God has graciously allowed Missionary TECH Team to play a significant role in that.

This is just one of the many organizations TECH has come alongside throughout the years! We are extremely thankful for the partnerships we’ve made in the past and look forward to the partnerships God will divinely arrange for us in the future!

As we saw advancements in technology, TECH continued to stay updated with the most efficient and effective way for churches and mission organizations to upkeep important information. In addition to desktop management software, we also developed smartphone apps so users could both access and manage information at the push of a button regardless of their location.

Each app was developed with the missionary in mind, and our software team continues to make improvements to ensure users are able to keep up with the information that directly effects the progress they’re making on their journey in the most convenient way possible.

In order to meet the various needs of missionaries across the world, our team has written apps for internet radio, tracking evangelism contacts, submitting/ updating maintenance requests, as well as management of a Missionaries Support Team (MST). We have also written companion apps for the CMS, CAMP, and MasterClubs online databases. These apps are available on both iTunes and Google Play.

By minimizing the work needed to manage projects, individuals and mission organizations utilizing our customized desktop software packages and smartphone apps now have the freedom and flexibility to spend the majority of their time spreading the Gospel and doing what God has called them to do!

Today, thanks to a few individuals who believe in the work we are doing at Missionary TECH Team,

we now offer to churches and mission organizations around the globe. This tool allows ministries and churches to be strategic with time management while serving God’s purpose so servant leaders can enhance the overall experience of those directly involved with their ministry and continue growing their organizations and making a difference for eternity.

Computer Services is now referred to as Software Services. This occurred as a direct result of the growth we’ve experienced in regards to the number of resources we are able to provide. Although our team members continue to provide support within the walls of Missionary TECH, they now spend the majority of their time helping churches and mission organizations across the globe through both desktop and smartphone app software solutions.

What began as an internal approach to software solutions has become, by God’s grace, an international approach! God is using Missionary TECH Team to assist churches and mission organizations across the globe as they carry out the Great Commission and preach the Gospel to every nation!
uch like the Body of Christ, Missionary TECH Team is made up of several departments. Although our service areas do not have the same function and, although our staff members and volunteers have different gifts and skill-sets, they are all being used for a single purpose—to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ!

We are grateful every single day for the opportunity we have to serve at Missionary TECH! God continues to be on the move at Missionary TECH, and it’s important to note that we couldn’t do what we do without you, our financial supporters. You actively contribute to our mission! As we continue to come alongside ministry organizations to assist with their needs, we ask that you continue to come alongside Missionary TECH Team to assist with ours!

It is our desire to be good stewards of the finances entrusted to us, and we simply hope to use what God has given us to serve His agenda rather than our own. Every donation we receive goes directly back into this ministry so we can continue the work God has called us to do! May God bless you for your generosity.
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