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God has richly blessed MissionaryTECH Team in being able for 40+ years to provide five major areas of service to like-minded ministries located around the world: Computer, Facilities Planning, Graphic, Mechanical, and Ministry Development services. 

In this issue of our TECH Intercessor we feature the area that most directly interfaces with the individual missionary – Mechanical Services – the auto lease program for missionaries coming home for furlough.

Unfortunately, we have to make some vitally important decisions before the end of the year. For four years we have limped along by not having dedicated clerical or auto mechanic help on a full-time basis. The time has come where we must make a decision as to whether we discontinue the program or see God provide reliable and consistent clerical and mechanical help. The following story gives insight into the need for this service: 

David Leak, a missionary to Thailand, came home after one term to recover from burnout. While still recovering during his first six months, he found the Missionary TECH Team vehicle-leasing program while doing a search on the Internet and called about leasing a car. 

“There were no cars available but TECH did have a van. Tim commented he would give me the van at the normal car rate. His soft-spoken tone was a witness for Christ.  A month elapsed but my decision-making problems persisted. I decided to send Tim an e-mail, thinking the van will be gone, just gone.  In the note I got back Tim said, ‘I still got it.’  Therefore, I arranged to go to Longview and get it. My brother picked me up in Dallas and took me to Longview to get the van.

      “In nineteen months, I drove 62,000 miles going to churches raising my support team.  The van worked wonderful for me.  Things were always cared for immediately whenever I contacted TECH for some small problems I had.  It worked out perfect anywhere I took it.

       “I would absolutely use TECH again.  Tim took me for a tour of the facility the first time I was there, and took my missions pastor and an engineer who came with me the next time I came through.

    “Thank you TECH Team for everything.  Lord willing, once I am settled, my expenses are nailed down and my budget set, I am going to support you guys.  It is a blessing for me, indeed a privilege.”

David goes back to Thailand for about one year of language school before going to the Northeast region to plant scriptural New Testament, indigenous churches. He ended his interview by saying, “Thank you all, thank you Lord. I am so grateful.

The following statistics regarding the need for vehicles are approximate as gleaned from various sources, and are considered reliable and conservative.

The following testimony of Tim Meadows, who for four years has graciously carried the major administrative load of Mechanical Services, points out the daunting dilemma facing us today.

“I started helping in the lease program when we had a staff change. I remember Birne and James talking about the lease program and not being sure what TECH would do, or if we would even be able to keep it going.  While each of the ministry areas of TECH have great value to the churches and missions we serve, I felt then as I do now, the vehicle leasing program is the one ministry that touches the individual missionary the most. Therefore, I volunteered to coordinate the ministry in addition to my responsibilities as Manager, Computer Services.

“Over these four years, various missionaries and events readily come to mind.  It has been such a blessing to greet people at the airport, or drop them off at Greyhound or Amtrak stations.  One of the first families told me, ‘we will be easy to identify, we’ll be the 5 people with all the orange suitcases.’ Another coming to mind is the family that was withdrawn from Liberia because of Ebola. They came stateside not having any idea how long they would be here. Then there is the single woman who was supposed to have a car this coming summer for 9 weeks or so.  When I got a call from her last September asking, ‘Is there any way I can have a car sooner and a lot longer?’ She needed the extended usage due to treatment needed for cancer.  It has been such a blessing and a privilege to be one of the first people they see when getting home, and be the last one to pray with them as they leave!

“Now it is time I must give this up as I am overwhelmed with work in Computer Services. Nevertheless, I kept encountering a tension - there is a pull between really enjoying the process of assisting the missionaries with such a practical need, and realizing that my “primary” ministry needs to be my full focus now.”

Our prayer is that you sense the urgent need! Please join us in asking our loving Heavenly Father to help us identify that person, or persons, who can fill this critical need. We find it most difficult to believe that God would have us discontinue the program. Thank you for fervently joining us in praying and sharing the need with those within your circle of contacts that may be able to consider helping such a vitally needed service continue!

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