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Universities are marketplaces of ideas and change - many major political and social movements have originated on the college campus. At a time when the academic community and other forces are making sustained efforts to delegitimize Israel Pro-Israel advocacy is a particularly challenging task in today’s college and university campus environment. In addition, the great majority of students (including many Jews) are disinterested, feeling no personal connection to or stake in Israel’s future.

Hollywood celebrity, Michael Douglas and former Soviet dissident, Natan Sharasnky (Chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel) a true champion and fighter for Israel, recently appeared on three leading American university campuses to speak with students about anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel.  

We echo the sentiments expressed by Sharansky as he advocated for the students to embrace and be proud of their Jewish identity, telling them “First of all, always remember from where you came. If you want to make the world a better place, you have to be strongly connected to your roots and your identity. This is your source of power to change the world.”
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Israel and South African Apartheid

In the run up to the anti-Israel hate fest, Israel Apartheid Week, which makes its way across university campuses around the world during March please watch and share this amazing video which exposes the Israel apartheid lie.

WIZO honors committment

WIZOuk's Commitment Awards, in its second year, recognizes individuals in six different categories who address the needs of others through social activism. As a prize the award winners are taken on a tour of Israel, giving them a look at the country through the lens of WIZO - a 95-year old women’s movement founded on values of Zionism, volunteerism and social betterment. Read more...

Knowledge on Israel is power

In an interview with the Times of Israel, US Jewish communal leader Malcolm Hoenlein raised a warning about “Israel illiteracy” rife among young US Jews. He said that Birthright alone can’t steel Jewish youth for the battle against anti-Antisemitism on American campuses. A study conducted by researchers at Brandeis, the Israel Literacy Measurement Project, found that over half of Birthright Israel applicants polled do not have “the requisite knowledge to participate in productive conversations about Israel.”  Read more... 

Remembering the heroism of Natan Sharansky

February 11, 2016, marked the 30th anniversary of Natan Sharansky’s (Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel) release from the Soviet Gulag. It was one of the great moments of recent Jewish history. The struggle was led by Natan’s wife Avital, who inspired millions of people around the world to raise a voice of moral conscience on behalf of Natan and all of Soviet Jewry. Sharansky's irrepressible spirit is a reminder that freedom itself is irrepressible, and can arise again even after long decades of dictatorship. Read a moving tribute by his daughter, Rachel Sharansky Danziger.

Trip to Israel is star gift in Oscar's goody bag

Each year, select Oscar nominees are offered a "swag bag" worth tens of thousands of dollars with gifts including items ranging from lifetime supplies of high-end cosmetics and sessions with a private trainer to luxury holiday packages.One of the items this year is a 10-day trip to Israel for two - valued at $55,000. It is this trip to Israel that has caused a storm of publicity. Read more...

Oldest Hebrew bible recognised as world treasure

Sixty years after it was secretly smuggled into Israel from Syria, the Aleppo Codex – purportedly the oldest and most authoritative copy of the Hebrew Bible in existence – has been recognized as a unique treasure and will be included in the International Memory of the World Register, compiled by the UNESCO. This registry of 300 items and collections, located around the world, includes cultural treasures that have contributed to human development. Read more...
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