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Dear Friends,

"We are a light unto the nations." (Isaiah 42:6)

According to Jewish tradition and the Talmud, Shavuot which will be celebrated this year on Saturday evening, May 23 marks the connection between the Jewish people receiving the Torah and Tikkun Olamthe ethical imperative to repair the world and help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether Jewish or non-Jewish.

It is worth noting that Israel, less than 1% of the world's population contributed more than 30% of the international medical staff rescue team in earthquake-struck Nepal. This is Tikkun Olam at its best. This relief effort has shown the world the true face of Israel , a small country with a big heart, a country that that loves life and saves life.

Wishing you all a Chag Shavuot Sameach.
With warm regards,

Janine Gelley 
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division.
World WIZO.
A Sky Above Jerusalem
"Jerusalem is the beating, living heart of the Jewish people". On May 17 we celebrate Jerusalem Day. Take a virtual trip and experience the magic of this eternal city. 
Listen to this truly inspirational interview with Rolene Marks, Deputy Chairperson World WIZO Organization and Tourism Division at the 5th Global Forum for Combatting Antisemitism in Jerusalem. 

Kfar Aza visit to WIZO projects is an eye opener

During Operation Protective Edge residents fleeing their homes in Kfar Aza were hosted at WIZO Nir Ha'emek Youth Village in Afula where they received shelter and a warm home. The special bond that was formed between WIZO and Kfar Aza during this trying time continues still today. Eager to experience  firsthand what WIZO is all about a group of Kfar Aza residents visited three very different WIZO projects and were amazed at the scope of WIZO's work. Read more...

YWIZO Israel tour 2015 

Another successful Young WIZO Israel tour wrapped up! YW (Young WIZO) is the social network of WIZOUK and is geared towards students & professionals aged 21 -35yrs. The Israel trip aims to give these Young Professionals who are passionate about Israel and have demonstrated a commitment to working with charities and organizing social events the opportunity to network and meet new people, learn about themselves and see first-hand a snippet of the projects sponsored by WIZOUK , which are changing lives every day. Read more...

Global anti-Semitism continues to escalate

The 5th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, hosted by the Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs convened in Jerusalem this week. This forum presented an opportunity to gather data; to hear from some of the world’s foremost experts on anti-Semitism and to discuss what governments, civil society and Jewish communities can do to confront the problem. Awareness of the problem goes a long way to help countries respond more effectively to anti-Semitism and bigotry. Read more...

Living Tikkun Olam in Nepal

Israeli and Jewish groups have been on the frontline of Nepal earthquake relief efforts. The Jerusalem-based NGO, Tevel b’Tzedek, Hebrew for "the earth, in justice," has been been connecting young Israelis with Nepal for the past 8 years. Their goal is to help Nepali villagers enter the modern world without losing their sense of community and traditions. The highest level of charity, according to Maimonides, is to help someone become self-sufficient, and that’s how Tevel works.  Read more...

Dairy does it on Shavuot

Eating dairy on Shavuot doesn’t come from a commandment in the Torah. Some say the tradition evolved because Shavuot commemorates the time when the Jewish people received the Torah, and the Torah is compared to “milk and honey” in Song of Songs, and the Torah also refers to Israel as a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Along similar lines, tradition relates that when the Jews received the Torah at Mount Sinai—the event Shavuot commemorates—they also received the laws of kashrut and suddenly found themselves with no kosher meat, so they ate dairy food in celebration instead  We share with you some delicious WIZO recipes.
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