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Dear Friends,

Welcome into the new year. 

The beginning of every new year provides us with a few moments to deeply reflect on the previous year and on the many accomplishments we have achieved together, but also gives us meaningful time to plan an even more extraordinary year to come. 

In two weeks we are hosting the Meeting of Representatives (MOR) at World WIZO in Israel to signal in the new year and decide together how to make the most of the coming year to advance our WIZO mission and help as many children, youth and women in Israel who need us.

We are looking forward to meeting all the WIZO Presidents and the delegations that will be joining us at this event. 

With warm WIZO regards, and a Happy New Year!  

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization, Tourism and Aviv Division 
World WIZO

New Beginnings 

There are those beginnings imposed by the calendar, and there are those beginnings we create ourselves. The beginnings that we are in control of and responsible for are the ones that truly have an effect in changing the world for the better. WIZO adheres to this thinking and strives to create new beginnings for those in need by means of our various projects throughout Israeli society. According to the ideals of Theodor Herzl, WIZO is contributing to positioning Israel as a model society for other countries to admire and live up to. Read more... 

First Female Haredi Judge Sworn in by US court 

December 22, 2016 was the first day in history, when a Hasidic woman was sworn into elected public office in the US as a Civil Court Judge in New York State. It was certainly also the first time "God Bless America" was sung in Yiddish, especially in a US Court. Besides Rachel Freier's impressive legal background, she is also a mother of six. Furthermore, she established the charitable organization "Ezrat Nashim," which helps women, providing CPR training, medical care, and aiding women during and immediately after childbirth. Read more...

Serving Faithfully: US Religious Girls in the IDF

Religious girls enlisting in the IDF has always been a controversial topic, since many of them go against the norm in the communities where they are from. Moreover, young religious women making Aliyah in order to serve in the IDF has met no less resistance. These girls face criticism from the community where they grew up, and from religious communities in Israel. Nevertheless, an increasing number of religious girls are making Aliyah in order to defend Israel by serving in the IDF, and we are immensely proud of their brave decision. Read more...

First Global Research and Treatment Center for Child Abuse Opens in Jerusalem

Once again, Israel is at the forefront of scientific advancement, this time in the field of children's well-being. The first ever global center combining research and treatment of child abuse opened at Hebrew University in Jerusalem this week. The multi-disciplinary Haruv Children's Campus provides a holistic child-centered approach to treating, studying and addressing the world wide problem of child abuse. According to the WHO, every 4th child worldwide is a victim of child abuse, and Israel is leading the combat against it. Read more...
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Chairperson: Janine Gelley
Editor: Dina Lewinsky 
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