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Dear Friends, 

Pesach is right around the corner, and we would like to wish you all a very chag sameach (happy holiday) celebrated with the people you care about.

Pesach is a very special holiday because of all the rituals and dietary restrictions, which raises many questions about the past as well as the present and future. Pesach is an opportunity to learn and think about life's big questions and challenges, and how to pursue Tikun Olam. 

The noted learning theorist, John Dewey said that people learn best when they are actively engaged in experiencing an idea or an event rather than passive observers to it. The Pesach Seder is experiential learning at its best, promoting active participation and inquiry from its participants. We at WIZO echo this sentiment, believing that for our visitors wishing to learn about WIZO's important work, every WIZO project presents its own unique learning experience and an entry point to engage and connect with the people of Israel. 

With warm WIZO regards,  

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization, Tourism and Aviv Division 
World WIZO
For all of you who need a small reminder of the Pesach story, the Maccabeats are singing it for you in this video. 
Happy Pesach from Janine, Dalia, Raquel, Lisa and Dina 

Israeli youth teaching Syrian refugee kids in Greece

In true Passover spirit, Israeli youth is helping vulnerable Syrian refugee children in Greece, ensuring their educational development despite the humanitarian crisis they are living in. The Israeli delegation is comprised of both the Jewish youth movement Hashomer Hatzair and the Arab Israeli youth movement Ajyal. Together, they set up a community center in a refugee camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos. The goal with this joint voluntary mission is for the community center to function as a school in the morning hours, where the Israeli volunteers will teach the refugee children math, Arabic, English and other general subjects. The facility will also serve as a center for informal activities in the afternoon. Read more...
Photo: DFIF UK Department for International Development  

Israel to the rescue – this time in Peru  

Yet another example of how Israel is assisting around the world when emergency strikes can be found in Peru, where the IsraAID emergency teams have deployed support at affected communities following the recent floods and mudslides. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and over 100 people have died so far. The Israeli teams are helping with access to basic necessities such as food, clean water and hygiene kits. IsraAID is also conducting trauma prevention training for teachers and other community stakeholders in order to ensure the resilience of the population in this critical time. The work of Israeli emergency teams shows the strength of Jewish compassion and empathy, enabled by Israeli technology and innovation.  Read more...

Jews in the diaspora are increasingly feeling disconnected to the State of Israel

The Reut Institute in Israel has published a report focusing on the relationship between diaspora Jews in North America and Israel, investigating the effects of the Israeli government's strong support for the Trump administration, Israeli domestic politics and the unresolved conflict with the Palestinians. According to the findings, Israel will need to take strong action to change an outdated approach relating to the diaspora in order to secure its status as the national home for the Jewish people.  Specifically, the Reut Institute points out that "Israel as the nation state for the Jewish people is taken for granted, but the reality has changed in the last few years" (Naama Klar, Managing Director of the Reut Institute). The pressing issue is therefore how modern-day Israel can fulfill its role as the national home of the Jewish people. Read more...

Zikaron BaSalon  

Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) is approaching, and likewise is the opportunity to become a host or to participate in a salon of Zikaron Basalon. Anyone can host Zikaron Basalon, so it can be created in every city where someone or a group of people organize it. The team behind Zikaron BaSalon will assist and support you when planning to host a salon, and the timing of registration is therefore crucial in order to best support the many hosts as they prepare their events. If you are seeking to participate, you can check the list of events around the world. Please follow this link to sign up and learn more.  
"Girl" vs. “Woman": Why Language Matters
"We need to stop calling women girls! It matters what we call people" says Mayim Bialik, famous Hollywood actress, scientist, Zionist and active feminist about this widespread phenomenon. Mayim gives suggestions of how to avoid this seemingly innocent, but truly harmful and demeaning habit. 
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