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This week we have found some different articles that we thought might be interesting for you to read and learn more about. You will find questions about feminism and Zionism and their compatibility being raised, the success story of an Israeli pre-school educational program, as well as exciting and innovative initiatives in Israel to employ women from all sectors of society. 

We have also included the World WIZO Passover Food Campaign, aiming to give those children in Israel living in poverty an enjoyable Seder table and meal.  

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Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization, Tourism and Aviv Division 
World WIZO
The WIZO Passover Food Campaign seeks to raise funds to feed thousands of hungry children in Israel this coming Passover (and after), giving them an enjoyable Seder. To read more about the campaign click here. 

Please share this video to help raise money for this important cause. You can follow this link to donate to the campaign. The video can be also be viewed in Spanish and French

According to actress Mayim Bialik, feminism and Zionism go hand in hand

After harsh criticism by a Palestinian-American activist saying that feminism and Zionism are contradictory and cannot co-exist, Bialik fired back, explaining why the concepts of feminism and Zionism do not conflict each other. She explains that they do not contradict, since they are separate concepts that define two distinct struggles and purposes. One does not have to choose between being feminist or a Zionist. Rather, when feminism and Zionism go hand in hand, a greater political outcome can be achieved. It is a serious problem when liberal feminist Jewish women around the world are being targeted and driven out of progressive movements. Read more... 

Israeli early-learning program is being implemented all over the world, helping thousands of children around the world prepare for school 

The Israeli developed early-learning program HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents and Preschool Youngsters) is being used by over 20,000 families in countries like Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Liberia, New Zeeland, South Korea and the US. HIPPY is particularly advantageous for children living in poverty with language deficits and limited education. Research has shown that children who participated in the program at age 2-5 appear to have benefited in their long-term scholastic achievements. Read more...

Women and Tales in Jerusalem: A business opportunity for women in the Jewish ultra-Orthodox and Arab villages around Jerusalem

The project encourages women to use their homes to create a unique experience for tourists by showcasing their daily life and culture. Every village and every woman's home offers something different, such as sitting on wooden benches in a Byzantine-era home, making traditional Kurdish food, or making baskets and weavings. The project started with 20 women, and today there are almost 60 women participating. Many of the participants have focused the activities for the tourists on women's role and responsibilities in their respective culture.  Most of the women involved have never worked before or are retired, so this is a great way to for them to take part in the workforce, enhancing self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. Read more...
Photo: Madison Dudley/The Media Line

An exciting opportunity for religious moms to enter the Israeli high-tech industry

Ultra-Orthodox women are entering the fast growing high-tech industry in Israel, taking their place in the start-up nation. The ultra-Orthodox woman, Sari Roth, co-founded a multi-channel platform for customer-to-business communication in 2015, and today the company has a broad base of international clientele. Her husband is a Talmudic scholar, and she has no former business experience. Similar to her situation, in many Haredi families in Israel, the woman is the main breadwinner, since the husband spends his time studying. Sari's company employs Haredi women and finds creative ways to accommodate religious considerations. Many Haredi women are now learning software and programming skills through post-high school religious seminaries, so they can enter companies like Sari's and become professionals in the field, while working in a place that respect their religious values. Read more...
Photo: Adam Jones

Zikaron BaSalon  

Now it is open to register as a host or to participate in a salon of Zikaron Basalon this coming Holocaust Memorial Day. Anyone can host Zikaron Basalon, so it can be created in every city where someone or a group of people organize it. If you are seeking to participate, you can check the list of events around the world. Please follow this link to sign up and learn more.  
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