Important M.U.D.D Announcement 

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We are currently not taking any more names for the unofficial M.U.D.D Auto List. The demand for our Deadlock design is just too high, so we've decided to take a step back from making more M.U.D.D knives in 2019. Instead, we will be shifting our focus to Deadlocks for the remainder of the year. We do plan on making more in the future, but it won't be until at least 2020. 

You'll receive all future updates via this newsletter. 

If you are already on the list, you will remain on the list. We will notify you when we will be making more, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase them first, before we post them for sale publicly. 

We appreciate your interest & support!

We also hope to revisit the manual M.U.D.D's at some point, but with the current demand of the Deadlock we do not know what the time frame on this would be. Any news and announcements for the manual M.U.D.D will be made here as well.
Newsletter Lists
We have been seeing a lot of new subscribers recently, and have received some questions about our newsletters and how it all works. We wanted to take a moment and welcome all of our newcomers and provide info on how you can purchase a knife, what lists we have available, and the different ways we utilize them. 
If you are interested in one of the following designs SPECIFICALLY, then please subscribe to that specific list. We don't have a set schedule with newsletters. 

We have had a lot of people say they aren't receiving them. Please add us to your address book/ contact list to help ensure you receive future emails from us!
Hawk Knives Main List 
If you are interested in general news & announcements, or any knife design of ours that doesn't have it's own individual list- SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ONE. It's our main hub of information.
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Deadlock OTF List

If you are interested in purchasing a Deadlock, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST. All Deadlock related sales, announcements & new orders are taken here. 

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We are so excited about the amazing interest we have in our Deadlock OTF. Over the last year we have worked hard to switch gears from a R&D shop, to a production shop. We have hired employees, purchased new CNC machines, and are working around the clock to be able to meet demand (for real, Gavin works 7 days a week, usually at least 10 hours a day. Grateful we can work together- or I'd never see him!)

Once in a while we have after-market OTF's come back to us to be sold, we always inspect them and make sure they are up to our standards before posting for sale. These are sold for full price & immediate availability. 

All Deadlock specific news and announcements are sent here first before posted anywhere else.
Orbit List

If you are interested in the Orbit, our collaboration with Serge Panchenko, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST. At the moment we do not have any in production, but you'll be notified when we do by subscribing here. 
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Beetle List

If you are interested in the Beetle, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST. We will post any after market sales as well as new updates & announcements here.
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If you currently own a Beetle and the silicon rubber bungee has stretched out, please reply to this email and let me know. We will send a replacement bungee to you. 
Want to Sell Your G&G Hawk Knife?

Selling Service 

We get a lot of emails from customers who are looking for our designs, and I also receive emails from customers who are looking to sell their knives. Due to this, we offer a service of selling after market G&G Hawk knives. Each knife is sent back to us, and tested, and in some cases given a spa treatment.

This service is 10% of the selling price, which is calculated after shipping and PayPal fees have been subtracted. Spa treatments vary in price.

Each knife is inspected by Gavin, and ships directly from us.

* If it the knife being sold is a Deadlock, M.U.D.D, Orbit or Beetle it will be posted for sale first in that specific newsletter first. If it is anything else, such as a Tangent, DOG or ET, etc it will be posted for sale in the Hawk Knives Newsletter.

I Want to Sell
Let's Get it Fixed

If you have a G&G Hawk knife that needs fixed (no matter how old it is) we will happily do so. There isn't much that will void our warranty. If it's a mechanical issue, the fix is free. If something happened by fault of your own, and depending on how extensive the fix is, we'll still fix it for a small fee. We establish cost after receiving the knife and inspecting it. These knives become first priority when they come in, turnaround is usually 3-4 days*.

Please send us an email and discuss what your situation is before sending in the knife. 

* If sent in before a knife show, turnaround may be delayed.
My Knife Needs Fixed
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