Dear Friends:

I have done my best not to bombard you with fundraising emails this election cycle, but I really need your help right now. With only seven days left before Election Day, I hope to send out one last mailer to voters reminding them to vote for me. There are about 40,000 registered voters in District 4 and as you can imagine, the cost of printing and postage to mail to just a fraction of them costs a significant amount money. If you haven't already contributed $600, please give what you can up to the $600 limit. 

This final mailer will be important to help voters understand what's at stake in this election.

This past May 24th, a representative from Google Fiber came to make a presentation before the San Jose City Council. As you may know, Google Fiber is an internet service that provides connection speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second. This service is currently only available in five cities across America, and every major city, including San Jose, has been vying to become the next Google Fiber city. 

Given time to question the Google Fiber representative, this is what my opponent, Councilman Manh Nguyen, asked:
  • "How competitive is your company compared to internet companies like Comcast and AT&T?"
  • "Is Google Fiber cheaper than Comcast and AT&T?"
  • "How cheaper?"
  • "Will Google Fiber be faster than Comcast and AT&T?"
  • "Between Google Fiber, Comcast, and AT&T, which company provides the best service?"
  • "By approving this project, do we provide any special treatment to Google?"
  • "So what kind of the benefit that this project will bring to the people in San Jose? Both in terms of pricing and in terms of the internet?"
  • "And what type of benefit that Google Fiber get from this project?"
As the capital of the Silicon Valley, San Jose should have elected officials who know enough about trends in technology that they don't have to ask basic questions like "what kind of benefit" lighting fast internet like Google Fiber would bring to San Jose. 

But unfortunately, what the Mercury News editorial board says about Manh Nguyen is true: "Nguyen has not impressed in office, although he has stood with Liccardo on key votes. He comes to meetings ill-prepared and asks questions that already have been answered.

Personally, I believe we deserve more than a councilman who comes to meetings ill-prepared and asks questions that have already been answered either because he does not understand what has been discussed, or because he is not paying attention. 

I believe north San Jose can do better than a councilman who prefers part-time staff because he expects his employees to have time to campaign for him. District 4 can do better than a councilman who has been accused of using his council staff to campaign for him on city time and who just recently has been caught bundling official city literature with his own reelection material.

I know that I am more qualified than Manh Nguyen to represent our community on the City Council, and I hope that you agree. But there are a lot of voters out there not paying attention this primary season and with Election Day only a week away, I need your help getting their attention. 

Please help me fund one last mailer by making a contribution in any amount - $10, $25, $50, $100 or more - up to the $600 contribution limit. Even if you've already contributed but are within the $600 cap, please give again. Any amount will be appreciated.

With your help, I hope to have good news to report back in a week's time. 

With gratitude,

P.S. I'm really serious this time. How much money I raise will determine my endgame for this election. Please give what you can up to the $600 limit!
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