Newsletter 7 - June 2015

Reflections on BMJ viewpoint

After several blogs focused on the setup of COMBACTE-related research activities by my COMBACTE colleagues, in this blog I would like to cover a broader issue related to current drug development programs targeted at multi-drug resistant microorganisms (MDROs). In a viewpoint recently published in BMJ by the associate editor Peter Doshi, current drug development projects and new anti-MDRO drugs came under heavy critique. Read more..

ASPIRE-ICU study officially started

After months of preparation the first site in the ASPIRE-ICU study started May 27th, 2015. The Medical Ethical Committee (METC) of the University Medical Centre Utrecht gave their approval to start with the study phase of the protocol at the UMCU. An intensive collaboration between of the COMBACTE partners from CLIN-NET, LAB-NET and MedImmune was needed to be ready for the study initiation visit. Read more..

Follow-up COMBACTE Open Call

COMBACTE has had a successful Open Call process, leading to five companies submitting proposals for consideration. Currently the external review committee are assessing these. We anticipate that before the end of June we will be able to notify companies that their proposals were successful and move to the second stage in the process. Read more..

The Global Threat of AMR

Widespread use of antibiotics by health professionals and the livestock industry has resulted in an alarming global increase in the prevalence of drug-resistant bacterial infections. Published in the journal New Microbes and New Infections and entitled “The global threat of antimicrobial resistance: science for intervention” reflects the main points and conclusions of the debate amongst main stakeholders concerning AMR. Read more..


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