Looking Back at COMBACTE General Assembly 2017


This year’s COMBACTE General Assembly Meeting took place on March 14-16 in the historic and muticultural city of Brussels, Belgium. Once again, the General Assembly hosted a great 195 attendees from 13 countries.

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ECCMID 2017 Highlights: COMBACTE's Scientific Coordinator, Marc Bonten


Prof. Dr. Marc Bonten, scientific coordinator and Management Board member of the IMI-funded COMBACTE consortium, talks about his path to microbiology and the importance of ECCMID for COMBACTE.This year COMBACTE will be present once again at the ECCMID in the exhibition hall, and will host its 5th consecutive Investigators Meeting.

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Looking Back: CLIN-Net and LAB-Net GCP Training in Sofia


On March 9th, CLIN-Net and LAB-Net in collaboration with the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) organized its 5th face-to-face GCP training in Sofia, Bulgaria. 25 clinical and laboratory investigators from 8 different hospitals in Bulgaria  attended this year’s GCP training.

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ECCMID 2017 Highlights: Jesús Rodriguez-Baño


Jesús Rodriguez-Baño, Management Board Member of COMBACTE-CARE and Work Package leader of EURECA study, talks about what makes ECCMID a crucial event in tackling AMR, and why is it important for COMBACTE to be there. As of 2018, Dr. Rodriguez-Baño will be the next ESCMID President.

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CHU Limoges’ Olivier Barraud: My Passion for Microbiology


Olivier Barraud - Clinical Microbiologist at CHU Limoges - is responsible, in the Bacteriology-Virology-Hygiene department, for all COMBACTE studies where CHUL is involved (SAATELLITE, EVADE, REJUVENATE, ANTICIPATE, ASPIRE-SSI). In his blog, Olivier talks about where his passion for Microbiology stemmed, and why he enjoys working for COMBACTE.

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ASPIRE-ICU Enrolls 25% of the Subjects


In March 2017, COMBACTE-NET's ASPIRE-ICU study has reached an important milestone: 25% enrollment! Currently 536 subjects are enrolled, of the 2000 that are aimed for. Currently, 19 of the 30 selected sites are enrolling subjects in the study cohort, some of which just having started.

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476 subjects have been enrolled into the COMBACTE-NET SAATELLITE study, of which 142 have been randomized and dosed. There are currently 42 sites active, spread over 9 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, and UK).

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EVADE Study Update


169 patients have been enrolled in COMBACTE-MAGNET's EVADE study, of which 133 have been screen failed and 33 randomized and dosed. In January and February 2017 61 screenings took place. 49 sites have been activated in the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Spain.

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As of today, COMBACTE-NET's ANTICIPATE study has been initiated in 27 of 31 sites, of which 22 sites are actively recruiting patients. The team is currently looking into starting backup sites in France, Romania and Germany.

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