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Kol HaOt

Illuminated Haggadah Fair

In the Haggadah, Art, & Contemporary Journeys

Monday, April 25
5-10 pm, Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

'PATHS TO FREEDOM: In the Haggadah, Art, & Contemporary Journeys', is the theme of the spectacular 2016 Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair, to be held on Monday, April 25, from 5-10 pm at the Inbal Hotel, 3 Jabotinsky St., Jerusalem. Admission is FREE.

This breathtaking Fair will feature a special exhibit of kibbutz haggadahs, pre-State to the present, as well as displays of extraordinary contemporary artistic haggadah and Exodus artworks.

At 8:30 pm, artists from various media will address the question: "Does Freedom=Creativity?!" in special demonstrations, moderated by Dov Abramson, that express the tensions of creative freedom and constraints in Drama, Art & Literary Expression. Click here for schedule of presenters. Short presentations and movie clips will also be featured.

​Don't miss the Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair
the perfect activity for the entire family on Chol HaMoed Passover! 

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יריד ההגדות המאוירות של ׳קול האות׳ מציג- בשביל החרות: מרחב וגבולות בהגדה, ביצירה ובהֲוָיָה. יום שני יז בניסן 25.4.16, חוה״מ פסח בין השעות 17:00- 22:00, במלון ענבל, ז׳בוטינסקי 3 ירושלים. הכניסה חופשית. 
במהלך היריד יציגו אמנים את ההגדות המאוירות אותם יצרו ויתארו בפני המבקרים את תהליך הבחירה והיצירה. 
ביריד ההגדות בחסות ׳קול האות׳ ומלון ענבל תוצג השנה תערוכה מיוחדת של הגדות קיבוצים מרחבי הארץ ותלווה בהדרכה למעונינים. 

בשעה 20:30 יתקיים ארוע מרכזי במסגרתו אמנים מתחומי יצירה שונים יעסקו בשאלה האם חרות=יצירתיות?! וביחס בין מגבלות וחופש יצירה. במהלך הארוע נשמע ונחזה באמנים יוצרים מול עיננו תחת מגבלות שונות של חומר וזמן ונבחן יחד כיצד המיצרים משפיעים על היצירה. הארוע בהנחייתו של דוב אברמסון ובהשתתפות אמנים מתחומי הדרמה, האיור, השירה והתנועה.

 לצפיה בלוח הופעות וזמנים מפורט לחץ כאן

Honeymoon Israel 
Kol HaOt's 'Mentschmaker, Make Me a Mentsch' program is playing an important role in helping participants in the innovative Honeymoon Israel initiative define the core values of their new homes. We look forward to working with future groups during their life-changing journeys to Israel!
Teacher Institute for the Arts

The first cohort of the ground-breaking Teacher Institute for the Arts, led by Kol HaOt staff, will be finishing their first year at an inspiring colloquium in May in the U.S. The Institute is dedicated to integrating the arts into Jewish curricula, and is proving that this approach is a powerful way to simultaneously cultivate creativity and enhance Jewish learning. 

During the colloquium, representatives of eight Jewish day schools from across the US will present their year-long school projects to their peers. In the Fall 2016, the Teacher Institute for the Arts will begin recruiting schools for its second cohort. Recommendations for prospective schools should be sent to

Opened in 2015, the Institute was created and is generously funded and overseen by a national Jewish foundation dedicated to raising the quality of Jewish education in schools.
For their year-long project, students at Houston's Robert M. Beren Academy create murals on creation, destruction and re-creation, to mark the devastating 2015 floods.
Donate Now
Help us cover the expenses of the 2016 Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair, to be held Monday, April 25. Your generous contribution will ensure that this year's Fair is once again a breathtaking, educational event held for the public free of charge during Passover! 

Planning a Trip to Israel this Summer? 
Book one of Kol HaOt's unforgettable workshops! Explore Jewish texts and values, and then create your own personalized keepsake! (No artistic experience or talent required!)

Choose from our hands-on workshops:
Mapping the Journey ● Processing Yad VaShem ●  From Text to Symbol  ●  Art of the Hebrew Letter  ●  Peace - Birkat Kohanim ●  Mentschmaker, Make Me A Mentsch  Havdalah & Jewish Papercutting ...and many more programs!


Download our full Menu of Programs in English.

לתפריט תכניות של קול האות בעברית, לחצו כאן

Our workshops are a memorable addition to any itinerary, transforming a trip to Israel into a creative pilgrimage.
Suitable for all ages, levels and affiliations.

For more information about our exciting offerings and to book your group, clic


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The Kol HaOt Team wishes you a joyous and meaningful Passover!
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