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New Release!

His Lordship's Mate

The festive season is nearly upon us. Whether you're basking in sunshine or avoiding the cold, I hope you have a great holiday.
My latest book has just been released. The last for a while as I'm taking a break before picking my next project.
I've planted a few clues about this book as there is a supernatural twist to this tale. The cover contains one clue, others are on my blog, which I hope you've noticed has gone through a re-vamp.

It's a Regency romance involving a desperate young woman, who needs a husband fast. She made a bad decision and is rescued from the ruinous situation in mysterious circumstances. Now, she must decide whether to take up an offer of marriage from a virtual stranger.

Here's an excerpt:

“Tell me, my lord. What might I expect of my husband?”
Lord Powell gained in stature as he rose to his feet. “I would love you, protect you, and in return, you would belong to me. Completely.”
She snatched a breath at his last word. “What mean you by that?”
“I’m a demanding man, a hard man. A wealthy lord, yes, a gentleman when I must be, but I am also a man of the earth, of passion and soul. I would never hurt you, not like DeLancy intended. However, I would claim you beyond the limits of most ordinary folk. I would demand your obedience and I will punish you if you don’t obey me. What I need from you, I will take and whenever I need it, as long as you consent here and now to being my wife.”
Throughout his spine-tingling speech, his eyes had darkened, and the black strands of his hair seemed thicker and his shoulders wider. She drank him in, every inch of his thickset, muscular thighs, the square line of his jaw, and his remarkably piercing gaze. Handsome, certainly; formidable, too. What scared her most was that his words hadn’t caused her to bolt out of the room in fear, but instead, she was utterly, unfathomably aroused by them. The wetness in her sweet place, which she’d experienced upon her bed while dreaming about the naughty pictures, had returned in abundance.
What were these wifely duties? Dare she ask what he meant? She had to know before she gave her consent to being his spouse. “Please, my lord, I have little experience of such matters. Please, let me into your heart and show me what you mean.”
He snatched her wrists, then firmly moved her backwards until she collided with the wall behind her. The suddenness winded her and caused her heart to beat as loud as thunderclaps. His forceful manner introduced her to the full measure of his towering presence, while in contrast, she was all too aware of her slender form trapped between him and the wall. With her arms spread-eagled and useless, and her hands pinned high above her head, he pressed his mouth against hers. His lips crushed hers and it seemed as if he was drawing the breath out of her.
Ella panicked. The fierce kiss was not the dusting peck DeLancy had inflicted on her; this was something different and powerful. It was too much; she needed to breathe. She writhed, trying to release her trapped arms, but his grip was immense and unbreakable. She remained imprisoned between his steely body and the hard wall.
“Stop fighting me,” he growled. He returned to his lengthy kisses, probing with his long tongue. He tasted good—something she’d not expected and when she reciprocated and darted her tongue into his mouth, he moaned softly. His sharp teeth greeted the tip of her tongue and she withdrew it, fearing he might bite down on her delicate flesh.
Unperturbed by her vacillating tonguing, he maintained his own exploration—kissing and nipping her lower lip, treating it like a fragile delicacy, before sealing himself on her quivering lips with an ardent potency. He overwhelmed her with his unrelenting kisses and she had only one option, to relax and let him lead. Her shoulders slumped and instead of trying to lower her hands, she allowed him to support them. And rather than turn her head from side to side in a vain attempt to escape and breathe, she tilted her chin up and offered him her puckered lips, then snatched at the sliver of air between them when he permitted her to breathe.
A numbness descended upon her lips; a strange sensation because the rest of her body fizzed and tingled. She clenched her pussy repeatedly, as if there might be something inside it to trap. What purpose it served, she didn’t know. She had no power to stop the abundance of juices dampening those other lips that he unfortunately couldn’t reach. If he could, he would know his kisses had inspired more than her hardened nipples, which were blatantly on display through the fabric of her dress. However, he’d not touched any of those parts and it struck her how exciting it would be if he had the opportunity to do so, how amazing his touch would feel and what it would to do to her if a mere spell of hard kisses made her effervesce with delight.
“Oh, yes, my lord,” she muttered. “Take me!”

Eighteen-year-old Ella Bailey knows that if she is to have any hope of a good match, she must marry quickly before her father completes the ruin of her family’s fortune and good name with his wanton living. Her situation is made worse when a wealthy viscount expresses interest in her hand and she accepts his invitation to a party, only to have the supposed gentleman first seek to seduce her and then attempt to force himself on her.
After his efforts to despoil her are thwarted, the spiteful cad does his utmost to slander Ella’s character with scandalous accusations. With her reputation in tatters and nowhere else to turn, Ella seeks solace in the arms of the enigmatic Gethin Powell, a rich, handsome lord known for his lack of concern for the expectations of high society.
Gethin takes a strong interest in Ella, but he makes it abundantly clear that he is a man who expects to be obeyed in all things. Living under his roof as his woman will mean submitting to his authority, surrendering her body to his desires, and baring her bottom for his stern chastisement whenever he deems it necessary.
Ella soon discovers that Gethin’s sexual appetites are both fierce and insatiable, but as he thoroughly lays claim to her naked, blushing body, she is deeply ashamed to find herself hungering for more. But even as their passion for each other grows deeper, an old and powerful secret waits to come to light. When Ella learns the truth about Gethin, will it tear her away from the man who has taken her as his mate?
Publisher’s Note: His Lordship’s Mate is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
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Free Spanking Story

The Advent Calendar

She stared at the advent calendar in horror. It had happened in a blink of an eye. One moment, she’d a couple in her mouth, the next she’d wolfed down ten days’ worth of chocolate treats. She scrunched the discarded wrappers in her fist and licked her lips with her sugar coated tongue.
Two weeks before Christmas day, and she’d consumed each day’s worth of chocolate nugget until the twenty-second. Her diet was having a disastrous effect on her self-control. Her craving for sweet things was much worse when forbidden to binge. How was that possible? She’d diligently avoided desserts, cakes and cookies, and she'd packed away the candies and given them to her niece. Only the advent calendar had survived her purge and she’d told him, “Just one a day, that’s all I need.”
She hid the wrappers at the bottom of the wastepaper bin. The calendar, which was covered in a picture of Santa Claus, was harder to hide as he would spot it was gone from the mantelpiece. Perhaps, she could glue the little doors back shut. Picking at the edge of one with her fingernail, she tried to squeeze it into place, but each time, it sprung open again, revealing the empty cavity behind.
“Drat,” she muttered. David was due home any minute.
Digging around in a kitchen drawer, she found some clear sticky tape and attempted to seal the cardboard door closed with a slither. Too much tape and it would show, too little and it wouldn’t hold. The sticky tape curled and once again, the fourteenth of December unveiled the picture of the elf hidden behind the door. The tiny caricature seemed to be sniggering at Sally, as if the imp knew she’d committed an offence—breach of trust.
When he’d brought it home after work, she’d promised David she’d be good and he’d warned her, “Don’t ruin it by scoffing them all on one day. I know you and chocolate. There will be consequences.”
“Who’s to know anyway? It’s just an advent calendar,” she’d smirked.
“I will. In any case, it’s the principle. One day at time. Self-discipline.” He’d wagged his finger in her face.
The front door opened. David was home. Sally backed away from the mantelpiece and grimaced. All those days uncovered, blatant and bare.  Silly calendar—why had he bought it in the first place?
“Hi, honey,” he kissed her cheek. “Good day?”
She nodded. “Fancy a coffee? Would you like me to cook you dinner?”
“Nah. I ate lunch late. We can sit and relax for a bit.”
“Sure, cause, I’m happy to cook you something.” She edged towards the kitchen door, drawing him away from the fireplace and the advent calendar.
“What’s up?” He stroked one of her hot cheeks with his fingertip. “You’re flushed.”
“Just been tidying up…putting things away.” She gestured to the less than tidy living room.
“I know what will cheer you up,” he beamed and turned on his heel. “How about today’s advent chocolate.”
“No, no,” she snatched at his hand. “Don’t need that.”
He looked over his shoulder. “Not like you to turn down chocolate, even a morsel of it.”
“I’m…saving up for dinner.” She tugged on his arm, but he slipped his fingers out of her palm.
“Sal-ly.” He drawled, dragging out the last syllable. Too late, he’d spotted it. “What’s happened to the calendar?”
She cringed and watched David flick through the days, poking his finger into the empty holes. He counted them.
“Thirteen days. You’ve eaten thirteen pieces of chocolate.”
She gulped and swung her arms by her sides. “It just happened.”
“So today is the twenty third, not the tenth?”
“We’ve skipped a few days. Christmas is coming early in our house.” She attempted a joke.
David frowned. “Honey, what’s with the sticky bits of tape? Did you try to seal them shut again?”
“I…I…” She hung her head in acknowledgment.
He sighed. “My niece is visiting tomorrow. I promised her she could have one.  Remember?”
Sally sucked her cheeks in and winced.  Yes, she remembered.
David returned the calendar to the mantelpiece. “We’ll have to buy a new one.”
She nodded.
“Look at me, Sally.”
Dammit. That voice of his was one she couldn’t refuse. She lifted her chin. He wore his smartest suit. The one she drooled over when he put it on in the morning. Dark, tailored and elegant, he commanded her in so many ways.  The adrenaline had kicked in and excited all the wrong parts of her body. She clamped her knees together and tucked her trembling hands behind her back.
He cleared his throat. “No more binges, you said. And,” he held up his hand to halt her emerging protest, “it doesn’t matter about the size of those treats. It’s the principle. So, that’s what we’re sticking to. You agreed about the consequences, didn’t you?”
“Yes, David.”
He circled around her, then sat in the middle of the sofa, rucking up his trousers as he lowered. With slow ponderous movements, he settled himself into position: unbuttoning his jacket, loosening his tie a fraction and removing his cufflinks—something he considered a precaution. However, it didn’t alter his appearance dramatically, because David was always smart. Always in charge. She loved it.
“Can’t we wait to later. Bedtime?” she pleaded, making it sound as pathetic as possible, while inside her stomach danced with butterflies.
“No. Over you go. Oh, skirt up.” He patted his lap.
She shuffled towards him, then eased her hips over his legs. Her hair draped over her face and she reached out with the hands, searching for something to hold.
Her bottom, perched on his knees, offered him two cool lobes. Untainted in days, the skin smooth and ready. She clenched her cheeks and stiffened.
“Thirteen,” he informed. “No warm up.”
“Oh,” she muttered and wriggled her hips, trying hard to lose the tension.
“Keep still,” he warned. “I can’t believe you tried to cover this up, Sally.”
“I left it on the mantelpiece,” she reminded him. A display of guilt. Wasn’t that mitigation?
He smacked her bottom. The sound echoed about the room and she gasped. “Ow! David, not so hard.”
“Sally. Do you tell me what to do? Heh?” He tapped her shoulder.
She peeked out from under her fringe. “No. I’m your girl, sir.”
“That’s right. I’m here to help you, Sally. No binge eating, no taxis when you can walk, no missing trips to the gym. No disrespecting me.” He picked out the salient rules. The ones she suggested and he had embroidered into their agreement. 
Another wallop, then a third in quick succession: he swept his hand across her sit spot and targetted her sensitive crease with accuracy.  She responded by drumming her toes on the arm of the sofa.
She held her breath and felt the slither of her panties being lifted off her bottom, down her cheeks and around her thighs. David clucked his tongue. “This is going to be one red ass by the time I’ve finished. You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir,” she squeaked as he hammered another blow across both buttocks.
“You’ll go out and by exactly the same calendar.” He slapped again. The pain seared into her flesh and she squealed, almost launching herself off his lap.
He pinned her down, looping his arm around her waist. “If you want Santa to squeeze himself down that chimney and leave you a present, you best behave!”
“Yes, sir,” she sobbed.
Each smack left a fire burning. She’d be super sore tomorrow and unable to sit comfortably. It would be a perfect reminder. She sniffed and fought back the desire to kick her legs.
“This,” he aimed at the same damn spot, using the spanks to re-enforced his words, “This, sweet ass of yours is the only thing in this house that will be unwrapped before Christmas. Understood? I’m going so spank your bare bottom every morning before you go to work as a reminder, just to keep you focused.”
Every day! Her poor bottom. “Thank you,” she snivelled. The last smack cracked against bottom.
Finally, he started to rub. Wonderful circles of his smooth palm and the pain, the heat, merged across her ass, easing the hot spots.
“Good girl. That’s better,” he said softly. “You can get up in a minute, after I’ve finished. I'll help you make that dinner. I suggest you keep your panties off.”
She squirmed as he slid his fingers between her wet folds, seeking out her quivering hole. Sprawled across his lap, she relaxed. Beneath her hips, he’d hardened. After dinner, she was confident his promised unwrapping would include more than her red ass cheeks.
Christmas was coming early for Sally.

Chart Topper!

Taken as Payment has spent a month at the top of the Erotica Sci-Fi charts and I'm delighted.  Thank you to my readers and I hope you will enjoy my next book.

- the Box Set

Still FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Strong BDSM content - more than a spanking.

Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities.

Whatever Jason’s rules and judgements might bring to their relationship, he will always cherish her.

Three books in one:
Judged by Him
Ruled by Him
Cherished by Him


Indulge Me

If you like a sensual story woven around domination and submission, then this is the book for you!

As a successful wine taster, Saffron uses her senses everyday in the job she loves. When she meets Gideon she starts to question her lacklustre love life, the string of bad relationships and especially the breakup with her former co-worker.

Gideon is an attractive sommelier, and as she finds out, he compliments her in every way professionally and personally. When Saffron surrenders her body to him, she embarks on an indulgent journey of passion and self-discovery.  Gideon encourages Saffron to explore her secret fantasies and desires, those sensual pleasures that come with his dominant love-making. However, she’s dismayed when she discovers his dishonesty and to make matters worse, somebody from her past is waiting to strike back and destroy everything she has achieved.

Just when Saffron finds happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of her life, a scandal threatens to ruin everything. Will her career endure the slander of a spurned lover? Can she find a way to understand Gideon’s secret desires and learn to trust him again?

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