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Newsletter February 2020

Room to Breathe:

What works to support CSOs for inclusive development

Dear reader,

This newly-launched synthesis report, Room to breathe: what works to support CSOs for inclusive development, marks the closing chapter of the NWO-WOTRO/Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ research programme New roles of CSOs for inclusive development’, coordinated and executed by INCLUDE. In the report, the authors synthesize the evidence and knowledge generated from the eight research projects within the programme across five cross-cutting themes.

Context-conscious approach crucial for sustainable jobs

We invite you to re-watch the joint webinar by INCLUDE and Youth Employment Funders Group on boosting productivity and job creation through enterprise involvement. In this webinar, Evert-Jan Quak presents the key findings of the evidence synthesis paper Private sector development interventions and better-quality job creation for youth in Africa, with comments provided by Theodore Klouvas, Programme Manager of Orange Corners Africa & Middle East (RVO).

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INCLUDE Secretariat
News & Blogs

Leveraging the fourth industrial revolution

By Sara Pantuliano

Digitalization opens up new pathways for regional integration, economic development and prosperity. Sara Pantuliano shares four ways governments can unlock the new possibilities of digital technologies to drive inclusive and sustainable growth.

Africa’s decade of economic transformation?

By Arkebe Oqubay

This blog zooms in on Africa’s bright spot for economic development – Ethiopia – and looks at what we can learn from how the country has managed to attract foreign direct investment into productive sectors.

Two speeds for Africa?

By Agnieszka Kazimierczuk

This two-pager highlights how the future of work will likely differ between and within most African countries, with the risk of deepening inequalities. The changing nature of work and the labour market requires rethinking current education, labour, social protection and tax systems in many countries.

All eyes on inequality in the 2020s

By Frank van Kesteren

This item highlights the many high-level reports that have been published on inequality, concluding that the rising piles of evidence on the implications of current levels of economic inequality can no longer be ignored.

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