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As we head into half-term, it is good to reflect on the events of the calendar year so far – each New Year offers such hope and this term has witnessed those aspirations being translated into reality: the plans for the new building continue to nudge forward, with tenders for the build now being processed and the vital travel plan being refined; alongside this, the academic team is also taking shape and I shall update you as we go on this;

Mr Harrison, Headteacher
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Kindergarten's self portraits
This half term the Kindergarten children have been exploring the topic ‘All About Me’. They have labelled body parts, made hand prints, talked about their feelings and looked at how much they have grown. They also very much enjoyed painting self-portraits by studying their faces in a mirror. 

View some examples of their work.
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Key Stage 2 Extension Project: Our Plans
As you will have seen from the most recent email, plans for the new building and the new academic year are moving forward nicely.  

If you haven’t already seen them, our proposed plans and architects’ drawings for the Key Stage 2 extension are available to view on our website.
We are now in the process of selecting our contractors to complete the project and a decision will be made by the end of half-term, before ground works begin.
We are also looking forward to obtaining the children’s views on what they would like to see in their new classrooms. Watch this space!
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
In Literacy, Year 2 worked in pairs and thought carefully about what open questions they would ask if they could interview the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, the Mother and the Hunter. The children then learnt about how an interview is conducted before constructing their own interviews based on the information they had learnt about the characters from the story. Lots of fun was had answering the questions from the characters' points of view.
Year 5 find out about the water of life

Have you ever wondered how your water gets from the reservoir to your tap? Or how much water we all use every day – and where it goes when we have finished with it?

Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to learn the answers to many questions such as these last Monday when they invited a visiting speaker from Thames Water to come to one of their Geography lessons, where this term they have been studying the water cycle, and the journey that our water takes from it forming in the clouds to being returned to the rivers.

“Don’t panic Mr Harrison!”
Having felt that the 11+ exams could be something of a battlefield, it was apt that that Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Henley Fort to learn more about how England prepared its defences during World War II.
During the day they relived the roles of Home Guards and Air Raid Wardens, taking part in exercises such as camouflage, drill, I.D checks and road blocks.
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Beautiful biomes

The children in Year 4 have shown fantastic dedication in their recent work on ‘Biomes’ where they have brought together their skills in English, ICT, geography and science.  They commenced their topic by reflecting upon humans’ impact on the world with a focus on the effects of deforestation, oil spills and global warming. Next they produced their own biome supplement using Microsoft Publisher  (a new program to them) before finishing off their studies by creating their own 'biomes in a box'.  The hard work and dedication that went into creating these meant that the teachers had a very tough time when it came to judging them! To view a gallery of all the biomes click here:

  Outdoor Learning in Key Stage 2  
  In Key Stage 2, pupils regularly enjoy learning in our dedicated outdoor area. Watch our short video about the different activities that the children enjoy and the benefits of outdoor learning.  
Diary dates
25 Feb - 2.00 -3.00 pm Instrumental and house music competition (not for parents to attend)
26 Feb - Years 5&6 Hockey v Ewell Castle (h)
1 March - No games for Years 5&6
1 March - Year 4 trip to the Look Out Discovery Centre
2 March - KS2 trip to Sky TV. eta return to school 6.30 pm
2 March - Only Year 2 swimming
3 March - 2.30 pm Years 5&6 Hockey v. Shrewsbury House (h)
3 March - 7.30 pm - PA Quiz Night
4 March - 9.00 am PA coffee
4 March - 2.30 pm Years 3&4 Hockey v The Study (h)
Message from the office
Please note that KS2 games will resume to 4.00 pm pick up from Surbiton Hockey Club after half term
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