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Exam week has come and gone in a flash. A little like a musician performing a piece of music, what we hope to see is not so much the result of particular practice over the previous week (although that helps) but much more a representation of months and years of development. This is the aspiration – that each performance is the best so far. One of the aims of the process we ask the children to go through is to ensure that, as they enter the top of the school, this is increasingly true of their exam. Of course, what we ask them to deliver is increasingly complex  – and this is part of the challenge until we reach that point at 11+ (for our children here) when the bar is set and preparation for that exam can be refined.

Mr Harrison, Headteacher
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Yoga in Kindergarten
Each Wednesday afternoon, children in Kindergarten can enjoy a playful and interactive yoga experience with our visiting yoga specialist. Watch a short video of a recent yoga session in Kindergarten.
Watch a video of a day in Reception
Watch our short video for both current and prospective parents, for an insight into a day in the life of Reception.
Year 4 work: Comparing Countries
In Year 4 we have been looking at different countries around the world and how they compare to ours. All of the children had to talk about and research England and could choose where else in the world they wanted to research. Some children chose their holiday destinations, or where they used to live or just somewhere that they liked the sound of. View some slides from their presentations.
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Poetry please! 
Year 1 have been exploring poetry as part of their literacy work this week.

The children have enjoyed listening to a range of poems and have had the chance to add actions and think about the tone of their voice when performing a poem to an audience.

Have a look at the video to see how they get on.
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Coding Club
Code Club is a nationwide initiative to teach children how to code. Its goal is to inspire pupils to build, share their ideas and learn about computational thinking.

They all start with Scratch which is a graphical programming language, developed at MIT. Pupils can drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games.
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We will remember them
Remembrance Day, when we take time out to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us in combat, occurs every year.  We have a two-minute silence to remember these heroes but how often do we use that time to think about the sacrifices other people made?

This was the theme of Year 6’s Remembrance Assembly.
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  We love books!  
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The Travelling Book Fair came to Weston Green this week and reminded us all of the incredible choice of books that that we have! Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, sci-fiction or history, there was something for everyone.  The Book Fair once again proved to be very popular as lots of children gathered to look and buy new and familiar titles. At the time of going to press, it is not clear how much money was raised in order to help with buying new titles for the school library.

Diary dates
Week commencing 16th November
Interfaith and Anti-Bullying Week
16 Nov - 9.00 am - 3.00 pm Year 3 trip to Haslemere museum
17 Nov - No games for Years 5 & 6, Years 3 & 4 games on site
19 Nov - 2.30 pm Years 5 & 6 Girls Netball & Boys Football v The Study (a)
19 Nov - Teatime Concert 4.15 pm
19 Nov - 7.00 pm exam results emailed to parents
20 Nov - 8.50 am 1W assembly
24 Nov - Parent / Teacher Meetings 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm
26 Nov - Parent / Teacher Meetings 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm
27 Nov - 8.50 am 2N assembly
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All KS2 now switch to Hockey: gum shields and shin pads are compulsory
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