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A year to remember in the US; Now, back to Africa!
Before leaving Africa for the US last year, Alace and I put together an audacious list of what we dared dream that might be accomplished in our personal lives and in ministry. As we reflect, we are amazed to report that we saw each one of those items realized!  We are very grateful.  Now, as we pack up for Africa once again, there is a mix of emotions. However, we know that the same God that provided all our needs thus far in the journey will be there for this new chapter. Of all the things we cherish most in this past year, it was connecting with many of you personally.  Thank you for joining us!
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EXPANDED ROLES: More Books; More Aircraft!
     Alace has already started 2 courses in Liberty U. online toward completing a degree in counseling! As funding permits, she'll continue to develop her skills as a great listener, trusted ally, and advisor. Our field experience shows us how key it is to have access to member care, on site, to live out our callings. Alace wants to be that person for her teammates.
     Steve has been asked to oversee an additional aviation department in Cameroon- a neighbor country of Gabon. This is an exiting, 1-year opportunity to more widely impact efforts that aim to share the love of God in word and deed. There will now be a total of 4 aircraft, 8 national staff, and 7 int'l staff to serve!
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Our dear Gabon friend and colleague, Pastor Jean Marc Ynguemba passed away July 15. Please pray for his family and national church as they mourn his absence but celebrate his Christ-like faith in life.

Celebratiing!  Refreshment, renewal, reconnecting, re-calling, restoration, and fun! Time away from on-the-ground work has been KEY in helping us endure & refocus.

Celebrating!  An opportunity to expand our impact in Africa adding education and partnership with Wycliffe aviation (JAARS) in Cameroon.

Anticipating:  We wish we didn't have to be an ocean away from Joe (Chicago) & Megan (Nyack, NY), but are thrilled they're in colleges they love.

Anticipating:  More loops! Growth, expansion, adapting, reorganizing, development- these are the themes that are a familiar part of our lives.  Once again, we're set to find a "new normal".
Aircraft Transfer of Ownership:  Air Calvary to Missionary Air Group

In June, Ownership of our Cessna 207 aircraft transferred from Air Calvary to new owner, MAG- Missionary Air Group. We honor the courageous and challenging pioneering work that Air Calvary (AC) helped us to do in sponsoring the birth of the new work in Central Africa. As the effort moved into a new phase of growth, AC was ready to pass the baton.

   MAG is a growing and like-minded mission medical aviation agency with aircraft based in the US, Honduras, and Guatemala. They were not looking to expand to Africa, but a third party connected us.

   MAG leadership is planning their first visit to Gabon in the coming months to meet local leaders and learn how we can maximize the impact of our resources.

Functionally, the operation continues with no changes. Rob, AMB chief pilot, has had a very busy June- 30 flights and almost 40 hours of flight time!  The most in a month for AMB ever!  49 passengers and over 3000 pounds of cargo.

Thanks to your partnership, AMB is able to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in a remote part of the world- we are so grateful for this.
Recent Provisions:

A surprise opportunity to buy 40 drums of AvGas in Gabon! Just having depleted our fuel funds from the last shipment, our faith was stretched, but we saw $15,000 supplied in June to cover the cost!

ADOPT-A-PROP... the campaign has been fully funded! We have ordered a new, more efficient prop (Hartzell "Top Prop" Scimitar).  It should be spinning away on our Cessna by Thanksgiving and the current prop sent for reconditioning to be ready for the next cycle in 6 years.

FAMILY FUNDING... is nearing 95%
From Alace:  Just Be Available... Transformation Follows

God chose Gideon, a bumbling farmer afraid of his own shadow to become a war hero, to bring victory to the Israelites and keep His promises. Gideon had all kinds of "ifs" in his dealings with God. His "ifs" were simply his many fears fleshed out. God responded to each and every one and became Israel's deliverer once again. In the story of Gideon the Spirit of the Lord comes upon Gideon and transforms Gideon into a war hero. God did the work and all Gideon did was obey.

I am encouraged by the story of Gideon. I love how God uses unlikely characters to become heroes and do incredible things. God calls us to become more than sum total of our parts, he puts his spirit in us and extraordinary things happen for his glory.

I am a coward like Gideon was but I am being changed by his spirit. Rather than shrinking into a quivering stressed out mass of humanity focusing on my fears, please pray I press more fully into God and become complete with the fullness of his love and power.

C&MA Giving Options:

1. Online at - Enter "Steve Straw" into the search under "Giving to Int'l Workers or Special Projects".  You can even check a box to set up recurring giving.

2. Mail your donation to: 
C&MA- Marketplace Ministries
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Make check to "C&MA"; "mm-Steve Straw" in memo

3. EFT:

4. Give at a local Alliance church- fill out your check just like #2 (above). Find a church by clicking HERE.
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On July 14, Matt Bailey, Asst. Chief at Susquehanna Twp. (PA) EMS, presents AMB Program Manager, Steve Straw, with an equipped Emergency Response "JUMP BAG" to assist in responding to medical evacuations in Central Africa!
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