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ISSUE 059 • JUNE 14, 2019
Dear all – Apologies for the radio silence of the last weeks. We had to put the newsletter on pause due to a couple of parallel projects eating up our bandwidth. Please expect a less regular pace of delivery in the future: we will send you fewer emails, but we will pick content we truly believe in. Until then, don't hesitate to send us feedbacks and ideas, they are all welcome to help us figure out what The AdLib should become. Hit reply to this email and let us know!
The Makings of a Hip-Hop Writer

It’s Like That: The Makings of a Hip-Hop Writer

45 minute read • Longreads

In a long essay, Michael A. Gonzales recounts how he became a hip-hop journalist, at a time when the idea of a "hip-hop journalist" was not even formed yet. It's a story filled with great anecdotes, useful tips, and insights on what the media landscape once was. In an ideal world, this would be the starting point for a Netflix series.
Bushwick Bill

Bushwick Bill: “I’m Not Going to Allow People to Love Me for Who I’m Not”

43 minute audio • Texas Monthly

In the wake of the passing of Bushwick Bill at age 52, Texas Monthly produces this never-aired-before interview of the Geto Boys rapper, recorded in 2013 while he was in Austin to work on a live-band reinterpretation of his Christian rap album My Testimony of Redemption. A fitting context for a discussion about mortality, faith and finding peace.

+ Sour Candies and Moscow Mules: Remembering Bushwick Bill

The Timbaland Masterclass and Me

14 minute read • Talkhouse

If you're like us, you have probably been targeted by these slick Masterclass ads, always waiting for us in every corner of the Internet. Like us, you may end up surrendering to their relentless digital media strategy. This essay by musician Adam Schatz is the story of the man who decided to sign up. It is by no mean a sponsored article, but a loving piece on the joy and mysteries of creativity, with an unbridled admiration for the Virginia producer. We guarantee you will want to play a Timbaland track right after reading it.
Lil Nas X

The Phenom and the Trump Troll: A Tale of Two Country Rappers, Forged by Social Media

7 minute read • The Daily Beast

By now, anybody remotely interested in pop knows all the details about "Old Town Road", which is closing his tenth consecutive week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. It takes a reporter like Tarpley Hitt to find a new, insightful angle to the story: she puts in perspective Lil Nas X's rise to fame with the curious case of Adam Calhoun. This confederate flag-waving "hick-hop" loudmouth also used social media antics and country rap to build his brand (with wildly different intents and outcomes). It's a great read that shows, once again, the depth of the conundrum when hip-hop and country collides in Trump's America.

+ On a lighter note: who can say no to a Facetime conversation with the makers of "Old Town Road"? (We can't)
Black Capitalism

Black Capitalism Won't Save Us

12 minute read • The Nation

From Jay-Z's "Story of O.J." to Killer Mike's Trigger Warning show and the late Nipsey Hussle's ventures, the conversation around black ownership has become even more prevalent over the last few years. "While the politics of transformative black ownership animate the world of entertainment, it can be poisonous for public policy" notes writer Aaron Ross Coleman in left-leaning weekly The Nation, with a thought-provoking stance that provides more context behind the For Us By Us slogan.

+ Justin Tinsley on Jay-Z's becoming hip-hop's first billionaire: "the moment matters far more than the actual figure in Jay-Z’s checking account."
Bottom of the Map

Bottom of the Map

30 minute audio •

Bottom of the Map is a new podcast exploring Southern hip-hop culture and its impact on the world. In lively conversations, Georgia-based journalist Christina Lee and Dr. Regina N. Bradley take hip-hop as a segue into broader reflections on societal dynamics. The latest episode focuses on fatherhood through the output of artists like Andre 3000 or Offset.

The Day the Music Burned: a must-read report on the 2008 fire of the Universal vault, and the many classics it lost.


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