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Dear <<First Name>>

The BedPosts badgeBedPosts portrait badge
It doesn't contain many words but it's packed with meaning:
  • The rich blue colour and exploded brass bed-end give the idea of quality
  • Although no star-rating accreditation is involved it adds a certain something to your brand
  • Member implies belonging to a club or official organisation
Display this badge with pride on your website for a positive impact on your booking enquiries.

The computer code
The badge has underlying code, normally unseen by humans, designed to promote your advert and brochure in search engine (Google) rankiGoogle search engineng. If you click on a BedPosts badge on a website you are taken to that establishment's brochure page on BedPosts (unlike a TripAdvisor badge often taking you to their competitors).

The code contains links to BedPosts: the more (good quality) links to a website page, the higher that page normally ranks - thereby increasing the number of booking enquiries.

Placement of a badge with appropriate code on your website is the only condition of advertising on An Internet "bot" periodically checks the continued presence of code. If it's found to be absent or deficient after 9 checks (and 3 warning emails) the advert is automatically disabled. BedPosts webmasters are on hand to assist in case of difficulty.

Choice of badge
It comes in many different shapes and sizes to suit the space on your website that you want to use.
  • Portrait (8 sizes): this default shape can sit neatly alongside official tourist authority onesBedPosts landscape badge
  • Landscape (5 sizes): useful to avoid elongating a page
  • Icon (4 sizes): useful for the footer area or for placement next to social networking iconsBedPosts icon badge
If you think there is one missing from the range, we can make it!

Obtaining the code
This is located in the area linked to by the red Control Panel.Control panel button You can email your webmaster a link to your linking code area without the need for login. Otherwise
  1. Click the linking code tab, select your badge using the 3 drops-down, click Update code.
  2. Copy and paste this code into your website, then return to control panel
  3. Verify the code on your website by pasting your website address displaying the badge into the box. Click save
Where to place the code
The home page of your website is best:
  • To impress the human visitor
  • To achieve maximum search engine optimisation (SEO) benefit. This page normally confers the most "Google juice".
BedPosts is changing
Read why 14th October 2015 is a significant deadline date if you have not already opened an advertising account

If you haven't yet opened an advertising account:
  • login to the forum area,
  • click on the red control panel at the top of the page, then
  • follow the straightforward and extensive help in the right-side panels
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