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Dear <<First Name>>

The summer season is coming to an end. Maybe you've looked at the state of your bookings for early autumn and you need to take action?
Then advertise on!
Whyever not? It's a “no-brainer”:

     * It's free
     * Bookings are commission-free
     * Referrals from other BedPosts members

What do you get for nothing?
Advert on your landing [town] page with photo, short description, star rating, starting prices
Brochure page with 3 more photos, long description & prices, facilities list, location map, contact details, plus
THOR availability calendar with contact form sending you booking enquiries by email.

Take a look at the Chipping Campden page with 15 BedPosts subscribers: and click on info to see how they've set out their brochure pages.

If you haven't yet opened an advertising account:
  • login to the forum area,Control panel button
  • click on the red control panel at the top of the page, then
  • follow the straightforward and extensive help in the right-side panels
These are the steps:BedPosts badge
  1. Agree with the terms and conditions
  2. Create a BedPosts advertising account
  3. Create your advertisement
  4. Add the BedPosts badge to your website
  5. Verify the code on your website in the BedPosts Control Panel
BedPosts Administrators will give help by phone or email if you get stuck, including the best choice out of umpteen portrait, landscape or icon badges of differing sizes.

NB. There are some partially-completed accounts. Yours may be one of them.

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Next issue: The importance of the BedPosts badge and how to choose one to suit your website design..

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New B&B magazine to be launched

It's called Luxury B&B Magazine, planned to be launched in mid-October in hard copy format to letter boxes. BedPosts is in discussions with the magazine proprietors regarding a special subscription price for our members.

Forum chatter

Forums continue to be busy: another 1011 posts in the last month to take the total since the start in 2007 to 68,640. Did you know you can vary the frequency of the emailed daily summary of forum activity to weekly or monthly on this page Not getting them at all? Probably because you've not logged in for 3 months.