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April 2016; Issue 5

People often ask us, what's your story behind Cencup and why do what you do?  Its as simple as we saw a need in ourselves, learned we are not alone, and decided to take action.   That action has resulted in a lot of work to pull together a new concept, so the bigger question is, why do we keep going? 

The joy comes from being a part of a greater community of couples, and the fun experiences we have create together. Yes we are having fun getting out and doing social activities that we normally may not do, or would do, but experiencing it with others, has increased the fun factor.  And, the real inspiration comes from seeing others benefit from Cencup as much as we are!  

We are truly grateful for the many friendships, the community that has been created, and the fun experiences we have shared. I just LOVE all the social outings we have been a part of, the people we have met, and I cannot wait to experience more of them in the future with a new group of people as the Cencup community grows.    

I love the quote " There are no strangers, just friends you have not met yet"

 - that's what inspires us, I invite you to experience the power of our G3 Promise!  
Cencup celebrates 1 Year, his display to see picture

It's Time to Get Out!

The best way to experience our 3G Promise (Get Out, Get Connected and Get Inspired) …is to start by joining us!  Sign up Today.   

Each component of the Cencup promise has value to the whole of your social experience.  This edition of “Community Connections” will focus on the Get Out aspect.

Having fun as a couple is imperative to the health of your relationship.  We provide unique, social opportunities to amp up the “fun factor” of your dates!   Making it simple and easy, planning outings that are designed to create fun and unique experiences. Here’s an example of the “fun factor” experienced by Getting Out!
 Masquerade Ball Video Clip 
Cencup Community Connections
February WhirleyBall, creating a little fun for everyone 

Did You Know?.....

According to this study done by The University of Virginia having an ongoing dating plan is critical to developing and maintaining strong relationships, positively impacting areas such as communication, quality of commitment and stress.

“Stress is one of the biggest threats to a strong marriage or relationship” (Wilcox and Dew) Date Nights and Play Time play major roles in stress reduction!

Dr. Stuart, author of ‘Play’, says a differentiating factor for a strong marriage is a playful marriage.  The more you get out and play, the stronger the marriage. “Without play skills, the repertoire to deal with inevitable stresses is narrowed….without playfulness there will be insufficient vitality left over to keep the relationship buoyant and satisfying."
At Cencup, we make it simple and easy to Get Out and have fun as a couple, and its our priority to make everyone feel comfortable in a social setting, offering a variety of social outings.
It is common for relationships to have a social driver and the “other half” that wouldn’t necessarily be the date instigator or join a social setting.  Social or not, see what these couples together had to say about attending the Cencup events here.  

"Although it can feel like a stretch sometimes, these social outings have been good, and enriching for us."

Still not sure....

That's ok, just follow our blog.

Our 3F Blog: Find Your Fun Factor, offering date ideas just for you!

In our opinion some things are more fun as a group, and there is value in having your own date experiences.  As an added service -  through our newly launched blog we are offering fun date suggestions to experience the enrichment of fun on your own, to get out of that routine and try something new.   

3F Date Blog: Tell us what you think, post and share!
Share your best date experience or provide suggestions:
 Click here
Want the convenience of planning?
Agree something’s are just more fun as a group?

Looking for new ways to get out and have fun as a couple?
Turn to Cencup;  
We aspire to be the go to place for couples, offering our 3G Promise, creating a fun, safe, healthy community.

Save the Date!
Check out the calendar for our upcoming social events: such as a Cave / Brewery Tour,  a Caddy Shack Golf outing, Dinner Steamboat Experience,
Kayaking and more.
If you have not yet joined, click here to Create a free profile  to give us ideas and get notified of all our couples’ events as they are announced. 
Want to help us continue to grow by becoming a volunteer or host couple? 
email for details.

What you missed.....

If you have not joined over the last 90 days, see what others had to say about, past events, click here 
  • Murder Mystery
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Valentine Snow Shoeing
  • WhirlyBall
Join us in celebrating our progress:
  • We celebrated our 1 year anniversary 
  • We have 200+ couples that have opted into our Cencup community, growing monthly
  • Average satisfaction scores, 8 out of 10
  • Our First Radio interview – Listen here
  • Find us on Channel 6 for the Cencup spotlight 
C'mon Facebook fans, like us for updates and find all of our events - we post them there so they're easily shared with friends you'd like to invite along for the ride!

Our 3G Promise:

Get Out: Enjoy a memorable date night out, creating fun and unique experiences as a couple

Get Connected: Meet other like-minded couples, in fun, safe, healthy environments

Get Inspired: Live an enriching, active, well balanced life style, promoting healthy relationships


Get Out

Cencup Event Calendar

Our event calendar provides unique social events and adventures, catered to couples, geared to change up your routine without the effort of researching on your own. Check it out here.

Get Connected

The Profile

With your profile complete, not only will you give us ideas, you will be notified of social events per your unique interest. Start experiencing meaningful connections with like-minded couples, with shared interests, all in a similar life phase. If you're wondering what your current profile looks like or how you can be sure it's complete, see our Tips and Tools.

Get Inspired

Education & Encouragement

Part of our vision is to inspire you to be the best you can be during any life stage or transition. We believe this includes enriching your marriage, giving back to the community and taking steps to be intentional and purposeful about what's next. To learn more about Cencup Inspires volunteer opportunities, marriage enrichment seminars and life reimagined seminars, see our website.
In addition to offering social experiences, we seek to provide valuable resources to our subscribers. Our Sponsors are huge supporters. Click on the below logos to learn more.


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