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K-TAINER wins a Lean & Green Award

K-TAINER is proud to announce that on May 26th of this year we have received a Lean & Green Award! This means that K-TAINER has formulated a Plan of Action that will cumulate in reducing our CO2 production in 2017 with 20% compared to five years ago! Lean & Green is a stimulating programme for smart, durable and social mobility. Receiving the Lean & Green Award means recognition for our efforts to do our business in a durable and green manner, and we’re rather proud of it!

Alternative use for containers: durable container house

Aside from participating in the Lean & Green Programme, K-TAINER is coming up all green in other ways as well. As one might imagine, shipping containers are built to withstand every and all conditions of weather, and this makes them very much suited for up-cycling.

Tour de France contest

Here at K-TAINER, we will be following the Tour de France closely, and we’d like to do it together with you! Being able to cycle yourself is something we’d love to help you do, and that’s why we think of the coming Tour as the ideal time to give away a folding bike! Of course, we would like something in return from you, specifically  the time with which you think the winner of the 9th stage of the Tour de France 2016 will finish.
Enter the contest at

K-TAINER @ Milan Design Week

K-TAINER and the Milan Design Week, a combination which perhaps might cause you to raise your eyebrows, and you’d be forgiven if it did. The Milan Design Week is the most prestigious design event in the world, but at K-TAINER we’re nothing if not versatile, and so we were present!

Summer discount: 45 ft. Pallet-Wide High Cube Containers

At K-TAINER we strive to meet all of your shipping container demands. Please know when you want to turn a container into a bus, restaurant or a house, we will be there for you. However we also understand that sometimes you just want to use a container for what it’s purpose-built: shipping stuff. In this case we also want to be there for you, and because we like to think big, we’d love to offer some of our largest containers to you, with an added discount this summer. Respond quickly, for our supply is limited!
Get the summer discount on

K-TAINER visits Feyenoord - FC Groningen

Saturday the 16th of April was the day of the thirty-sixth edition of Feyenoord – FC Groningen, and we were there! Expectations were high at the home club, because Feyenoord hadn’t had any particular trouble with their hosts in the past few years.
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K-TAINER has received the Lean & Green award. K-TAINER has shown a plan of action to reduce CO2 production in 2017 with 20% compared to five years ago!

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